Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting vs. Taking - Thanks Seth

Seth Godin is brilliant. I love his books and his blog. I almost always agree with him and I like the way he explains things.

Today he has a great post about getting vs. taking. The posting itself is short and sweet, so read it. But the jist of it is that so few of us take, most of us hope to get. We should be proactive, and take! Obviously this doesn't apply in all situations, but it is very applicable to education and career....and many other aspects of life (community service, etc.). We should all take as many opportunities as we can handle.


I'll end my post as Seth ended his - What have you taken today?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pink Lady

My neice is 2 and already has a motorcycle. Kids grow up so fast these days. Go Z$.


Here are 2 of BabyF's many uncles.

BabyF has lots to look forward to...and he may have some catching up to do in order to keep up with these big boys...

BabyF will probably be especially close with his handsome Uncle S...

Nesting With a Vengeance

According to the NY Times, I am not alone.

I hope our "little project" comes together before baby arrives.

Of course, my life is fabulous considering that this is what I am 'worried' about....we are blessed, life is good. And BabyF, if the internet exists in there and you are reading my blog...we are ready for you anytime!!! Can't wait!


"Obstetricians have long observed a deeply felt urge among pregnant women to focus on preparing the home for offspring. As with many behaviors associated with pregnancy, this one seems caused at least in part by hormones — specifically, oxytocin, which is thought to be responsible for maternal attachment. (Without it, mammals do not bond with their young, or prepare nests for them.)

“Women are just dripping with this hormone in the last part of pregnancy,” said Dr. Louann Brizendine, a neuropsychiatrist and director of the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at the University of California at San Francisco.

Typically, projects resulting from the nesting instinct have been small-scale affairs — a cleaning jag, a den converted to a nursery with a little paint and drywall, a changing station built into a laundry room. But lately, even as the housing and renovation markets have slumped, some pregnant nesters have been getting more ambitious, spurred on by the widespread home-improvement mania of the last decade and by the plethora of design-themed magazines and television shows."


Thursday, March 27, 2008

City Hall!

Baby F and I had a big day. We had a meeting at City Hall to talk about the Butts.

I think we generated some good support for the project in the Commissioner's office. My friend TC set up the meeting and I am so glad she did! Stay tuned.

If you haven't checked it out already, be sure to check out the Butt Hunt Website. I'm loving the new logo! While you are on the site, sign'll get a Tshirt....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Interesting Perspective

I recently discovered Penelope Trunk, and I think she is pretty great. In addition to having her own company, she maintains a very thought provoking blog with which I immediately connected.

Penelope's blog and biz is focused on the intersection of work and life - a tricky intersection to navigate and one that all career oriented people are familiar with.

I love her most recent posting. It is about the Spitzer drama (a saga I have been fascinated by for some reason). Like most of America, I have spent time thinking about obvious things like why the heck does his wife stand by him, and why the heck is he such an idiot, and how badly i feel for his daughters. I have not spent much time thinking about Ashley Dupre (a.k.a. "Kristen"). I certainly have not thought of Ashley as a wise career woman.

Penelope's post is witty and also insightful. I have paraphrased the highlights below, but you should check out the original post.

"Ashley Dupre, who was Kristen in bed, was no slouch in the career management department. Sure, her breasts are plastered all over the Internet, but don’t be so ignorant as to think you can’t learn from someone like her. Here are three lessons."

1. Invest $ in your career - Ashley invested in a $3000 boob job. She then started making $4000 an hour from clients like Spitzer. Good ROI.

2. Know what you are selling - Ashley was not selling her body, she was selling discretion; a very profitable "product" to a high profile married dirtbag like ES.

3. If you have 2 careers, make sure they have synergy - thanks to her "fame", at this point she has earned $200,000 A MONTH from downloads of her music from MySpace (can that be true???).

Obviously I am not in favor of Ashley's career choice. However, I really enjoyed Penelope's perspective on this bizarre situation. And more importantly, I am happy to have discovered Penelope at all.

Finally, this is a good (and funny) reminder that we can find lessons to be learned from all situations.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Other People's Homes

Looking for a distraction? Do you like to see other peoples homes? Check out this link, then opt to "View as slideshow"...

Some are fab, others are lame. All are fun to see.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three for Three

Disclaimer, I hate long blog posts. Sorry in advance this one is so wordy....

In between nest uncluttering sessions (and some intense scrabble), we were out trying some new (to us) restaurants around town. We were three for three.

One: San Felipe Taqueria:

Normally I don't crave Mexican...maybe the BabyF in me wanted it?! So, Friday night all I wanted for dinner was fish tacos. I poked around online and found this article (highlight below)...which made me want to give San Felipe Taqueria a try.

"San Felipe Taqueria’s specialty is the fish taco, the ubiquitous street food of it’s namesake, a sleepy fishing village on the Sea of Cortes. In a nod to the Pacific northwest, the fish here is halibut rather than shark, and the battered filet, topped with shredded cabbage and a slightly sweet, mustard-flavored mayo, is crispy outside but still moist and tender."

I was not disappointed. No frills, cheap, fast, and it hit the spot. The space was nothing to blog about...but it was cute enough and kind of made me want to throw a mexican themed fiesta (although I am pretty sure that get that feeling every time I walk into a Mexican joint).

Plus, added bonus, it was in the Sellwood neighborhood. I love it over there. Everytime we go we think that if we were not so in love with our own fab corner of Portland, Sellwood would be high on our list of possible hoods. Another pro, it appeared to be kid friendly (something we now notice, weird).

Two: La Buca:

Saturday night. We wanted pasta. Something cheap but good. The hilarious online reviews by the Mercury of La Buca (highlights below) seemed to convince us that we were crazy not to give La Buca a try.

"Fanfuckingtastic Italian", "rare find", "La Buca is my bff", "Why don't I go here more often?", "Delicious Italian minus the bullshit".

These people were right. For $25 bucks total, we both had amazing pasta dishes and a great salad. Loved this place. There were lots of new babies there too...that was good to see. La Buca is at 40 NE 28th, just off of Burnside - rad little neighborhood too.

Three: Gravy

I hear about this place all of the time and and it is nuts we hadn't been until this morning. Breakfast was fab. We went at 9 and have not eaten a thing since....portions are as big as our house. Being at Gravy confirmed that everything in the Mississippi neighborhood of PDX is awesome. I love it over there.

Next time you hit Gravy, order the hot chocolate and see if they will tell you what makes it so unique...they left us guessing. I think it is cinnamon and some kind of Cajun was really good!

I snaked the above Gravy picture from this blog. An entire blog focused on breakfast in Portland?!? LOVE it! Notice it has been added to my "morning routine". Check it out!

Love love love this city!


There seems to be a great movement towards de-cluttering. I am fully on board. A large chunk of this weekend has been dedicated to this concept. I am already collecting many things for baby and it scares me to think there will be more and more and more things that we "need".

In an effort to make space and simplify, we are really trying to purge purge purge as much as possible. Now is a great time to do it since we are mid remodel and we are not even living in the house.

This is a great blog dedicated to unclutter. I think I will add it to my "morning routine". Check it out and get inspired. Unclutter your own life!

I love to shop....but lately it feels better to get rid of stuff than to buy it...honestly. Going forward we are also going to try to be uber conscience of any new acquisitions....(items in my closet excluded!!). This is a greener and more simple way to live.

PS - if I was a bridesmaid in your wedding...the dresses are all off to Goodwill tomorrow...stop me in the next 10 hours if you have an issue with this. And, if you were one of my lovely ladies, I really hope you have already purged your silver number....if you haven't, do!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flash Mob?

Have you heard of a Flash Mob? It seems to be a hip thing to be part of these days. I first read about it when there was one in Portland about a month ago (Feb 23) outside of Powell's.

The Oregonian published an article about the incident, excerpt below:

"The mob -- often strangers -- gather at one location at a designated time, drawn by announcements via the Internet. At a prearranged moment, they simultaneously perform some bizarre action, then just as suddenly disappear into the crowd.
Portland has seen pantsless flash mobs appear on MAX trains. Best Buy has been invaded by crowds of customers dressed exactly like store employees. And Grand Central Station has found itself in suspended animation when a New York flash mob froze in place."

My friend GS just sent me a cool link to the Grand Central Flash Mob - you should really check it out.

Checking out The Governor's Digs

Last Thursday I spent the day down in Salem, touring the statehouse and meeting some big dogs. It was a cool day. The highlight was when I snuck a photo op in the Gov's chair, thanks Governor Ted. I don't think that sitting in the chair was intended to be part of the tour, but I did it for BabyF....

Did you know the black and white marble in the foyer of the state house was imported from Vermont? I guess the "buy local" thing was not as trendy back then. I love that there is a piece of Vermont in the capital of Oregon.

Monday, March 17, 2008


O's bro, who is stationed in Iraq, hosted some important visitors this weekend. Captain B you make us proud!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dandelion Dreams

I know one guy that dreams of dandelions.

Perhaps you recall this February post about Delta Plant Technology? Bry, maybe we need to get you this is available here , click on #4.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


OK, so on the right side of this page there are a bunch of links listed in my "morning routine" is for EnviroMom , an amazing Portland blog (and so much more). I was thrilled to notice today that EnviroMom posted about the Butt Hunt! Check it out... Click here to learn a bit more about EnviroMom and the two impressive ladies that started it.

It is cool to see that there is a big movement of Moms going green. Thank you MW for sending me this fab article in the NYTimes about EcoMoms.

Friday, March 14, 2008

US Ski Team

I never knew much about ski racing before I met O. To me it was something that happened every 4 years in the Olympics and even then I didn't watch it or get it. I have learned alot about this sport from him (and the rest of his ski crazy friends). Knowing what I know now about the sport, I can appreciate what a big deal it is that 2 Americans have won the World Cup overall this year - this is the first time since the early 80's that an American Man and Woman have done this in the same year. This year is only the 2nd time ever that an American Woman has secured the overall title. Way to go Lindsay Vonn and Bode Miller. If you care about any of this - here is a link to the US Ski Team website where you can read more and see pix.


Baby F enjoyed a special treat last night. An evening of dinner and jazz at Portland's own Jimmy Mak's. I think the kid likes was loud and he was digging it.

Look out lady babies...Baby F is coming fast, I think he may come out dancing.

I highly recommend a night out at Jimmy Mak's if you live in PDX and you haven't been. If you want dinner, get a reservation - it was packed.

Times Square

My firm was founded by 3 guys - each one is impressive and an inspiring leader. It feels good to be able to say that about your bosses, I think that is probably pretty rare. All 3 dudes are young, smart and full of energy.

One of them actually lives with pretty severe MS and has become the poster guy for the cause...proof above. That is his real son in the ad with him. This ginormous ad is currently in Times Square in NYC. Check him out if you are in the big apple.

This is MS awareness week. Here is a link to more info about should click on it, and read up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sign Up Today

So many people keep asking..."How can I help deal with the cigbutt issue in Portland?" I am so glad you all asked...SIGN UP is now enabled for the first ever Portland Butt Hunt.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess I am an organizer of this little event....and I'd love your support. It will be a great way to celebrate Earth Day together.

Here is the link to the event site. From there you can register. You'll get a Tshirt....!

Lor is Thirty Four!

Everyone is talking about LL's big birthday tomorrow! Click here to send her a bday email - who cares if you don't know her...she is my sister and you read my blog - drop her a line and introduce yourself!

LL - i know you will not be mad that instead of a card or a gift you are getting a thoughtful shoutout on your baby sister's blog...right? HAPPY BDAY! xoxoxoxoox

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Finally we ate at the Farm Cafe!

Prior to last night's successful mission, we had tried 3+ times to eat there, but the wait was always well over an hour and we gave up. Last night we went early (6ish) and we were seated at a fab table just in time to watch the place fill up and the wait list grow and grow.

I loved this place, so did O! Beautiful, simple, romantic, great service, unique menu and as the name suggests, the place is all about supporting the local farms (organic, local, sustainable...all that Portlandy stuff). Their menu varies with the seasons. It is in a quaint old house just off of E Burnside. Tres affordable as well.

If you are planning a visit to PDX, we will probably drag you here and you will not be disappointed! Can't wait to go back.

Being at Farm got us excited for the April 5 return of the farmer's market!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wifeville Giveaway

Every Wife's favorite website is featured on the fab website, the wedding bee. Check out both sites. Be sure to sign up for the wifeville T-Shirt giveaway while on the wedding bee site!
Update: wifeville is everywhere these days - check this out too!

White Moose!

O's sister lives in Park City and she passed along photos of this White Moose! Isn't he gorgeous? I didn't even know moose came in white! Googling around didn't teach me much beyond the fact that White Moose are very rare (1 in 100,000). Wikipedia didn't even have an entry on White Moose and their general entry on "Moose" didn't touch on the rare White Moose.

There appears to be some debate as to whether White Moose are albino or a different type of species...or some think that its neither but that a White Moose is the result of mating by both a bull and cow carrying an altered recessive "White Moose" gene.

Update: I had a mid-day lunch date with my fab hubby. He had such interesting commentary on the White Moose (he does not read my blog, but he also got the pix from his sis). He said, "I wonder if the Moose knows he is different?". For some reason I just love love loved that thought and his perspective. Don't you?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How do I find this stuff?

Isn't it funny that there are so many kids books about "Oliver"? Who knew? Not me until I came across this great article.

Belly Shots

Weeks 16-24 (I missed 1 week b/c I went to Finland without the paparazzi)


Master Bathroom.

Which will be done first...Baby F or his Mama's new bathroom?


The nation's eyes are on Ohio and Vermont (and Texas and RI) today.
If you haven't seen this site already, check it out.

How cute is she?

Sweet cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, New Hampshire.

1 hour and 45 minutes from downtown Boston. On the water. Boat dock. Parking. Year round fun - skiing in the winter, amazing hiking in the spring, private beach in the summer, leaf peeping in the fall.

She is for sale and we'd love to see her go to a good family! Sleeps up to 6 (2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, pullout couch).

I promise not to try to sell things via the blog...I promise this is an exception.

PS - includes nice gas grill, washer & dryer, and amazing outdoor shower (built with love by my O)

Listing Details.

Spread the good word.

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