Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It was fun to see my name in "print". My girl mammalingo continues to crank out great work over at the huffpost...and sometimes she quotes me...see #2 and #4

PDX 2016

Portland changes fast. Some of the recent changes certainly make us think of Amsterdam...

In just the past few months there are so many more bikes...and these green crosses are everywhere...

photo cred goes to my friend and old neighbor TL

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Carpe Diem! Big Picture Calendar

If you know me at all, you know I adore planning my entire year on one page. I have made my own such planner for years...I even remember doing it in high school...

It brings me so much joy to share that I will no longer be making my own.

Schoolhouse has partnered with Egg Press (who is awesome and conveniently located one floor below my office in the Schoolhouse HQ) to introduce - The Big Picture Calendar. 

Go buy one.

Carpe diem sweet friends, carpe diem!

 PS - they come in this great tube packaging and make a fab gift...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Make Every Table The Kids Table

Yeliz Love

This sweet cousin of ours passed away last week. She was such a cool, good, vivacious girl, and way too young. We are so sad. We are so thankful we saw her last year (a la Baptisme). I also have amazing memories from a few weeks I spent with her in Saint Tropez in the summer of 2000.

She died in a tragic accident, in Bali. She certainly knew how to carpe diem, she was also a master accessorizer. I adored her more-is-more style and her lust for life. 

Framing Up Our Dreams

Construction was slow for a few weeks, but we are back in action!

Weekend Strategy

So much chill this weekend, felt so right
The photo above is my fave, but the one below shows all 4 of us (my feet, oli cooking)
Early morning long run (training for a little run in Iceland next month!), spotted a puddle shaped like a heart and used it as an excuse to stop an snap a photo. 
Fall sunrises and moonrises have been on point lately

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day Vibes

Same door, same sign...but so much changed in between the 2012 and 2016 back to school photos!

Mighty Mite

In case you misplaced your October 1982 Ski Magazine...take a look at my copy. 

Specifically page 108...where sweet baby O, age 5, shows us all how to do it! The copy is right, "the tot is every bit as good" as World Cup Champion Phil Mahre! We may need to frame this goodness in the chalet. 
Baby O is an apple that didn't fall far from the tree...

Yo Tooth Fairy

My sweet sweet 2nd grader is toothless up top!

Monday, September 5, 2016

long weekends are rad

WKF was proud to show us his new skills...he spent a few days this summer in a skate camp and he has mastered the drop in...

PDX food cart scene rules
I can't believe I am related to people that live in a house this beautiful...
and inside that gorgeous house those people host a killer kids table....
Annie cheffed up some beef stroganoff - a specialty of hers from her old restaurant days in chicago...
Brother love fest while mom tends to the noodles. Side note, the # of people in the photo below who look like they could turn 86 next month = ZERO
P wasn't going to let her bro roll into the skatepark without her

What Surgery?

Meanwhile, in the Rubber City, this guy and his tricked out ticker are back in action...

AMS Reunion!

HB rallied to PDX for an AMS reunion with LL and I (and our littles). It was......SO GOOD!

In just 1 long weekend, we swam, we laughed, we had matching jammies, we bunked up in a 10 bed bunk room at timberline lodge, we kayaked, we water-skied, we paddle boarded, we laughed, we ate (s'mores, tacos, ice-cream, donuts, pancakes...), we got car sick (extremely), we hit the alpine slides, we laughed more...

the pictures tell it all...

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