Sunday, September 30, 2012

Funny Confession #173

Even if I run slow, my legs look fast in volt colored tights.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dansk at C&B

The merchants at Crate and Barrel must read my blog to know how I adore my vintage Dansk Kobenstyle Casserole (I also love my baker and my loaf pan).  I'm sure that motivated them to bring it all back into production. 

Compost Success

Go Portland. This visual from Portland Monthly is impressive.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

American Dream

We had an awesome afternoon touring new homes of 2 pdx besties in the same gorgeous neighborhood. So fun! Home sweet sweet home!

Cover Boy

My apologies if you have seen this before, no doubt you probably all have a copy of the December 1967 Ski Francais magazine sitting around your house.  But I am posting it here anyhow to discuss how cute O's dad is as a cover model?  Bonjour. 

Who could blame O's mom for falling in love with the French ski instructor that was teaching her first 4 children to ski???!!!  Yes, that is how they met, and the rest is sweet history (named Oliver). 

Ski With A Winner

We came across this flyer while in Tahoe last weekend.  How cute are these pix?  Do you recognize O's pops (on the left)?  The other handsome French dude (on the right) is O's godfather. 

Apparently FTC is now a pretty rad store, focused on skateboarding. However the origins of the brand/store were an old ski/tennis shop in SF. 

Here is a more recent pic of these guys, they are still good buds and full of trouble (and great stories).
And here they are with my boys this past weekend...
If O's godfather looks familiar to you, maybe you have seen Hot Dog a few times...he makes a few appearances.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tahoe Love

As expected, we had a blast in Tahoe!  Having a 7 year old uncle is, like, the coolest.  The other uncles are all awesome too.  And the grandparents, and the aunties.  And Mona.  I am so lucky to have Tahoe and Squaw Valley in my life, the people and the place are so special and so beautiful.  Tahoe Love!  Great bike rides, great runs, great paddle boarding, great time. 
Papa getting upside down, he's still got it.
Go Red Lasers.  Papa Jean is the coach, just as he was 30 years ago for O.  So awesome.
Our morning wake up call.  Sunrise and Sylly at the window.  Love. 
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