Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uggs Brady Yes

What great news.  What a good combo.  Definitely two of my favorite things...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Undies of the Month

Today is cyber Monday.

Here is a creative gift idea. 

Its personal, its art, its local, its unique, its screenprinted.  Underwear of the Month - you get a new pair each month.  All your questions will be answered by their FAQs - read away and then order up...

Oh, and if you subscribe now, you get a pair of Portland undies with umbrellas on them. 

All Aboard!

Building and driving trains is serious business around here.  This past week we have been so thankful to have had two conductors and lots of passengers.  WKF is still wondering the house shouting "All Aboard!". 

Red Chairs

I continue to realize/confirm that I love all things red.  Look at these chairs

And remember this bed?  This dresser?  This bureau?  And of course red lights.  Oh...and tis the season to break out our red tree!  Perhaps this weekend?

40 years!

Birdie and Bry have been married 40 years!  Yeah!  Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!  Je t'aime!  xoxo


At our house Thanksgiving started on Wednesday and lasted until Sunday night.  We had lots to be thankful for the entire time.  Today it is just the babes and I kickin' it at home, they are kinda bummed that I am so boring compared to a houseful of people.  

SweetP with Tata Giselle

Family Skype session to France

 SweetP with Ton Ton Gilles
SweetP with her Grandpere
Les Freres
Father and Son with their Sons
WKF loves his Ton Ton Sylly
Got a sitter and went for Sushi.  Yum. 

Perhaps the next time we are all together, we'll be in France?  J'espere.  


Amelie's parents (along with O's dad and his fam) joined us (and Amelie) here in PDX for a fab thanksgiving.  They came all the way from France to be here for an American Thanksgiving.  On their way to Portland, they took a 2 week detour in Panama.  This was their hotel.  Amazing, right?  Someday somewhere I want to stay in a place on the water like this...a thatched roof like this would be great too.  I can't stop looking at this photo.

They brought me this hat - authentic Panama style.  They also brought some serious coffee and rum, come over for a taste of Panama!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life is Fantastic

Le tshirt de Ton Ton (uncle) Gilles says it all!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Photos du Jour

Black Friday. Abercrombie and Fritsch. O's baby bro is getting big, he and O have the same abs.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photos du Jour

We went to the zoo on the coldest day we have had all year. Penguins and Polar Bears were all we saw. How cute is my penguin?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I (wish I could say that I) Am A Parisian Lady

After seeing this post on AT today, I had to check out the direct link where I could see all the photos from the "I am a Parisian lady" project.  Baudouin (a photographer) took pix of real Paris gals in their real Paris pads.  Here are three subjects that I'd like to be friends with...

Apron Love

The same friend that was talking butts on FB had a lighter post, about another one of my favorite topics - aprons!

I swear if I had any one of these beauties I'd bake cookies and host dinner parties all the time!

I think the top one is my fav, what about you?  Click here to see them all. 

TC - thanks for the inspiration...maybe you should have a blog?  I promise to stop poaching your FB posts for my blog content after this...xo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Butt Activista (did I just say that?)

The other day a friend posted this on facebook, "I can't believe there are still people that throw their cigarette butts out the window! MY world is not your ashtray!".  It was amazing how my passion for this topic came right back (it never went away, but maybe it has been suppressed for awhile...).  Ugh, cigarette litter is so gross.

We had such good momentum for a while...and after TC's post I have sent a few emails to see if we can't get the ball rolling again.  Stay tuned.  Look out Salem, I'm not done with you...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Custom Kid Art Letterpress Notecards - Made in Portland

I love custom. I love kids. I love art. I love letterpress. I love notecards. I love Portland. If you love any/all of these things too, check this out.   Good work Jigsaw Graphics. 

Photo du Jour

School Pictures

If these 2 beauties can't take a good school picture, maybe nobody can?

The Public Isolation Project

Has anyone in PDX checked this gal out on their way to Rontoms or the Doug Fir or Union Jacks (don't act like you don't know what Union Jacks is)?  The Pubic Isolation Project has her living in full view on East Burnside for a month with zero human contact, but all the online social networking she wants.  Interesting.  I am pretty sure I need to do a walk by...

Let's be honest here, this would not be nearly as interesting if she and her apartment were not both totally adorable, hip and well dressed, right??

Hey - cute isolation girl...check out Portland Sunshine and comment...what else do you have to do in there all month?

Pix are borrowed from the O (link above)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Locks of Light

There are so many things that I will not be spending $9000 on. 

I love me a unique chandelier...but...this $9000, "Barbie"-branded, one-of-a-kind hair chandelier may be at the top of that list (the list of what I will NOT be spending $9000 on). 

That said, it will be perfect for someone...I wonder who will buy it??  I dig the styling for the photoshoot...
Happy Friday yo.  

Time Says PDX is America's "New Food Eden"

A good read.  We didn't need Time to confirm that Portland is awesome and delicious, but its still fun to read about it.  The write up includes interesting food related observations made in a short 36 hour visit to PDX. 

Vermont's Finest!

All 4 of us love AT.  He is one of the most love-able people we know.  O and I were lucky to go to college with him and now we are lucky to share Portland and our babies with him.  He is such a great dude. 
His sis Hannah is kind of a big deal (if you are into gold medals and snowboarding and ice cream - and who isn't into that combo?). She is such a big deal that she has her own B and J's flavor (can you IMAGINE?).

On Nov 22 you can catch Hannah dishing live about the flavor and her latest endeavors with B and J co-founder, Jerry Greenfield on Facebook page via Ustream. Click here for more info. How cool is all of that? Her own flavor? Hanging with Jerry from Ben and Jerry's? Vermont pride...ahhh...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turtle Monkey Bug

Yesterday, after I woke up from my fab, unplanned, car nap and went running, I still had some babysitter time to enjoy, and so I popped downtown to hit the Crafty Wonderland Pop Up Shop. (And maybe I checked out the new H&M too...).  

I fell hard for the Turtle Monkey Bug stick ponies.  Look at these beauties!!!  You should see them in person, they are beautiful.  I may coach SweetP to ask for one for xmas.  

I came home from the Pop Up and checked out the Turtle Monkey Bug website.  They have such cute stuff!!!  Look at these dolls!  


Like lots of other rad stuff, they are from Portland.  Although according to their website, they are in shops in other states too.  
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