Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo du Jour

Sage, we LOVE this chair!!! Merci!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


More heart love for today.  Please say a little prayer for our family today...thanks! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Hearts Are in Cleveland!!!

We love Great Grandmary and our hearts are with her beautiful heart as she undergoes heart surgery in the morning.

We made these tracings and talked lots about hearts and love and great grandmary as we did them.  We cut them out and rolled them up and we are sending them her way, so she can see how big we are and so that we can be there with her to help her recover fast. 

We love you GG!!!


April 29...

The big day is coming fast...I really wish someone would invite me to a Royal Wedding Viewing Party...

If you are considering hosting one, here are some cute tips

I think it would be fun to have one where we all wear our wedding gowns or bridesmaid gowns...right?  Who wants to host?  And we'd need a multi-tiered wedding cake too, obvs.  

Don't make me sit home in my gown watching this alone, someone motivate and host...

Photo du Jour

Viva La France, a la Nike - the retail space

Et voila - per this previous post, here is the colette retail space. 

via Hypebeast

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lunch Ideas

Now this is one good mama, check out the lunches this woman packs for her son...wowza.  When my kids are in school and need a lunch, I am going to check back with these photos for some inspiration. 

Butts are gross AND dangerous

Another reason to hate butts...they start fires.  Did you hear about this fire?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Bunny S'mores

Since we are OVER cream eggs, lets embrace another Easter treat.  The peep.  Introducing, the peep s'more.  How cute???
I saw it here, instructions here.  Someone throw one of these sweet jars together and send it my way.  Actually, go ahead and follow all the baking instructions...and then just drop off the actual  Thanks, can't wait! 

Butt Update

Did you hear the news??  A step in the right direction...the proposal now heads to the Senate floor for approval. 

I'd like to think my testimony helped to get us this far.  We hate butts, right?  Who's with me?  Yuck. 

Matching soup and barrette

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quiet on the set...

NBC is filming a pilot...on our street! Hello Hollywood! The series is called "Grimm", and it's a police drama with a sci-fi bent. Most filming occurs on the hipper side of town, but for a few scenes, they are in our hood. Too cool.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Work

A wise friend of mine posed this.  I dig it.  Its so obvious, but so wise...I'll try to keep it all in mind tomorrow when I return to work after a lovely 4 day vacation.  I'll try to at least do #9 and #10...

WKF - droppin in to the trees

Papa - try to keep up...

Photo du Jour

Spring Skiing

Spring ski season is in full swing.  Evidence: pond skimming competition was at Ski Bowl on Saturday.  What is pond skimming??  It involves costumes, beer, cold water, skis, courage....Check it out. 

Is it 2014 yet??

Because I know a handful of people that are gonna be fired up to buy one of these puppies.  For now I'm loving my minivan, but by 2014 I maybe ready for a change...


If the weekend is over we missed the memo. One night at a time we kept extending our stay up here. I think I just heard someone in the liftline say it's Tuesday?! Unplanned vacations are fun!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photo du Jour

Spring is in the air, snow is on the ground, blue is in the sky and we are enjoying a long weekend on the mountain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Enjoy Le Weekend!

If we were staying in PDX we'd hit (opening day 2011) church and consider some roller derby action...

If you are in PDX, go to church and say a little prayer for me. 

If you go to the roller derby, please find out if the "Rose City Rosebuds" have Tshirts for sale because my god girl Rosebud needs one bad. 

Our little fam is off to the mountain.  Again.  We are addicted to that fresh mountain air.  Ahhhhh....

Photo du Jour

She wasn't sad for long

Photo du Jour

How can she be sad in an outfit that is so cute?!

Just A Day In The Life...

Of O's little bro Ry and his Squaw friends...their life doesn't suck.

Wild Style with SABRE from SABRE on Vimeo.

Plant your Grass Seed!

These are so cute.  If you are ever organized enough (mom!) to plant grass seed in a tea cup in time for it to grow up by Easter, you should totally use this idea.  Grow the grass, then throw in some chocolate eggs and paper daffodils, et voila - cutest Easter table ever.  I think these would be equally cute with little flower pots.
I saw it at Design Dazzle, tutorial is here. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funny Confession #80

I used to love Cadbury Cream Eggs at this time of year.  The past few years I haven't bought any for some reason.  Today I did.  It was nothing like I remembered them to be.  No runny center.  It was just a mess of thick yuck in the middle.  I googled the situation and realized I am not alone.  There is an entire facebook page titled "shame on you Cadbury Cream Egg", dedicated to the fact that they changed the recipe and have gone from runny deliciousness (pictured below) to thick yuck.  Felt good to know I am not alone.  If you are with me, "like" the page, as I just'll feel better. 

PE Class

I always loved PE class in elementary school.  I really would have loved it if we got to ride unicycles.  How cool is this elementary school PE class from Beaverton?  Awesome. 

$10 Brownie?

I fell for the cute packaging and the fact they are white chocolate and according to the box they are "legendary". Has anyone heard of these before?

I'll let you know how they turn out...

Pot o Gold!

Happy St P Day!

Viva La France

I can't stop thinking about how brilliant these new Nike French soccer jerseys are.  So simple, so smart, so sharp, so classic.  LOVE THEM!  Maybe I'm partial, but I really really think Nike is amazing. 

And IF the jersey itself doesn't wow you - check out all the amazing collaborations it has inspired via the uber chic French boutique collette.  Collab participants include: Chanel, Colorware, COMME des GARCONS, Hermes, Laduree, Longchamp, MontBlanc, Swatch, Trousselier and Yves Saint Laurent. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love to Jean

PapaJean got a brand new knee today.  He is recovering and has already walked down the hall of the hospital...amazing!  He'll be back on his bike in no time.   We love you Jean!

Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to the best best friend a girl could wish for.  I LOVE you!  xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jucy Lucy

The food scene here moves along so quickly I can hardly keep up.  Apparently this is the "it" spot for a burger.  Gotta go get one soon.  Has anyone been yet? 

No Butts!

Here I am in Salem again! Just testified before senate about how gross cigarette butts are. Fingers crossed that our bill becomes a law!

Monday, March 14, 2011

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