Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leftover Love

Next year we are so so so totally doing one both of these ideas.  Or maybe we won't.  But either way, I think they are super cute. 

Thanksgiving leftover cupcakes!

Thanksgiving leftover sushi!

I saw these ideas here.  Cupcake details available here.  Sushi info here.

Perfect Outfit

I sorta love that JF was dressed like my house for our playdate.

Baby Fee

Some restaurant in the UK charges a fee for bringing babies...hilarious.  Picture and story here. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Could my nieces be any cooler? I'm serious. Everything these 3 girls do is awesome. When they aren't shredding up the slopes of their back yard (a.k.a. park city) they strap on the other kind of skis and rip it up behind the boat. All at the same time. In a gorgeous setting. Love my vixens!

Fondue Season is Here!

We are so happy to kick off fondue season with a very special house guest. Dip in.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bonzai Christmas

That Martha gal is good.  Loving this Martha Stewart Bonzai Chritsmas Tree.  Spotted it here. 

Just Married

Whenever I am a bridesmaid I beg to be the one to make the sign and decorate the car.  I am so so so in love with this signage.  So.Darn.Cute.  Am I right?! 
I spotted this here, it is from a fab Australian wedding.  The web certainly leads me to believe that everyone from Australia is fabulous.  I know one person from Australia, and she is super fabulous, so I guess that confirms it. 

Happy Anniversary Birdie and Bry

41 years!  xoxo
We love you and can't wait to see you soon!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


This shoe storage solution (locker) speaks to me.   We have a MAJOR shoe storage problem emergency that we need to solve before I go crazy. 

Today, we picked up this little number at a salvage place and we are hoping to make it work for us.  Paint or no paint?  What color? 

Bonus, I, like, totally, loved highschool and so having a locker around will bring back such good memories. 

Big Boy Bed

WKF's "big boy bed" is simply a mattress on the floor.  I keep holding off on buying a bed because I know I'll get inspired by something special one day on this world wide web of awesomeness. 

Today, I am in love with this big boy bed which I spotted here.

Zoo-ing with Uncle S

You've been tagged

New word: Tagziety

Tagziety is that feeling (anxiety) you get when you get an email alerting you that you have been tagged.  I took a formal poll and confirmed that everyone gets tagziety.  The only real cure is to click the link ASAP and confirm that the photo captures a good angle/outfit/situation.  If you hate it, you must get to a computer immediately and untag (tagziety is heightened in situations when you are not near a computer...the iPhone app can only do so much, I don't think it can untag, can it?).  If you ask, friends all have a great tagziety story. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

They Draw and Cook

Ummmm...this trailer sure makes me curious and interested in this book!  Is it because it is a book with a trailer?  Is it because it combines art and food?  Whatever it is, I love it. 

Turkey Day

Here is a handy list of ways to confirm that your Thanksgiving was special:

If the turkey was bigger than the new baby at the table, it was special
If there were placecards, it was special
 If there was a new baby (see first item above), it was special

 If you got to "hang out" with the N's, it was special
 If 3 generations of family worked together to build an "I am Thankful" tree, it was special

If 20+ family members gathered at one table, it was special. 
If one of those peeps flew in from London as a surprise, it was special.
If parents of a 1 week old baby hosted the gathering (see first item on this list), it was special. 
If those new parents (above) let TEN of those 20+ people spend SEVERAL nights IN THEIR HOUSE WITH THEM,  they are f-ing crazy it was special. 
If you got to squeeze in a run along the ocean with your super running sis in law, it was special.
If there were laughs and tears around the table as each guest shared what they were thankful for, it was special.
If you had your first taste of Pieku pies, it was special
If 4 of Annie's 5 kids were together, it was special
Did I mention there was a new baby?!?!  If there was a new baby new baby new baby, it was special.

Funny Confession #132

It is crazy how happy a girl can be about a remodel in her local grocery store.  I am in love with the Burlingame Fred Meyer.  I felt pretty lame about being so excited, until one of my best girls confessed to crying the first time she entered...that confirmed for me that it is ok to be thrilled about a grocery store remodel. 

I love that they saved the old signage, makes me feel all retro going in

Know what this is?  A salt and olive bar.
 Fancy soda selection...
Moonstruck chocolate counter.  Truffles anyone?

 Et ooh la la les fromages

Mail High


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photos du Jour

Holiday Fun

Funny Confession #131

According to color theory, magenta is the opposite (complement) to green.  Going with that, I have started to label actions as "magenta" if they are the opposite of green.  Although I am proud to be a huppie (which indicates I try to be green), every now and then I am magenta. For example, it is ridiculous how far out of the way I will go to hit a starbucks drivethru. 

Often I play a game along the way - counting how many regular starbucks I pass on the way to the drivethru starbucks. 

My kids rock disposable diapers.  If something is really stinky I put it in the disposal instead of the counter top compost bin.  I am at peace with all of these actions.  Being a lover of made up words, I sorta love having a label for them.  Magenta. 

What do you do that is magenta? 

Car Storage

The adults in our house are doing just fine without a garge, but the little people sure do need a car storage solution.  Loving these two ideas. Spotted them here and here.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Fun

Two uncles and a grandpere joined us at the children's museum today. Holidays! Love!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bonjour Bradley. Oooh la la.

Merci KK for finding this and sharing.  Wow.  Hot hot hot. 

Blue Sky Muddy Race Day

Funny Confession #130

Leaving the babies with a sitter for the night felt a little wrong.  However, driving 1.5 miles and checking into The Nines with my man felt  What a fab way to kickoff this magical season.  Bring it holidays, bring it. 

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