Monday, January 30, 2012

Final shot in that sweet coat

Vintage was fun for the day, but we are over it. Back to polka dots and leopard prints.

Trying to get passport

At $20 a picture, it would have been cool to have known no barrettes allowed, and no high pony tails for passport pix. Also, both parents need to be present ("anytime" between 9-4 M-F), and no credit cards accepted. 

In the end we got it done. I have a strong feeling it will be worth the hassle. 

Get ready Paris, sweetP is coming!


P rocking a vintage coat and hat made by hand for my Sis 35+ years ago. WKF tells her she looks like a grandma.  I sorta agree.  Super sweet, and sentimental...but not her styz. 


Today is a HUGE day.  GG turns 90.  Even though our family is spread from coast to coast, we still found a way to throw a party!  Happy Birthday GreatGrandMary!!!!  We love love love you!!!  xoxoxo

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sam, c'est moi

Funny Confession #141

Best. Comment. Ever. It came via email from my mom after this post. 

"A kale fruit smoothie?  I think I draw the line right there.  First of all, if no one told you, kale is NOT a fruit. You can have your kale smoothies and your fish tacos!  YUCK!  Thankfully the barber gave P a sucker so she could get the bad taste out of her mouth! "

Haha, sassy Birdie, i like it.  Can't wait for you to come (soon!).  We will fill you up with fish tacos and kale smoothies.  When in Rome Portland...

Purple House On The Water

This perfect purple house on the water makes me want a perfect purple house on the water. 

Rainbow bomb

Spotted by HVK bomb squad in SE PDX. Love.

Friday, January 27, 2012


It's Friday! We are a little bummed to miss a Friday at the mountain. However, this seems an ok place to start the weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why bother?

On her face? Remnants from her kale fruit smoothie.

In her hand? A lollipop given to her by a barber as we walked by his shop.

He got all the glory...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oregon babies grow fast

Because we water them.
PS-Who can complain about rain when kids in raingear are so freaking cute.

Lite Brite

Funny Venn

saw it here

Ethan Beck Homes

When he is not leading his team to state championships or having gorgeous new babies, our buddy EB is busy building beautiful homes in the city. I cannot stop flipping through the portfolio images on his new website.   Live love laugh, he builds for it.  

Speaking of EB, I hear he is always a phone call away if, say, your furnace goes off on a freezing cold day or your 2 year old locks herself in the bathroom. Whatta guy. 

Stowe Moose

Ah Vermont, I love you!  Amazing moose sighting at Stowe (on Nosedive). 
I love a good moose sighting.  I also love Stowe.  O and I got engaged at Stowe (in the halfpipe).  It is such a magical mountain.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hood Carts?

Summer on our beloved mountain is pretty magical.  Click here to remember why.  And obviously we love the winters up there enough to spend every single weekend slopeside. 

I often say the only thing that could possibly make that mountain a better place would be some improved  food options. 

Fingers crossed, maybe we'll get some food carts up there! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Funny Confession #140

I kept waiting to have a clean kitchen to snap this photo.  Today I remembered my kitchen is never clean, so I took the photo as is.  I wanted to share a photo of our photo.  

RIP Sarah Burke

This is hard to watch. Grab some kleenex.  RIP beautiful girl.  My heart breaks for her man who so clearly adored her. 

Another Awesome Weekend

So many little people, so much snow, la vie est belle!

 And even a little impromptu mountain house dance party / singalong for JC on his bday!

Run With Me

On a recent evening run through John's Landing and Lair Hill neighborhoods of PDX,  I couldn't stop myself from stopping to snap shots of each darling home.  I love running through the hoods of PDX there are so many happy looking homes. 

 The cutie below was our 3rd choice home when we bought the one we bought.  I smile every time I drive or run by it.  We made the right call, but I do think she is sweet. 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

My Sis and I (and google maps) collaborated* on this DIY for our parents for xmas.  I think we covered all the places they've lived and where we both live now.  The pix don't do it full justice, it is super cute.   

*By collaborate I mean that I sent my sis a link to the idea and she made it happen.  Then I got to spend xmas with them and present the gift.  True teamwork ;)

Colorful lunch spot

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