Sunday, July 28, 2013

Funny Confession #225

Halfway into an insanely hot run, I ditched my shoes and my sports bra, and jumped into the Aegean Sea. Topless in that's a good vacation!

Me and my shaaaaadow

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greece Lightning

O celebrated is 37th in style yesterday!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Win Win

Spotted at the AMS airport. PDX airport needs these charging stations!

PS we are in Athens!

Friday, July 19, 2013


My friend mammalingo wrote this great piece for the huffpost.  She is so right, it is never too late to bloom.  Enjoy!


There is always a lot to celebrate on July 19.  

5 years for this duo - who we miss every day...happy anniversary!
 A birthday in bville for one of my highschool besties - love you ali

 And last but certainly not least...a birthday for BryGuy!  Happy birthday Bry!!!  xoxo

To celebrate all of these important milestones, we are off to the Greek Isles in the morning...If our hotel looks anything like it does online, I think we'll have an ok time.

Funny Confession #224

Herring is a big deal here.  Like hot dog stands in NYC, there are stalls on every corner selling fish.  This time of year, it is all about herring.


The following is a list of reasons I have used in my head to avoid trying raw herring:
  • This stall is so close to my house, its almost too convenient...I should research it before I try it because what are the chances its a good one?  
  • This stall is too far from home, I am not familiar with this area, how do I know if it is good?
  • I'm too hungry, I need more to eat
  • I'm not hungry enough, I'd have to be starving to try it
  • I need to google it one more time to make sure I know how to eat it
  • I have big plans later, I better not try it today in case it makes me sick
  • I should wait and do it with O
  • I don't want to waste time with O eating yucky raw fish
  • I can't do it with the kids
  • I shouldn't do it without the kids
  • I don't have time today
  • I have so much time, I should go to a real restaurant
  • It seems expensive for a snack
  • I feel like it should cost more, its fresh raw should be really expensive...
  • As soon as I speak Dutch like a native, I'll step up and order like a local
  • Maybe this is just for tourists, I'm not a tourist...
Yesterday I finally stopped with the excuses and went for it.  I'm glad I did it.  I ate 3 whole fish.  It went down easy.  I liked it.  My only issue...I have been clearing my throat and coughing ever since the experience.  It feels like I have a tiny fish bone caught in my throat.  I am not confident that the bone is real...I think it may be in my head.  Real or not, I can't seem to clear it out...

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