Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rice Pudding

An entire post on rice pudding?  Yes. 

Rice to Riches.  Fun vibe, great colors, cute signage and yummy rice pudding. Check it out if you go to NYC.  We had Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road.  It was the best rice pudding I've ever had.    

If you go, mail me some rice pudding...there is a kiosk thing where you can place an order for delivery anywhere in the country.


Mayor JennyG said...

ahhhhhhhhh!!! i've been waiting for this post!!! best place ever!! when can we go back?!! xoxo

heather said...

Been there too, infact my husband had some shipped to me on my birthday a few years ago. I love pudding so much!!! You and me lead parallel lives sometimes:)

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