Monday, October 31, 2011

Night Night Babies

Books, blankies and shoe box cribs for all...

Halloween 2011

Time Flies

We are trying to have a bit of quiet time before we costume up for our annual trick r treat festivities.  I am getting a bit emotional as I look back over the past 2 Halloweens.  Elmer Fudd, Super W and the Octopus bring back such good memories.  

Better late than never

We finally got our carve on...this morning. Then we lit them in a dark bathroom to see how they'll look at night.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photos du Jour

Halloween Cyclocross, MC and O

Even animals need to buckle up

Funny Confession #125

Halloween potluck. I brought the cookies on the left, which I bought at the grocery store.  I felt pretty lame when I saw some of the other potluck contributions...

Have a Fancy Halloween

I spotted this here and sorta love it. 

Friday, October 28, 2011


I love this outfit.  Of course she is smiling.  I love an outfit that makes you smile. Wouldn't you smile in that outfit?  So cute.  Saw it here.  

Welcome Football Fans

Remember this little post from last week?  Well, I knew there would be good banter.  But, I assumed it would come from mommies.  How funny are all of these comments on a college football site?!? 

At some point in the chatter someone (named "psute") linked to my post.  He labeled the link "hot chick" - do you think he was talking about me or Barbie?  Don't answer that. 

Feels so funny to think college football fans are hopping over to this mommy blog today.  Welcome to my world boys (and girls). 

Art by O, '81

Annie knew this would be special to someone someday. I love it.
It's like O always knew he'd live in a colorful little house in the trees.

Ottoman Love

I want all of these.  Aren't they fun?!   Target. 

Ava Tufted Sofa

I'm sorta loving this UO sofa.  I love the price point ($699), the style, and the function (it can be a bed!). 


 PS - it also comes in pink. 
If we ever finish the basement, I think I may need an Ava.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Portland Sunshine

With a rise like this, today has to be an amazing day. Go get it.  (You like how you can see our reflections in the first picture, artsy, huh?). 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photos du Jour

Zoo days are pretty great

It's Good To Be a Huppie

I really thought I invented the word huppie one day on a run.  I was a little bummed to figure out that someone else had already invented it.  But now I'm over that...and I really love using it.

 Portland is full of huppies and we love it. 

Check out this definition from the urban dictionary.   PDXers, are you laughing?  The rest of you - are you  laughing at us? 

Here are a few huppie-isms I've learned about over the past 6 years in PDX:
Hippies drive an original VW Van. Yuppies, a pimped SUV.  Huppies?  A VW minivan, duh. 

Hippies give birth in the woods.  Yuppies schedule a cesarean and get the suite at the hospital.  Huppies?  Most deliver in the hospital with midwives and doulas.  Huppies secure bragging rights by getting it done without drugs.  Most huppie babies are born in a tub. 

Hippie kids play with rocks.  Yuppies have American Girl Dolls.  Huppies?  Hello Plan Toys Green Dollhouse. 

Hippies go backpacking. Yuppies are at the Ritz.  Huppies, camp with rules (for example, my rules: never 2 nights in a row, meals at restaurants, bathroom facilities near by, wifi is a nice touch, and always on a mattress). 

Hippies vacation in the woods (see camping above).  Yuppies go to Paris or Barcelona or some cool Asian city.  Huppies?  Hello ecotourism was invented B.H.F.H.  (by Huppies for Huppies).

Hippies play frisbee, juggle and hula hoop in a park.  Yuppies golf at the club. .  Huppies?  We have sporty weekends in the mountains.  Summer and Winter. 

Diapers?  Doctors?  Schools?  Restaurants?  This game never gets old.  Play with me. 

Sidenote, pretty soon this huppie will procure a good looking compost bin for my kitchen counter because, while I support the approach, the city issued bin isn't going to fly with my decor...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Funny Confession #124

I found this article fascinating.  I'm so glad O does school drop off and pick up for now....I better get my look figured out before kindergarten starts...yikes.

Happy Birthday EB!

Thanks for making our day special on your special day!! xoxo

Furbish II

Remember that lady Jamie that I have had a girl crush on from afar for a while...well, she opened a new store, and much like the old one, I am loving it!  I want to move in and live in her new store.  I want to sip a chai and read blogs from this bed...
I love love love her style.  Jamie, if you are out there, please know you have a fan in Portland!  Also, please review my space and tell me how best to "furbish-ize" it!!!  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Compost Bins

Someone needs to start a tumblr site to capture alternative ways to use the recently issued city compost bins. I spotted this at the cyclocross race this morning. Good thinking.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Soup Cycle

I spotted a soup cycle delivery in the Pearl last week and can't stop thinking about how fab and how portland this is.
Pix above are from here.

We Do Too

WKF may think this Victoria's Secret cover is really great in a few years...
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