Friday, April 29, 2016

Confession #370

True story: this is my bottom desk drawer at work.

True detail: the lemon flavor chocolate was a purchase inspired by lemonade. The Bey Countdown is sooooooooooo on.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I wish this app was not real. How sad is the world? 

There is an app to make your face look that your selfies look case you wondered why your friends' selfies look too good?! This creepy sponsored post (below) recently polluted my instagram feed. 
I just had to learn I looked it up...sure enough, its no joke. Gross. 

Pump It Up

Oli and MC went to work in our back yard a few weeks ago, creating a pump track. In doing so, they also created a new level of neighborhood community! For weeks now, our back yard has been the place to be after school! Every night and weekend since the track started, it has been filled with kids. Most kids keep their bikes in our yard/guest house now, so that they can have easy access to the magic. We've hosted a few pump track pizza parties, and some other adhoc dinner/lunch/snack parties. So much fun. Who says you can't create bike life when you live way up on a hill?! This weekend the track was elevated to new levels, because the experts flew in, ready to work - and they worked hard - they built up a few new bumps, burms, and drainage channels...


This ridiculously cute couple has been with us all weekend! One of Oli's brothers-from-another-mother, and his most lovely lady AH! Such fun to spend time with had been way too long. We ate like kings all weekend, as you do in Portland. Photos below were taken at one of our most favorite places, Yakuza! I hadn't been in years...and it is as good as I remembered, maybe even better. 
PS - these two are bike experts, and they invested a ton of time working in our bike track, taking it to all new levels of rad. Which reminds me, I never told you...we built a bike track behind the house. It is muddy and amazing. Photos soon.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Confession #369

Repainting my dresser meant I had to also paint my nails. Because, that is just how my brain works. Loving navy lately. Also loving my new brass hardware. 

Run With Me: PDX

The weird, the sad, and the gorgeous...all in a sunny loop around town!

This boat situation was pretty nuts. 
You know I love a good yarn bomb, this sweetie was right by the highway
Call me

Below is a shocking and sad reality of our homeless/street population. Yuck. I was not happy to see this on my gorgeous loop. The homeless epidemic in Portland is not normal, it is awful and seems to be getting worse not better. Even if you try to run from it, you end up running right through it. I need to find a way to get involved. It is bad. 
Tough to see in this photo (below) but Mt. Saint Helens was out in all her glory today.
These fishermen didn't seem to mind the advisory...
My favorite bike lane in all of PDX...the headless horseman rides up Terwilliger

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marathon Monday

Tomorrow is the big day in Bean Town. This year, if I were gonna write a post all about it, the post would be almost exactly like last year's I'll spare you and just provide this link. 

I think of KK. I think of my big day in 2012. I think of the horrors of 2013.

Seek your chaos, find your calm

Welcome to Spring at Schoolhouse Electric. If you want to see what I have been up to at work for the past many months...check out our new Spring line.
If you don't already get our catalog, you probably should...sign up here. 

Confession #368

I had no intention of hitting up target today for the Marimekko collab. It was barely on my radar, certainly not a priority. However, when 3 different VIPs from different phases of my life all texted me reminders...I felt maybe they know me better than I know me? And I made some time to get to the bullseye. I scooped up a few sweet finds, including this mom and me bathing suit situation...which will serve us well the next 2 days...because I am taking the kids here. Am I amazing or crazy?

Confession #367

It thrills me to know my daughter didn't have to wait 39 years for this to be invented. Amen for innovation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Life gets so busy. We gotta remember to make time for the important stuff. Like this. Time with family is always delicious. Even more so at a restaurant like bang bang. Yum. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pink Snow

PDX is covered in a dusting of pink snow. Spring! In PDX and in AMS, I love spring snow!

Summer Time

My darling coworker Summer had her home featured on DS yesterday. It nearly blew up the internet, because it is just that sweet. What an honor to work with such stylish, smart, fun people. Ahhhh....

Monday, April 4, 2016

This is Fifty

The gal in yellow pants just turned 50. Crazy. Happy Birthday Sam!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Found It

We've been crushing heavy on Shel Silverstein.
Imagine our stoke levels when we spotted this location and signage.
I wish I knew who to thank for making time to make that sign awesome. 


Remember Rory and what a badass she is? Check out her latest adventure...

I don't even know what to say...she is so damn cool. Can't wait for the series to begin April 12!


I'm a day late on posting this amazingness.

Friday, April 1, 2016


My big sis had a birthday, weeks ago. I am pretty sure I didn't write, call, or send a gift...

So how about a post on my blog...3 weeks late...

Does that make things better or worse?

Happy belated you triathlon-ing mom of 3!


Made With Love

So much to say and share from last weekend - which was spent in Park City celebrating a very special lady.

I'll start here, with Easter breakfast. These siblings do not F around when in comes to hollandaise sauce. Yum.

Dutch Rollerbuns

I may not be there, in the city of bikes, for early morning runs...but I still stalk my roller brings me so much joy to know he is still hitting it fast and early. And even more joy to know my dutch running buds are still out there, capturing it for me. I miss those buns. 

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