Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Queens Day Snapshots

The first 2 shots of my spunky girl are the only ones you probably need.  If you scroll through the rest you'll see some from the park.  Each Q day all the kids set up booths/tables/whatever in the park and offer things (for a price)- cupcakes, they play an instrument, handmade carnival type games, selling old books/clothes/toys, a few pretended to be sleeping beauty (and just collected money for it), some will tell you a joke, several offered patriotic manicures or face painting...it is a HUGE gathering of people and super family oriented.  It was cool, and probably all of the queen's day "partying" we could handle.

The Morning After

The Q day celebrating kicked off last night. My morning run was like an obstacle course (bottles, cups, drunk cyclists...) and smelled like a frat party. Street cleaners were working hard to get it under control, which I'm sure they'll get to do again tomorrow.

Monday, April 29, 2013


This fellow former Catamount is so cool.   Oldest dude to ever win the Art Ross Trophy (thats the one that goes to the guy that scores the most points in a season - so freaking cool).  We knew when we watched him play dominate at UVM that he was amazing.  He sure was and he still is.

Following his insane NHL career through the years has been so fun for all alumni.  

Queen's Day (Koninginnedag)

OK, there is no way to convey in a blog post what a big deal tomorrow is around here.  Queen's Day!  A national holiday to celebrate the Queen's birthday, everyone wears all orange to honor the royal family, aka the House of Orange.  Preparations have been happening all around the city and EVERYONE is talking about this day.  Do a google image search for Queen's Day Amsterdam and you'll find amazingness like this:

It looks like the 4th of July meets Mardi Gras and gets covered in orange.

All over town shops are selling all things orange to help everyone (even newbies from the USA) to gear up for the occasion.

Queen's day is a big deal every year, however it is an especially big deal this year, because of this big news.    This will be the last Queen's Day, for a long long time.  Queen Beatrix has announced that she will abdicate tomorrow, and the new King, Willem-Alexander, will be inaugurated.  All of this will occur right outside our front door.  Crazy!  We are excited to take it all in and everyone has warned us that we have no idea what we are in for.  They say our minds will be totally blown tomorrow.  Bring it!   

We may have no idea what we are in for, but least we'll look cute...

And maybe I bought this paint by number set, you know to honor Beatrix and remember this historic event forever.  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Snow

Here is yet another reason why morning runs are so great.

While out, I saw this poster, and couldn't wait to get online to learn more.

The springsnow site is so lovely, full of inspiration and all things spring.  Let it snow!

Here are some of my fave pix from their site.  Oh so pretty.

But this is the modern world, there is more to this celebration of spring than the sweet whirling elm seeds.  I can't wait to explore the augmented reality experience - Digital Poetree, which enables you to attach a message to a virtual springsnow seed by tapping it with your iPhone, you can even address and send it to someone you love.  The seed will drift through the city (based on velocity and wind directions)  and then the loved one (and you) is notified when and where it lands (you can view the exact location on google maps and street view).  Can you believe the world we live in?!  Thank you artist Robert Overweg for making awesomeness like this.  I wasn't too surprised when I checked his site and realized he had a hand in this other awesome project as well.


Along the route (download the beautifully designed map here) I also intend to stop at Artacasa gallery to check out springsnow inspired art and pick up a springsnow picnic lunch at klaver4.  I think I'm falling for this city...

Funny Confession #208

And...this is my first every photoshop attempt.  So much to learn...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Shipment Arrived!

Busy day, so glad our stuff has arrived!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vacation Planning

Although we really should focus on settling in around home, or at least get our shipment (friday friday please come this friday), I can't help but dream of all of our upcoming vacation options!!!

I stumbled upon these photos and can't get them out of my mind.  A long weekend here ASAP is in order.  These little cabins are minimal and tiny but tidy and bright...and right smack on the beach.  How fun? This is in the Netherlands - just a few hours from Amsterdam.  Pinch me.  Surfing and kiteboarding and sand castles right in front.  I hope we can get a yellow one.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini Me

How adorbs is this petit velo? I didn't buy it...not yet at least.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Art Love

I love when something new catches my eye as I bike through this city.  Today, after dropping P at school, I spotted this poster.   I can't wait to get to the Lionel Gallery!  I so admire Banksy's work.  Remember this cheeky piece?
 Maybe I'll fall in love with a special piece and bring home a little souvenir from the show.  If its good enough for Brangelina....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Floral Parade

Bon Apetit was the theme for the 2013 Bloemencorso Bollenstreek (Bulb Flower Parade).  The floats (and the entire experience - sights, floral smells, colors, people, music, traditions...) were incredible.

Good Living

These two photos were taken about 30 minutes apart. Discovering how close and accessible the beach is from the city was such a fabulous surprise, we had no idea.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Funny Confession #207

I have installed (and trained) a cup holder in my bakfiets.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Nobody tell WKF he is the smallest, youngest kid out there...he jumps in and plays pickup soccer football games with no idea about that. Language is a non issue either.  Its hard to get good photos of this...but it is really cool to watch him dive in.

Taking Baby to the Park

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seeking Adventures

Our day was epic.

Its not easy, but you can take a bakfiets on a train...

We hopped off in Haarlem

Had a picnic under a sculpture in the shadow of a rad church

Went to church.  Lit a candle for Boston.

Admired the church
Then pedaled pedaled pedaled..until we got to the beaches of Zandvoort.  We logged a lot of miles today.  

Sipped cocoas on the beach
Loaded up, pedal pedal pedalled back to Haarlem....

And we were back to AMS station in time to bike home and make dinner.  

This day was inspired by my girl LC who never shys away from a chance to "seek adventures" with her kids.  That gal can rally!
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