Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This Didn't Suck

A few weeks ago my bestie JG and I got away. It wasn't terrible. When we weren't chillin' with a cold drink by the A.R.P., hiking, shopping, or getting our nails did - we were in bed savoring room service and watching oscar nominated movies on demand. She is a mom of 5 and deserved this luxurious getaway. I joined her. 

PS - happy belated bday sweet JG. 

Comment dit t-on "baller" en fran├žais?

You know you are a baller when the international press follows your career...
Dougie Fresh continuing to make the papers...love it.

End of an Era

Marco has retired, after competing in 4 olympics and more downhill races than any US man in history. Love his quotes, especially this "fulfillment of my childhood dream to be one of the fastest ski racers in the world." It should be noted that he fulfilled every Squaw kid's childhood dream, not just his own. And all of his Squaw mighty mite buddies have been cheering for him all 15 years of his epic career. Too cool. Total stud. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

We'll Leave the Light On For You

First day of Spring called for some house projects. We are finally getting around to installing some decent lighting. Loving this sweet little door moment, made possible by a new light and some Chez Frisch signage. Home is where the heart is...it feels good to give ours a little love. Our home has definitely been feeling (and looking) neglected after months of us zipping away to the mountain every weekend. Honey, we are home.

Hood is so Good

Our last snowy weekend on Mt. Hood was as good as we could have hoped. Sunny hot laps on the magic mile, along with several laps through the park...all under blue bird skies. Below is P, mastering some park tricks...
Perfect conditions for an afternoon snow run through the forest...
It is definately fair to say we got our money's worth out of these passes. 


The plans for our new chalet are coming together really well. Architects are so spendy, we decided to let SweetP design it.  EB - call me if you have any questions...otherwise we'll hope you can have this done by Thanksgiving...cool?

Remember The Last

Today we moved out of the Mountain House. We have made so many memories here through the years. I cannot count how many times we carried sleeping babies turned little children up this ladder to their loft on Friday nights. Always worth the Friday rally to wake up here on snowy Saturdays. We spent two memorable christmas' here, celebrated a few anniversaries here. We hosted a few fun fondue fetes and lots of unplanned cocoa and sledding parties. Today as I snapped these photos I begged the kids to remember it all - I know I will. Oddly, we hope never to return...because we hope hope hope our new chalet will be ready by the time next season rolls around - fingers crossed. When the new digs are complete, we will just be down the road from this place, so we'll get to smile and wave as we pass her. Her sweet simplicity was such a refreshing reminder that less is more...a theme we hope to remember as we build the new place.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nike at PFW

This photo is worth a repost. I love when favorite things come together. Like Nike a Paris. And gym socks with heals.

Good find SN.

Rise And Shine

On mornings like this one it is good to pause, breathe, take in the view...then scramble out the door like the crazy mama you are...

Polka Dot Pancakes, Bowling, Worm Hunting and a Birthday Surprise

We had a rainy weekend in PDX...
The kids on the block rallied early for a 7am surprise bday fete chez Leisure last week. Making neighborhood memories...


On occasion I take my kids with me to work. This time I took them to the roof! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rules of Friendship

A few rules of friendship that I believe to be true.

1. Make some fabulous friends
2. Enjoy every second you get to spend with them
3. If they die - find a worthy way to honor their legacy

I'm feeling good about #1 and #2.

As we near the two year anniversary of the day KK passed, I have finally found a way to accomplish #3.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Ultimate Belly Shot

I adore a good belly shot. This one may be the best I have ever seen. Behold: Annie circa 1976

It is so hard to believe that this photo is nearly 40 years old. Not hard to believe Annie was looking so stylish and perfect-postured. I love this bump and the stud that it became. 

Thank you Annie - for bringing O into the world, in style (the only way you roll). 
Thank you Sam - for sharing this treasure!

Homework Sucks

I could not agree more with this article. I dislike homework so much. For young families, homework is just another stress on parents and tug at our precious family time. No thanks. 


I read a review here that stated: " Picture the protagonist of Napoleon Dynamite starring in Cool Runnings, opposed by the preppy villains of Hot Dog... The Movie—the TV edit, of course, this is a family film—and you’ll start to get the idea." 

And after reading that, I just knew I had to see this movie ASAP. So I grabbed my kids who are 6 and 7 (logically figuring that since 6+7=13 the PG13 rating was fine), and we hit the theatre.


I don't love how this story ends in real life...so I like to believe it is not over. Surely sweet Eddie deserves a cut of this film's revenue!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Woke Up Like This

Hard to have a bad day when I sit up in bed and see this. Don't need rose colored glasses...living in a rose colored world.

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