Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two More

OK, two more added to the list. Keeping it random and eclectic...cuz that is what I do best.

Dress Rehearsal

Boo ya
RFP (rainbow fairy princess)
School parade in the morning...these 2 are ready! Halloween is America!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book Talk

O and I are heading out on a big adventure of a vacation in a few weeks. As a distraction from my move-in, boxes-everywhere reality...I have been thinking about what I will read on the planes. So far, I have ordered these 3 to my kindle. Please remind me to pack my kindle.

What else should I add?

PS - I just finished these...which I am not sure I am recommending, probably just bragging about how much I have read recently. And really I didn't read any of them. I listened to the audio version while I ran, unpacked, folded laundry and drove. I love audio books lately.

I picked up the two above, by Emma, after reading this ...and maybe I bought a bunch of beauty products after reading that as well.

Confession #362

As a girl, I was never a barbie girl, even if I have several old barbie posts. Try to watch this new ad and not be converted. Suddenly I want to buy P some barbies. Or maybe just buy stock in mattel. Either way, well done team barbie, well done.

Photos du Jour

Last night we slept at home! Yeah!

These are my house shoes. They make me so so happy. 

This is a big girl bed. Her first. She was on a crib mattress when we moved away...and she rocked a toddler bed in AMS. Hello big girl!
This was a happy reunion! P was thrilled to see all of her friends. She couldn't wait to show them her new bed...and so she scheduled a viewing...
And then invited everyone into the bed for story time and a sleepover
Speaking of grown up beds. This blanket was 5 euro well spent...he was so fired up and confident it would create football dreams. 
et la piece de resistance...he nearly exploded when we introduced him to his new fusbal table.

Don't get the wrong idea...the rest of the house is such a hot mess. boxes and junk everywhere!

Confession #361

Monday was the worst day of our re-entry. A day I dreaded for years. It was the day they delivered all the crap that sat in storage for nearly 3 years. Obviously nothing in this delivery was essential. I sat at the bottom of our stairs and edited ruthlessly. We freecycled ALOT of things...
I don't want to do the math to find out how much $ was spent on monthly storage expenses...because who would want to do that math? I am confident the ROI still pencils out, because...look what I found in the pile:

Weekend a la PDX

This city is easy to love. All in one mellow weekend we managed to:
  • Eat out at some amazing restaurants, including Piazza Italia...which we appreciate more now than we did really does feel like a quick trip to Italy (football culture, Italian waiters, and great pasta)

  • W had a nail biter of a season finale soccer match, with his Papa as coach. Our Hood River family drove down to catch the action (thank you thank you). W's game winning goal was not lost on any of us...even if American children's matches do not keep score or have winners (give me a break). 
  • We went to church for the first time in a very very long time and the biscuits tasted better than we remembered! 
  • We took the boat for a late October cruise and ended up waterskiing and swimming (and napping)
Uncle Adam was not afraid of a cold October wetsuit? No problem?

  • We went to the Junie B. Jones musical with dear friends and we were all blown away! (hey JBJ haters, lighten up). 

  • We moved a bunch more stuff into the house - on track to officially move in this week!
  • We caught the last game of the regular season for the Portland Timbers! The kids had been in Timbers camp this week (so much fun) and so they knew so many of the stadium songs and fun. If we had to leave the football scene of Europe, it is nice to land in soccer-city-usa. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Another Birthday Belle

I'm a few days late on this one, but hopefully this bday girl is still celebrating her day. We love you Auntie Shell. HBD!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

85? 80thrive!

Although we celebrated last month, today is the actual day! HBD Annie!
This girl still teachers pilates, sells real estate, reads more than anyone I know and rocks high heals every day...

PS - Was this really 5 years ago? I love the video at the end. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Run With Me - San Francisco!!!

 The Nike Women's Half Marathon has long been on my to do list. I was thrilled to secure a coveted spot this year. All the hype is justified. The race was dope. Every detail. Including the weather this year - which is never a sure thing for a 6:30 am start time in late October in San Francisco.

This is me, hoping my best hope that my race strategy works out...
We had breakfast and laughs with these two, pre race...then we all cruised into the VIP corral fun. 
Obviously a selfie was needed, mid race, when the view is that good...
The best sign of the day. I had to snap a photo.
I ran into DJ at the finish, a favorite running buddy of my favorite running buddy (SN)...
I had front row seats at the awards ceremony...where Joan Benoit Samuelson (more on her later!)  joined the top 3 for a photo. 
Speaking of top 3...the top 2, who are good friends, tied for adorable, strong, cute, YOUNG do they look?! 

The famous blue box, made only more famous by this race...handed to each finisher...because: so much better than a medal.
The window display at the Nike store sure knows how to make a girl feel special. The SF was for me, right?
et voila, there I am...

In the end my time was more than 10 minutes off from a "good day"...which only proves there are lots of different ways to measure a good day, because yesterday was a very good day!

You know how this is a women's race? Well...

So fun to run with my man! O was 100% unprepared, untrained, and came to SF with no intention to run....but nobody says no to a bib for this race...and so when SL hooked him up (the day of the race), "YES!" was the only acceptable answer! You gotta say yes to this course on this day...and so he his board shorts and terrible socks. He had never run that far before, but made it look like NBD. Does this make me love him more or hate him?!

How amazing is this picture? Hey #763...RESPECT. You are making it look really easy...while I am fighting for each step...

A few more pro shots...

Elbows out...that's how I do it. I have tried to correct this...but now I just embrace it.

Saving the best for last...lets talk more about Joanie!

I met her and it was the coolest. I have always wanted to meet her...and so I did. Amazing. Hello gold medal are you this morning??

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