Monday, April 30, 2012

Each year I admire the pix from the ACK Daffodil Festival.  Check out my sorority sisters doing it up in style.  Love this.  

Post Race

I promise to make this the last long marathon related post.  Thank you for dealing with me! 

After the finish line, my fan club was right there with me, ready to celebrate (and go for ice cream)!  Amazing! 

Best Day Ever

On race day, my friends and family (including a very young babyG, who did not cry, squak or complain once all weekend) were totally amazing.  Hours before I even started running, KK and LF claimed a large space right at mile 26 on Boylston. 

All day long they all waited and waited in the heat (Boston reached 88 degrees on race day) for me to arrive, and when I did they gave me such a warm excited fabulous welcome to mile 26!  I felt like a rockstar.  The final 0.2 miles was tough, because for me, the race was over and the celebration started at mile 26!  Best day ever.  THANK YOU ALL (including the newlyweds RG and ML - I know you were there too!!!)!

Super Fans

I had the very best Boston fan club.  So many old friend rallied and celebrated with me before, during and after the race.  Thank you all for making it awesome!  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dig it

Spotted a Paris. 16eme.

Funny Confession #149

Leaving for airport in an hour. Not packed. Family still in bed. Snuck out for a final Paris run and ended up here at a patisserie with a tartlette aux fraises and a chai latte.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo du Jour

Bonjour! Parlez-vous adorable?

Biking in the rain

You can take the family out of Portland, but you can't take the Portland out of the family. Merci icelandair for losing two strollers, certainly helped us motivate to rent bikes.

AM date with my love and 667 stairs

Merci a Coco for watching the babes while we ran up and down and up and down the Eiffel Tower stairs all morning. Awesome.
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