Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny Confession XLII

I don't want a pet, but I do love pet portraits!

I remember Domino Mag doing a feature on pet portraits years ago...ever since I have wanted one (a portrait, not a pet).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Naps, Tahoe Style

While WKF caught his afternoon naps in the 'Hoe...this is what I did. It's hard being a lakefront mama.


No birthday is complete without a cake. O's sis went all out to make sure his was special. She was working, and couldn't make the party...but she was there in spirit since she had 3 cakes specially delivered...all homemade, by her.

All the girls of O's family helped to prepare the cake. Cake sister also delivered the gorgeous roses and special golden candles...

Happy Birthday O!

Plenty of helpers to blow out all the candles - 33! It's great to have so many nieces...

And all the ladies got a flower for their hair.

WKF was not left out, he got his own cake to celebrate last month's #1, Tahoe Style

It wasn't 105

It was 111. I took this picture as I drove home from work at 6pm. HOT.

We are still staying nights with neighbors. At this point I think we may be staying there because their house is cleaner than ours and so it feels kinda like vacation. But the AC is pretty great too. I promise this is the last weather post, I know its boring.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

I find weather to be a boring topic. I hate when it comes up at dinner parties or in other social settings. However, I can't not comment on this:

We are melting in the Northwest.

Quick Post

We are back from Tahoe, a fab visit as always. Lots of Tahoe-related posts to come. Below is the one picture I have on my computer (sent by a friend), more to come soon!

It is so crazy hot in PDX. We returned Monday to temps well over 100. That night we put all fans on WKF and I slept wrapped in a wet towel (we have no AC). Last night it got up to 106 and we had to go crash the neighbors AC'd basement, what a treat. I think we'll probably stay next door at least one more night, since today's forecast is equally brutal.

I snapped this sunrise shot at about 6am. Temps were already approaching 80 and they shot up from there quickly. Sizzle. This is not normal here and few people have AC, so its a big deal.

I'm actually thrilled to be at work today, for the climate control more than for the work.

I have been working a bunch this week, hence the light postings. More to come soon, I promise. I miss my Portland Sunshine when I'm away. Happy Wednesday to all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love

Today is O's big day. We are celebrating it in the usual way...a lakefront BBQ in Tahoe with his crew. Happy bday handsome!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hilton Head Island

I just returned home from a fabulous visit to HHI. Life on that island is one big vacation (esp in the summer). Z$ and I had so much fun in the ocean and on the beach. And could she be any cuter?!

This was my nephew's first beach day, I am not sure he loved it...but he was a great sport and we loved having him there with us.

Z$ is my buried treasure!

Z$ kept an eye on her bro in his sun/wind protection tent.

We ate lots of seafood...

I got to be godmama on their big day. Once we convinced Z$ they were not going to nail her to the cross like "that other guy", she got pretty excited about her baptism. After the ceremony we returned home, set up an alter in her room, and baptised a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals.

My nephew, bigW, wore the same dress that I wore for my baptism. Hopefully this is the last time he borrows a dress from me...but he sure wore it well.

Sunsets over the ocean are not a bad thing.

I miss my HHI family already.
I am just unpacking my bag...and repacking it for Tahoe -we fly out first thing tomorrow. It is hard work having family that lives in resort towns...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Portland City Guide

At last Design*Sponge has posted a guide for my fair city. This was no small task and it appears to be very well done. They have highlighted a handful of places I have never been...and so my Portland to do list grows. Thank you D*S.

Check it out, then plan your visit! We'll have your bed ready.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

He Did It

Remember back in May, when we took that road trip so O could climb a huge mountain with his buds? Well, he made it to the top (wow) and then back down again (yay!), and here are the pix of the guys after the climb.

I guess it wasn't very easy...O decided he'd train for this adventure next year...a good idea...

Friday, July 17, 2009

3 Wolves TShirt

Are you looking for a great gift for that special someone in your life? This Tshirt is pretty sweet. To fully appreciate its awesomeness you gotta scroll down and read the product reviews. Hilarious. I kinda want to buy one.

Summer Ski Session

As promised , a few pix from our summer ski session. So fun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portland is still considering the bike share...

From time to time it comes back share for pdx. I like the idea. Here is a recent article from the Mercury (which is where the photo is from as well). I blogged about this same idea a while back as well.

I say go for it Portland.

And while we are talking transportation...PLEASE PLEASE work on the light rail down Barbur blvd that I have also been reading about!!! And when you install the tracks, make sure to put a stop right by my hood, k? Can't wait!

Mother's Day Weekend

Better late than are some pix from my fab mommy weekend back in May.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love Mississippi

Did anyone else check out the Mississippi Ave Street Fair on Saturday? Was it amazing or what?! I love that street, esp on Fair Day!

The booths went on forever, look at the picture was like a river of people and food and music and stuff and fun and sun. Note: the cutest two people at the fair are in the bottom right of this photo.

WKF and I got our dance on, and made a friend. So fun.

Below is a shot of the cutest food cart there (or anywhere maybe) - the village crepery.

We couldn't get enough Mississippi this weekend. The night after the fair, we went back to Mississippi Ave for a ridiculously delicious dinner at Lovely Hula Hands. That place is GOOD. I can't believe it took us over 3 years to get our butts in there! Birdie and Bry are going to work on replicating some of the menu items...let me know how that goes. While we wait for them to get it all figured out (and come back) we'll probably just go back to Lovely Hula Hands (ASAP) for more!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Feel free to skip this video if you read my blog for grown up reasons...but click on it if you want to see the cutest little boy in the world hammering away.


B&B left this morning. It's quiet around here. We miss them. We had a great visit. We always wish they could stay just a few more days...

Come back soon guys!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something For the New Apt?

Painted furniture isn't for everyone...but I sure love it.

I know someone that just got a little apartment in Manhattan (aghh!!!!!!!!!!) who may need some extra closet should TOTALLY get this!

I saw it here, but there are more pix of the piece (and others) here.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Birdie and Bry are still in town, and we are having a great time. The only thing is...they work way too hard when they visit. Here is a brief list of accomplishments they have done since their arrival:
  • Weeded the gardens (this is a huge task in our yard, and generally in Oregon)
  • Made the annual tower of cupcakes
  • Done all grocery shopping for a week
  • Cooked all meals for a week
  • Cleaned both of our cars inside and out (another big task, we are kinda messy)
  • Filled up the gas tank multiple times
  • All laundry for a week
  • All house cleaning for a week (see note above about us being kinda messy...)
  • Babysat
  • Hung pix
  • Superglued various things that needed to be superglued
  • Ironed (funny confession...I hadn't ironed ONCE since moving to Oregon 3.5 years ago)
  • All garbage and recycling to curb (big deal because we have lots of stairs!)
  • Made some chocolate zucchini muffins, which I am devouring as I type

I am sure I am leaving off a zillion things...but you get the idea.

So.....I am soooooo happy they they are off having a little adventure of their own today. O and I are both working, and little WKF is at school. I have receive some great photos from their day trip. It looks like they are finding some lovely spots! I can't wait for them to get home and tell us all about it.

Lavendar fields sent by Birdie this morning:

They found Lost Lake, sent by Bry this afternoon:

For Outside Naps

I am loving this baby hammock. Thank you Ohdeedoh for always having such fun finds.

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