Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Tunnels and Other Weekend Mountain Fun

We had another fab weekend at the mountain. Although our rental agreement is almost at its end...our fun-having is no where near its end...each weekend keeps getting better. We'll be sad to say goodbye to this set up.  We stayed 3 nights this weekend...its never enough.   WKF is ripping up the slopes, its unreal.  I think I'll save that bragging for a separate post. 
 We all got very into building a snow tunnel-slide in the front yard...

And...check Mama out...on SKIS!  This was my first time on skis in a REALLY long time (I usually snowboard cheer WKF on from the side o f the slope with sweet SweetP strapped to me)
This is my ski coach, she rips.  We put the babes to bed, kissed the boys goodbye and went night skiing by ourselves.  It was so much fun!  Full moon and fireworks and skiing with a fab girlfriend.  Yesssssss, we love hood livin'.  

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Mayor JennyG said...

your hat is ADORABLE!! i LOVE it! xoxo

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