Monday, August 15, 2016

Ohio, The Heart of It All

In Cleveland tonight, there is a heart surgeon who is probably eating dinner right now. Maybe he is thinking about his day tomorrow. I hope he is. Because tomorrow, that surgeon is going to have a close up encounter with the best heart he ever saw. And then he is going to make it even better. 

On this blog I share my musings with you nearly every day, which I have done for the past 8+ years. In return, I don't think I have ever asked for anything. Today I am. I am asking for some mega good vibes to be sent to that surgeon and his patient. Thank you.

Tomorrow at this time, I know the surgeon is going to be kicking his feet up and thinking - "damn I'm good"...and "damn that was the best heart I ever saw"....and "damn I made it all better"...

And that patient is going to be thinking..."when can I book my next flight to Portland?" and "how do I want to spend my next 30 years" and "why the hell did my daughter post about me and my heart on her blog?".

LOVE TO OHIO. Lots of it.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Kind of War

I love being right. And I love chicken. This is a war we all win. So win-win and yum-yum.

Basket Case

Weekly delivery of this box is changing my game and my life and my sanity. Foolproof, delicious, healthy, mindfully-sourced, beautiful meals, delivered to my door each week. I want to make out with who ever invented this service. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lucky Me

Remember this darling home tour? Yeah, me too - I dream of striped walls!

Well, I have another mad-talented coworker with a hip sense of style, so natch the blogosphere was eager to give her some house tour love...

Lucky me, I get to work with the cool kids, every single day.

Confession #374

I'm kinda dying to go here. ASAP. Fingerbang!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Bike Like A Rockstar

I love a good bike lane...and Portland has the best bike lanes...

I can't think of a better tribute to Prince or Bowie...

Big Dreams of a Small Chalet

Our field of dreams is starting to take shape. We popped by yesterday to check in, and it was a thrill to see the footprint all mapped out...ready for the concrete foundation, which should be getting poured as I type this!

Will she be ready for ski season? All fingers crossed...

More Vacation Snaps

Mexico, you were awesome.

Sayulita Smiles

We've been back in the USA for 2 weeks now, but I still have so many Mexico pictures to share! A day spent in Sayulita is a day well spent. This surf town made my heart sing! 

Lunch With Annie

This always chic woman has relocated to Oregon, which makes it easy to pop on some stylish sunnies and have a lovely lunch date on a Sunday afternoon.
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