Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Looks Poachable

Here's another poach-worthy pool, different than the last one I spotted, but equally inviting...

with a forecast like ours, we may need to hit it...

Monday, September 28, 2015

O Rides Again

I mentioned he was pumped to be reunited with his boat. Here is why.

Fall-ing Into New Old Life

Sunday morning was all about summer...but by afternoon we were falling, hard.
S'mores are always a good call, esp with team C. 

Summer Loving

Brrrrr. Maybe don't tell any of these kids (or their dads) that summer is over. They wore double wet suits and went for it, making up for lost time together on the boat.

Run With Me: Portland Waterfront

Some mornings, when I run, I feel like the city is flirting with me...
The shot above is from down town, early this morning. These others are from a long waterfront run yesterday. It was very fun to cruise over the new bridge...and take in all of the art and scenery along the way. Impressive Portland, very impressive. 

Petit Bateau

For 3 years, my hubby has looked forward to the day he would be reunited with his dream boat. Yesterday was the day.
She slipped back into her slip, and everyone slept better last night...


I love watching my cool friends do cool things

Like the North team being selected as finalists by Martha Stewart. Go vote already. 

JR getting a fat check and the crowd goes wild...all because he is a genius doing meaningful things for our planet, nbd. This video (from Holland's version of the Today Show) may be in Dutch, but you should watch it anyway. Unless you hate feeling inspired, then skip it.

My incredibly talented and hard working Amsterdam buddy, JM,  being featured in Flow magazine for her beautiful paper cuttings...

I love this post, how it makes me feel...inspired, proud...glad to know these people....excited to cheer for them...bravo kids. 

Guide Book

A few weeks ago I picked up a copy of this brilliant book. She's proving to be a handy guide to help me rediscover my own city.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Photo du Jour

Put me in coach. Redefining soccer style one practice at a time.

Confession #358

Portland seems to be the center of the artisan hipster donut universe.

With places like blue star and voodoo, one may wonder: who goes to the Krispy Kreme way out past Beaverton along highway 26???

Let me answer that for you.

I do.
I see the "hot donuts now" sign and I just know I need to tap that drive thru. Don't knock it until you try it. If you are a purist, glazed is the bomb. If you are a sugar addict appreciate chocolate, go for the glazed with chocolate icing.

#notglutenfreeorveganorsustainableortrendy #butsofuckinggood

Monday, September 21, 2015

Confession #357

School pictures are such a funny thing. A right of passage, a tradition. 

They are important. Are they really? Probably not. But to me, this morning, they seemed to be.  

W was insisting on wearing a soccer uniform, which he wears every day. I probably should have just let him. But I am annoying and really wanted him in normal clothes, just this one day. So natch, i bribed him. I offered one hundred and fifty cents to anyone in the house that would wear "normal" clothes today. 

He has been busy contemplating how to spend his payout. He earned it.


Clearly I left a bit of my heart behind when I left Amsterdam. Luckily, I also left behind some good eyes and ears to keep me plugged in to the hot stuff around town. Dankjewel for the tip KS, miss you!

Had I known about 24 Flower 5+ weeks ago, buying flowers there at an odd hour would have been pretty high up on my bucket list. This shop has a vending machine wall, full of bouquets, which can be bought around the clock! Too cool. I'll be back...and when I am, I am coming for you 24Flower!

Photo above is from 24Flower website. Photo below is from the Instagram feed of bartsboekje. 

When it comes to self service vending machines in Amsterdam, avoid Febo (febo must be dutch for 'absolutely disgusting') and run (ok, bike) to Noord for 24Flower!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spinlister PDX

My sweet vanmoof may not be so unique once this service hits town. My bike and I say, bring it on! We'd love to see more and more and more dutch bikes around here!

Watch this video.

Spinlister - The Global Bike Share: Challenges Traditional and Broken Bike Share Model Through Advanced Technology from Spinlister on Vimeo.

 What say you? Will you use it? Will you invest? The project just won a big cool innovation award read about it here. What? You no speak dutch...ok fine go here to read about it.

PS - this is different than the other (main) bike share that everyone is talking about (which I also support!). What an exciting time to be a bike nerd in Portland.

Confession #356

Pretty sure it is not cool to encourage your little girl to dress up like barbie. So I won't do this again.

At least it was hipster barbie. She is, like, a thing. Just ask CNN and Wired...

Happy Camp Road

For 7 years in a row team B has rallied some of the coolest kids in the PNW out to Happy Camp Road for a ridiculously good time. After having enjoyed such a salty good time in 2012, we were thrilled to hang onto a spot on the guest list despite missing the event for a few years.

As expected, a good time was had by all. The weather was perfection as well, which is never a guarantee on the Oregon coast.

Even holding a gross fishhead, this guy is always looking cool...
Fact: When girls go to Paris together, they share a bond for life. Exhibit A:
Field of dreams...
The ultimate SSS (slurping selfie situation), captured.
Potluckiest people ever...this is in the backyard of the house we stayed in...
EB, looking cool again, toasting his fan club as we celebrate 7 years of a good time organized by EB and his rockstar wife.
If you ask my kids what the best thing is about their recent return to America...S'mores would be near the top of their list.
The rockstar I was just talking about...she was snuggled up by the fire with her 3 kids...but by the time I was photo-ready there were only 2 kids in the shot. Camo moves fast.
Morning run didn't suck...
I look away for a second, look back and realize someone is teaching my 7 year old to ride a motorcycle...
AB and I collaborated on a face, a new hobby of mine

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