Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smoke Free Parks, and a Butt Update

Way to go New York, smoke free parks!  Brilliant.  There is no better way to ruin a park session than to have smoke wafting your way while to swinging...or finding butts when digging in the sand....

And as promised I have re-ignited my butt fight. 

Here is the latest: After our last trip down to Salem, House Bill 2676 died.  Apparently there was sentiment it wouldn’t pass a vote by the full Senate so there was no point in moving it out of committee.  Boo. 

But the team has changed/regrouped and now State Bill 607 has been drafted.  This new bill had its first reading last Thursday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Under Sen. Prozanski’s guidance, the bill has been rewritten as part of the existing anti-litter statute. Last session, our bill was part of tobacco law.  The goal is to build on last year’s success when we won approval by the House, with the help of Rep. Tomei. This new bill specifically names cigarettes and cigarette filters as unlawful litter.

The next step would be a public hearing.   I will do all I can to be in Salem to testify about my extensive Butt Hunt experience. 

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Birdie said...

You go girl! I am proud!

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