Friday, December 31, 2010

Photos du Jour

Oceanfront living looks good on WKF


Happy New Year to all, and happy 7th anniversary to my handsome hubby!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Beach front living and a flapper bachelorette party! Let the wedding festivities begin! In style!

Friday, December 24, 2010

PDX Tree

Stopping by at night with the babes has been on my to do list all season. We made it!

Toy Sushi

What a cute gift!

Fa la la

Z$ is busy getting ready to host! We can't wait to get there!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ski-tastic Home Videos

Please ignore this post unless you are a grandparent, great grandparent or someone else that can sit through a ridiculous amount of someone else's home movies...we are sort of proud of our little boy and still on a high from 3 amazing days on mount hood. 

If you are wondering how on earth I was able to document his first ski experience so thoroughly, its because I am sort of amazing.  Determined to be a part of the big weekend and still meet SweetP's needs, I strapped on P and hiked up and down, up and down the mountain.  We hiked all the way to the top multiple times (how else was I going to capture my baby boy getting off the lift???).  P loved it, the fresh air and warm snuggles put her right to sleep.  She napped for hours, and when she was awake she was happy too.  I loved it too, gorgeous scenery, great workout, and {P and I were very much part of of WKF's first days on skis. 

Watching O teach WKF to ski was so beautiful.  Like everything else O does - he did it so well and made it look easy.  Have I told you lately that I love him?  How hot is he in these videos? 


WKFs bestie is THREE!  Here is a quick video of these 2 in action...we were walking around the block and they stopped for a quick Christmas carol...
A special girl deserves a special party...and SC's party was FABULOUS!  Her hip parents hosted it at CHAP.  I had never been before, LOVED it!  We'll be back.  And all for a good cause - win-win.  Check out the pix, this place is a dream...

Kids were encouraged to take off their shoes, dip their feet in paint, and jump on a mattress.  Although WKF wasn't too sure about it, this activity was a huge hit with most of the kids. 

Check out the fun names on these great goodie bags...

Somehow I managed not to get any decent pix of the birthday girl...she moves fast...

Happy Birthday sweet SC - hammyt for life! 

More Magic. It's Winter Time on Mt Hood!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pet Portraits

As I have mentioned before, I love pet portraits, but not actual pets.  Check out Laura's work.  She is good. 

I love this.  Makes me want a (2 dimensional) dog (with a gorgeous colorful background).

Fork Town Deal

Check out today for a hot deal on forktown food tours.  This would make a cool gift for a local Portland food lover...

tozmoz is like groupons, but was new to me, but seems pretty cool...

Beautiful Toys

Don't you wish all toys looked this good? 

Bella Luna, your toys are lovely. 


The next time I am feeling busty and crafty, I am going to consider a project like cute would this be in a kid's room. Or living room. Or kitchen. Or anywhere.

LGN, I LOVE your blog.  Good stuff, every day.  Keep it up!

Full tutorial for this project over here, another blog I think I am going to get hooked on. 

Hello Portland Sunshine

Stadium Seating

I am digging this seating situation. Like really digging it.  

This room is a part of a major before & after post over at D*S - you should check it all out.
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