Friday, May 30, 2008

How Many Engineers Does It Take...

To install a car seat??

Apparently more than two.

O and I put in the carseat, but when I brought it in for inspection they informed me that we had it all wrong. Good thing I checked. The seat is now installed correctly and it is ready for Baby!

LOVE this carseat too...isn't it a fun color!? Thanks J&L&Uncle Sylly - BabyF will cruise in style thanks to you!!! The fab seat also clicks into his fab stroller....

Remodel - Phase II

So after we got the guest house dialed in, we were itching to open up the main level of the house.

When we bought it, it was dark and chopped up into little rooms. Oh, and there was also no bathroom on the main level. In fact, there was only 1 bathroom in the entire house (upstairs). So, the three main objectives of Phase II were to open up the downstairs, redo key aspects of the kitchen (new counters, new stove and oven, add a bar area) and add a powder room.

Here are some "before" pix...

This one was taken from inside the little kitchen, looking out into a random small, useless, dark room.

Here is a shot from inside that random useless room, i hated all of that knotty wood and i hated that beige wall color!

And here is a shot of the little dark kitchen, before remodel.

Now here are a few shots from the project. We tore all interior walls down...and we had to reroute a bunch of venting and electrical stuff...and we had to put in some support beams since we removed some structural walls.

Here is a shot showing some progress (finally) - loving the new wall color and you can see the new cabinets/bar being built.

Here is a before and after of the powder room. Before - there was not a bathroom, so we had to make one out of a hallway nook. It is probably the worlds smallest bathroom, but I love it! It is an entirely new house now that it has a bathroom on the main level!

And finally, here are a few shots of the new downstairs!

Here is the view from behind the stove...O's favorite position.

This shot was taken from the living room area, looking back on the new dining room and kitchen. Finally it is opened up and colorful!

This one was taken from outside looking in.

Still to come to the blog, the newly completed Phase III of our happy little house...this includes baby room, new laundry, remodeled master bath and an extra bathroom upstairs for baby. Check back.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thoughtful Gift

So many thanks to so many people for so many thoughtful (baby) gifts. I could start up a separate blog and dedicate the entire thing to fabulous baby gifts and I would never run out of things to post about. Below is a photo of one of my many favorite gifts. O has been known to wear a bow tie from time to time (see above). So...BabyF's GMa Birdie (the hot lady in the black dress above) whipped up this handmade quilt, in a bow tie pattern.

Thanks Birdie. We love it!!! So personal, so fabulous, so thoughtful and so special.

Happy Bday Avocado Face

The big 0-n-e! Big day for a little lady! BabyF joins me in a big happy birthday kiss to you from Portland!

Funny Confession VII

My biggest fear of the upcoming photographed in a hospital gown.

There, I said it.

Go ahead and judge me for being shallow or concerned about the wrong things...I'm just sayin'.

Little House, Big Rhododendron

Rhododendrons are everywhere in Portland at this time of year. All colors and many varieties. Have you ever seen a rhody this big? This house is just around the corner. Amazing.

Remodel - Phase I

I am finally motivating to post some remodel pix. It seems weird to start with the most recent phase of remodel, since it is actually the third phase and I never posted from phases I or II. So...I'll start with phase I, then I'll get to II and III in the next few days.

Phase I was the guest room.

The house itself was built in 1892, but in the 70's the past owner added a separate dwelling which he used as his art studio. He was an artist and a prof of art at Portland State. The artist in me wanted to keep the studio as a studio, but the engineer in me (the practical side) really wanted to make the space into something more useful - like a guest suite. Here is a before shot from the outside.

To make the studio into a suite, we had a lot of work to do. So, we called in the pros.

We (they) gutted the whole place...

then framed make a bathroom (it used to just be one big space, no walls).

We had to add in plumbing and sewer...which was a big project.

We needed a ditch witch

Once plumbing was in and sewer was connected, we were ready to build the bathroom. Below are some before and after pix of the bathroom.

Our contractor was extraordinary...the best. He put in a lot of hard work, and so much love.

After a few weeks of hard work, the guest house was open for business.

The maid service is handsome and hardworking...

We have since had many visitors. Below is a shot of some of the regulars...enjoying their seats on the back deck at the guest house.

Come visit, if you hit it right you will enjoy an amazing Portland sunrise from the bed of the guest house...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Surprise Weather Saturday

The forecast called for rain, but it didn't rain. Everyone in Portland was smiling on Saturday.

The farmer's market was quite a much fun. RG and I had a market date, a great morning of sunshine and market-ing. We each had our first Sol Pop (I had Basil Lemonade flavor, she had Cucumber Lime Jalepeno). So good! I loved the guy working the stand too, he was adorable and so nice. BabyF and I will be back to visit him every Saturday!

After the market session, HammyT hit the water. SC had her very first boat ride. MP represented for the ladies and she ripped it up behind the boat. Captain O even recruited some help to clean up the boat, she is looking (and running) better than ever! Go team.

Worth the Drive

Bistro Maison - McMinnville, OR

Go here, it is worth the drive! We had our first Bistro Maison experience yesterday, it was wonderful. I had read about this place, all good things, and rightfully so. We made a day of it, with a great crew.

MC's little bro was in town, which motivated the mission, as he is a foodie from NYC (even he was impressed). The drive from Portland to McMinnville was kind of long but very pretty. It was super cool to see all of the vineyards and farms along the way. Especially cool that RC knew the owners Jean Jacques (le chef) and Deborah and so we got a kitchen tour and all.

We'll be back for some more Moules Frites and that AMAZING chocolate whatever it was....

RG, you were so very missed. Oregon is not the same without you. The crew is thinking about you and sending good love and energy to you and your pops! xoxo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funny Confession VI

Right now we are watching the "Live" American Idol finale...but I know it isn't really live (for those of us on the west coast). So....I totally cheated and looked up the results online. I guess I don't like surprises. O is sitting next to me, he doesn't know that I just looked it up...

I guess JG is happy - she liked Cook from the beginning. I actually liked the other David, but whateves. I am now going to go to need to keep watching. Baby needs some rest.

Funny Confession V

These days I am home a lot more than I work, I have started to transition from career girl to home girl. I must say, I am loving the change.

Even if its only temporary, I am trying to embrace my new career. I guess I am treating it like I would treat any new work project. In that spirit, I try to keep the house clean, have fresh produce, plan and cook well balanced meals, water the gardens, keep up with laundry, etc.

So here is the funny confession...I must admit that I am much better in my new career if I am wearing a cute apron and gloves, and I can ONLY sweep the house with this leopard print broom.

When Things Come Together

Don't you just love love love when 2 (or more) of your favorite things come together? For example...Tilamook Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream! Another example, when friends and family come together - e.g., the Baby Fete.

Imagine my delight when I awoke to see Portland discussed on Perez!!!

Click here to read the posting! Prezzers even suggests that he is "gonna have to plan a trip to Portland real soon!" Oh I hope he does, he is so fun and he is my direct link to everything Hollywood....(a guilty pleasure of mine...).

As for the Perez-worthy Portland news - the city is thrilled about our new Mayor, Sam Adams! Not only is he the first openly gay Mayor of a major city, he is a great guy and a proven leader.

Perez, come to PDX...the guest house is all yours!

PS - FYI, Sam is well aware of the battle of the butts, he even has his own Butt Hunt Tshirt which I got to hand deliver to him a few weeks ago at City Hall.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Inspired by the Steph and Sun

I made homemade lemonade yesterday.

I was inspired by Steph, the fab mom of 3 that makes homemade everything (she is amazing), and by the heat wave.

I infused mine with some rosemary from le jardin. Yum, tastes like summer.

I Heart Lilac Season

Who doesn't love lilacs?

They make me think of college graduation...was that really 8 years ago?

O went out all night that night, partying like a rockstar. I remember being a little bummed that I didn't see him much that evening. At about 5 or 6am he decided to come home. On his way home to his apt (where he probably passed out for the day) he did 2 things.

1. He picked every single lilac he saw between the bars and my apt in Burlington (ALOT)
2. He stopped by my apartment to wake me up with a HUGE bouquet of fresh picked lilacs

I can only imagine how bummed the residents and homeowners were that were on his path that night. While I awoke to an amazing bouquet of lilacs, they awoke to bare lilac trees.

I do feel badly for them, but it was worth it...a drunk college grad with arms full of stolen him!

Now we are all grown up (ha) and we have our own lilac tree. I just picked a few and put them in the house. Every year, the sweet smell takes me back to sweet Burlington graduation weekend.

UPDATE: that was my 100th post! I realized it after I posted it. I am glad it was about O.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beautiful Days

It has been a gorgeous day in Portland! There are so many great colors in the yard and hoodie is glowing!

According to the forecast, the next two days should be pretty warm, bring it on!

Looks like boat weather...maybe we'll put her in this weekend!

Funny Confession IV

Today I walked through the neighborhood with an empty stroller.

Thank you to my PDX buds for buying us this rad ride. BabyF cannot wait to roll through town in style.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Fete

Our friends went all out and threw the best baby fete you ever did see. What a great celebration. BabyF is so loved...he cannot wait to celebrate with everyone again soon. Thank you to everyone who came from far away to be here. Thank you to my PDX crew for celebrating with us! Thank you to my best friends for throwing such a fab fete.

That's how we do it on HammyT.

Is it June yet??????

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Z$ artist

I love this shot which was sent to my niece (the one in the princess dress) and her dad (the one with a bud light bottle) are going to town on their driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Z$, we wish you were here this weekend, thanks for all the great messages. Your new cousin cannot wait to join you with the chalk. xoxo


We have 18 people in town this weekend, all flew in for the baby fete.

We feel so loved! Party is tonight at 5, so excited. It will be so fun to have our fab PDX crew mingling with our visiting friends and family!

I am trying to rest...but I don't want to miss anything.

Bring on BabyF! Bring on BabyF!


Thanks to heroic efforts by my O and his bro RF, we are finally back in the house!!! Remodel is about 95% complete (who knows or cares about that last 5%, I am so happy to be home!). Last night was my first shower in the new shower. Amazing.
Remodel pix will be posted soon, need to take them. Still busy moving back in and getting settled.
Oh, and hosting a houseful of visitors (11 house guests, plus O and I and BabyF = full house!!!).
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