Monday, February 28, 2011

AT Coverage

Oh it was so fun to see my love and our outdoor spaces on AT today...I can't believe our AT tour was a year ago...

Seeing the table set gets me fired up for spring time!

Z$ I Love You

This beauty is my niece, but when I see pix like this one I pretend she is my own.  She has awesome style and I totally want to borrow that headband....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One More Walk In The Snow

Having a house on the slopes is a dream. It is amazing. It made for the most amazing January and February! Great friends, fresh air, apres ski multi-family meals, skiing...good living. But all good things come to an end...and our lease is up :(. We went out on top - this past weekend was fantastic. After this post and this post, maybe you are bored with looking at mountain cabins? If not, here is one more walk through the quaint hood of govy.   Each home has so much character.  I just love it! 


I saw this painting and got pretty inspired to get my paints back out again.  It has been YEARS.  I haven't even blogged about it since (right) before WKF was born.

Lady Gaga Ice Cream

A london ice cream shop sells ice cream made of breastmilk. this for reals???

Bobby - don't you get any ideas, I know you are all liberal and you have an ice cream maker and access to the proper ingredients....but I'm not sure I agree with this....


I found this game from 1960s in a cabinet at the cabin. We had quite a match against F&M last night. So fun! Still laughing...

A quick google shows me that this was an original edition (1967) copy of the game.  And...if you are looking for a fun activity, you can buy an original copy of it here.   Or, the new version here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Kind of Push-Up

I'd do push-ups every single day if they were all like these....yum.  Cake push-ups?  Yes, please.  Brilliant!
Saw 'em here. Real source is this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

J.A.J.A. (J'Adore Jonathan Adler)

 How could I go to NYC and not pop in here!?  It is right around the corner from JG's pad.  I wanted to move in.   

Mr Ben Brandlive

Its been a while since I have posted about how much I love when 2 things I love come together.  In fact, the last post of that sort was about Sam Adams and Perez Hilton (kind of embarrassing).  

Well, I've got a good one to share.  Mr. Ben, and SB's Papa!  This is big news. 

Tomorrow at 3:30 PST, no matter where you are (NY, VT, OH, WI, NH, WY - where ever you are) can catch a Mr. Ben show.  We just love Mr. Ben at our house (so much that we made him a VDay cookie) and you will too!  

You may be wondering just how it is possible that you can watch him live from wherever you are....well that is where SB's Papa comes into the mix.  SB's Papa has created some fancy cool hot (but easy to use) new technology that can make all this possible. 

Here is what you 3:30 PST tomorrow, click here.  That's it.  Enjoy.  

Love Love Love

Great news!  Now you can just click the box that I set up at the bottom of each post to tell me if you love love love something.  Its easy.  Its anonymous.  Its fun.  Its interactive. 

I still prefer comments.  I love love love to get comments.  It totally makes my day.  Send comments.

But....its also nice to know what you love love love.  

Word to Your Mother

Somebody call Mammalingo, I have 2 more new words for them. 

Vanxiety - That sinking feeling/pit in your stomach that you get when you realize that you are suddenly in an unplanned situation of giving a ride to someone that you don't want to see the inside of your mom car.  Examples include your boss, a client, a put-together friend that does not have kids and just would not understand the cheerios, sippy cups, diapers (clean or dirty) and stickers all over the windows, seats, floor and ceiling.   

Momiform - That template for an outfit that you utilize every day, rarely changing any aspect of it too much.  It works for you and so you repeat it over and over and over. 

Do you get vanxiety?  Do you have a momiform?  Talk to me....

What is with me making up words?  I've been doing it lately...

A Few More Cabins to Love

Remember this post? Well here are 2 more cabins to add to it...

This one looks to me like it should be the backdrop for an Anthro winter catalog...I love the yellow door!

 And I am a sucker for a sweet little A-frame.  I always redesign it in my mind to look like this one...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rice Pudding

An entire post on rice pudding?  Yes. 

Rice to Riches.  Fun vibe, great colors, cute signage and yummy rice pudding. Check it out if you go to NYC.  We had Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road.  It was the best rice pudding I've ever had.    

If you go, mail me some rice pudding...there is a kiosk thing where you can place an order for delivery anywhere in the country.

Photos du Jour

Funny Confession #78

My baby boy is a much better skier than I am...And he can even take off his own skis...I'm hoping he'll teach me that move...

Happy Bday (a bit late) Uncle Timmy

Wonder Woman Lipgloss and Other Product Talk...

Although its available everywhere, (I don't get out much and so) I first saw this fab product in NYC (at Bendel's).

They were sold out, but I may need to order up some for myself.  Great concept - probably popular among the mom market segment.  Read this post and this post if you don't agree or understand why. 

While we are talking makeup products, please know that although we checked multiple locations in NYC, including the Chanel store, we were unable to procure Riva.  This certainly makes me want it about you?

Don't worry, we didn't leave Chanel empty handed...we each walked out with a "boy".  ( case you don't know that is the hot new lip color that was just released on 2/10...).  Pucker up.  How cute are the bags from Chanel? 

PS - I have never owned anything Chanel before.  I feel so chic and fabulous with my new boy on my lips. 

PS again - Re-read that last sentence...giggle.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few More Pix from NYC

I am still on a high from my trip last weekend.  Here are some more pix.  Don't worry, there are even more to come after these...

Snow Tunnels and Other Weekend Mountain Fun

We had another fab weekend at the mountain. Although our rental agreement is almost at its end...our fun-having is no where near its end...each weekend keeps getting better. We'll be sad to say goodbye to this set up.  We stayed 3 nights this weekend...its never enough.   WKF is ripping up the slopes, its unreal.  I think I'll save that bragging for a separate post. 
 We all got very into building a snow tunnel-slide in the front yard...

And...check Mama out...on SKIS!  This was my first time on skis in a REALLY long time (I usually snowboard cheer WKF on from the side o f the slope with sweet SweetP strapped to me)
This is my ski coach, she rips.  We put the babes to bed, kissed the boys goodbye and went night skiing by ourselves.  It was so much fun!  Full moon and fireworks and skiing with a fab girlfriend.  Yesssssss, we love hood livin'.  

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