Thursday, February 3, 2011


The show is hot. 

Apparently its even hot outside of Uncle in Vienna sent me a link to an article about it in the NYT...crazy to think anyone in Vienna is hearing about this little show.

If you aren't surprised its hot, its because I told you it would be

I didn't love the first episode.  I haven't seen the second (what is up with it not being available on hulu?). 

OK, so there are mixed reviews about the series...but nobody can argue with how funny these clips are.  I stacked them in order of funniness. 

"Portland: Its where young people go to retire".  Amen!


Leah said...

Hee-hee! I love the lines in the song about the hot girls wearing glasses, and the dream of the 90's being alive in Portland....Funny. I didn't love the first episode either but it made me miss that town! I was thrilled to find it on On Demand so we're gonna try to catch the next 2 episodes there this weekend.

KK said...


kk said...

Ha, that was my word verification. Anyway, I like this show too. :-)

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