Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today's Après Ski

Origami, paper snow flakes, uno and playmobile on the bathroom floor

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Run With Me - Cortina

Fun to run by this piece of history, leftover from the 1956 Olympics.
Our digs, so lovely

Photos du jour

Hello Dolomites.  Nice to ski you.
It's hard to ski when you could just chill.  Viva Italia!  La dolce vita.
How rad is the hotel ski room?  Each locker has boot and glove warmers.  

Chalet Chic

Home for the next 2 weeks.

Run With Me - Venice

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ciao Bella

We have been all over Europe in these past 2 years, but somehow we have not yet hit Italy.  All that will change in the morning.  P has been practicing and she has mastered Italian well enough to order up a hot chocolate.  What else could she possibly need to know?

Photos du Jour

Sometimes life feels so busy.  But it's good to pause and realize that living in a postcard doesn't suck, especially on a sunny day.

Bike parking outside of swim class.  LOVE the chaos of it all.
The only thing more chaotic than the bike parking outside, is the pool scene inside.  5 and 6 year olds leap off diving board into lap swim, as part of the class.  Lap swim has no lanes or maybe it doesn't matter that kids jump right into the mix. 

Wow do I love "February Man"
Captain America would not turn for a photo when he strutted into school today for Carnival celebrations.
The only fab thing about O's travel craziness is that when he returns to Amsterdam he usually lands in the morning and we squeeze in a breakfast date at Bakers&Roasters before he rolls to the office.  The new vertical garden only makes Bakers & Roasters more amazing...I didn't think that was possible.  Suddenly I want a brunch party at this table, real bad.


On New Years Eve, O and I celebrated 11 years of marriage!  Better late than never to post the pics.  

Merci Sam for capturing these photos a Vars!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Amsterdam gets into Carnival.  P's class made costumes and dressed up yesterday.  Tomorrow, W gets to wear a costume to school.  He is going to be a football player.  Which is funny because he wears a football uniform to school every day, so tomorrow will only feel special because his friends will wear costumes. is a guide to how they do it here.  And from that guide, I cannot stop obsessing over this amazing costume...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Albert Cuyp

Just between the house and school, is the Albert Cuyp market.  I am there every day, sometimes more than once.  Join me.

Happy Bday Gab

Our oldest niece is one of the raddest girls I know, and she just had a birthday.  Happy bday sweet Gab.

One quick Gab brag, because its so easy to do.  When we were in Vars, Gab jumped in and trained with a French ski team...and wowed them all because she is an amazing skier.  We were so proud of her.  She is smart, sassy, strong and growing up too too fast.

Ok, some more Gab brags...when she is not jumping into interational ski competition and wowing her coaches and peers, she is a ripping lacrosse star.

And another...she is the dream teenager...she is so super cool, but never acts too cool.  She gets along with grown ups and small kids with such ease and confidence...she willingly babysits our kids anytime...and yet we struggle with that because we want her to come out and hang with us.

The older she gets the older we feel.  She was at our college graduation, as a tiny baby...and seeing how grown up she is only serves to remind us of how long ago we graduated college.  Slow down please Gab.

We love you Gabby.  xo

Vars Holiday - Slopes

Over the holidays we spent 2 weeks in Vars.  We went by train and we hit the slopes (see below!), we ran (post coming soon, the post), we ate (post coming soon yum), we saw so much family (post coming soon posted), and we adventured.  No idea why it is taking me so long to share the pix.  Here are a bunch.  More to come!

 Unlce Ry


 Team Nixon

More pix here, there are probably dupes...the longer I wait to post pix, the more unorganized my thoughts and images get...

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