Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Words

You know how Merriam Webster adds new words to the dictionary each year? Below are some of my favorites from the 2008 list:
#1 airquotes (because it is funny)
#7 infinity pool (because I want one)
#9 kiteboarding (for you o)
#11 mental health day (because I need one)
#25 wingnut (because I hadn't heard it before but now that I know it's definition I like it and I plan to use it)

I have no clue how the process works, but I'd like to suggest two new words to be included in the 2009 list. Ms. Webster (can I call you Merriam?), please take note.

Suggestion #1: Bux

Definition: verb - To show up late for a meeting or a date, with a Starbucks cup in hand.

Used in a sentence: I was super annoyed when Jane buxed the meeting today, I was there on time and I had to wait at least 10 minutes. She should have at least brought me a tall nonfat no water chai latte, don't you think?

Why I like it: How annoying is it when people do that?!?! If you have to stop at Starbucks, you need to factor in enough time to get it done and still be on time. If you are going to bux something, you should send a text and ask the other people if they would like for you to bring them something. When you do bux something, you should apologize right away and point out how obnoxious you are for being late and having a Starbucks cup in your hand. (If you don't offer to bring chais to the others, you should really emphasize just how obnoxious you are.)

Have I ever buxed something? Yes, haven't you??

Suggestion #2: Websess*

Definition: verb - To obsess over social networking sites/blogs/shopping online

Used in a sentence: Those two are soooo websessed they both bring their laptops to the dinner table...and they sleep with their blackberries....and they update facebook 20 times a day.

Why I like it: I don't, I am afraid of it. We all know the type...that quirky kid from highschool that you don't ever remember talking to, but now (thanks to his facebook websession) you know what he has for breakfast every morning. Or that hot, young, new mom who updates her blog every day. So annoying...

*This word must already exist...does it?

Do you have some ideas for Merriam? Do tell...

1 comment:

katiesmurphy said...

websess reminds me of "internerd" -- so versatile as a noun or a verb and instantly understood.

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