Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wonder Woman Lipgloss and Other Product Talk...

Although its available everywhere, (I don't get out much and so) I first saw this fab product in NYC (at Bendel's).

They were sold out, but I may need to order up some for myself.  Great concept - probably popular among the mom market segment.  Read this post and this post if you don't agree or understand why. 

While we are talking makeup products, please know that although we checked multiple locations in NYC, including the Chanel store, we were unable to procure Riva.  This certainly makes me want it more...how about you?

Don't worry, we didn't leave Chanel empty handed...we each walked out with a "boy".  (Ummmm....in case you don't know that is the hot new lip color that was just released on 2/10...).  Pucker up.  How cute are the bags from Chanel? 

PS - I have never owned anything Chanel before.  I feel so chic and fabulous with my new boy on my lips. 

PS again - Re-read that last sentence...giggle.

1 comment:

Mayor JennyG said...

OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

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