Monday, September 29, 2014

Not That Kind Of Girl

Like many many others, I am so excited to get my hands on Lena Dunham's book today.  

She is absolutely on fire right now.  Her book tour tickets are the hottest thing (reselling for $900!!).    Lucky for me, I have a fab friend who knows everything about everything going on in Amsterdam, and she was all over tickets for Lena's Amsterdam stop, she even bought me one without confirming my availability because she knew i'd make myself available (duh).  Don't you love friends like that?   The best!

Speaking of friends, pix of Lena like this one make me want to be her friend.  Doesn't she look so fun and fab?  And we know she is so smart and funny.  And she is owning that yellow gown.

Cannot wait to hear her speak here in AMS on Nov 1.  Also can't wait for the new season of Girls btw.

If you haven't already, you should watch her video series #asklena and read the Vogue cover story...
And maybe, to be a true fan, you should watch tiny furniture too...

Funny Confession #302

This sweet, pink, 4-seat, BAMB bike, which I spotted at our park, almost makes me want three kids.  Almost.

One More Paris Post

While in Paris, we stayed in the fab digs of a college friend, EW.  That smarty pants is currently on a corporate expat assignment in Paris, and she was so kind to share her amazing space with our little family.  Her location is dreamy and her apt is amazing.  Somehow I didn't get a snap of EW, or the inside of her pad, but here is one she snapped of us, on her stoop (love that blue door!) all geared up as we headed out to the big PSG game.

Also, here are a few I took of the kids in the entry of her building.  Tile love!  Suddenly I want to tile my entry way and paint all the doors "Paris Blue".

Merci merci EW!!


 Sunny Saturday in Stuttgart - we hit the Volksfest so right!
We had a blast gearing up and diving in to the festivities.  

 The O family, including their 4 kids, were excellent hosts!

O and E went to ski academy together many years ago, and have remained buddies ever since.  It was so fun to reunite in Europe with families in tow.

As for Team F,  3 out of 4 of us jumped at the chance to gear up in German attire, W preferred to wear his usual duds, a football uniform.

I love a good Brat, these hit the spot.

Once in the beer tent, which was one of about 5 huge beer tents, the 10 of us found the most family friendly seats we could, and settled in for some chicken, pretzels, beers, singing, spilling, and dancing on the tables.

To get a better sense of the scene inside the beer tent, check this...

It wasn't all beers, pretzels and brats...there was plenty of fair food to be had.  This was O's first cotton candy experience.  Not impressed, after that initial bite the whole thing went into the garbage.

P wanted one more dirndl photo before she had to take it off that night.  Happy to oblige, i snapped this sweet shot.  

All Aboard

Train travel is the best.

The past 2 weekends we have gone by train (Paris and Stuttgart).  Trains are so low stress and enjoyable.  Not to mention affordable and efficient.   Ideally "club seats" are reserved in advance, which means the family sits around a table (great for meals, drawing, conversation).

Dinner last night was fabulous.  It was served to us at our table and we ate as the German then Dutch countryside whizzed by and the sun set, and bonus - it was really good food.

It was another late Sunday night for all of us.  

Monday morning came fast.  But the little rockstars rallied, as they do.  I think it helped that O and I woke them up with a dance this sick beat...and hopefully it is stuck in their heads all day like it is in mine, cuz I love it.  If I'm tired later, I'm just gonna shake shake shake...shake it off.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Run With Me In Germany

It wasn't all beers and brats, Oktoberfest weekend included a very hilly and scenic 10k run with out host, EO.  By the way, he is a Navy SEAL...but he went (sorta) easy on me.  

Next up, the beers and brats post!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paris Weekend

Highlights of our Paris weekend...

1. Time with Family
So fab to hang with cousin G and his lovely ladies!

They rolled out the red carpet and an amazing spread for us.  

 Cousin G can do some incredible card tricks, W is still talking about it

2. Jardin D'Acclimation
I have been to Paris many times, but the trip to the jardin was my first.  Highly recommend this if you go with kids between 3ish and 8ish years old.

Sur le metro, en route to le jardin

 That face!

 Waiting for le metro

3. PSG Game!
This was the reason for our visit, and even though the game didn't start until 9pm on a school night...we had a blast and the kids were to school (in amsterdam) before 11am the next day (thanks to the 6am TGV linking Paris to Amsterdam, and the fact the kids were rockstars - rolling into school with a paris hangover).

 Our seats were so good.  We could see the players was too cool.
 Ici C'est Paris, yes it is!
Best selfie ever!

 We took a cab home, seeing the tower at night is always a treat.

 L'Opera is also lovely at night

Train ride home, 6am, P still in her PSG gear from the game...
 Was I starving or was this train breakfast amazing.  Both.  Hit the spot.  French do food so right, always.
Luggage and kids loaded into the bike at the train station, and straight to school we rolled.  This was 3 days ago, and we are just getting caught up on our sleep.  Just in time for our next trip...we leave in the morning.
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