Friday, May 29, 2015


Well, I quit my job, today is my last day. As I mentioned, we were going through some big changes, and after a lot of thought (including a thinking trip to Prague), I decided to trust my gut, which told me it was time for me to move on.

What's next? No idea, but I have a calm confidence that it will be something great. I look forward to investing some time and heart into a discovery process to learn about myself, my goals, my values and my options (those that exist and those that I should create).

My biggest concern with this transition is that my newly available time and mindspace will get filled with junk instead of good stuff. I am on high alert to nip that in the bud. I want to protect this new capacity and allocate it in meaningful ways as best I can. An exciting challenge. In the spirit of this challenge I popped by the Stadelijk to zoom through their "What Design Can Do" exhibit and as expected got some inspiration.

Other sources for relevant inspiration include these 4 books that I recently finished.

And what better time to dive into my painting pursuits. Slowly making progress on this thing...

Quitting is a scary thing. It feels brave actually. I had great options and reasons to stay, but my heart was not in it. I feel a little lost (I mean, check out my reading list above...clearly I feel a little lost), a little uncertain, but a lot optimistic.  And PS - I have an unemployed summer in Europe ahead of me, which I have done once before in the summer of 2000, and I know that it is a good gig. 

Now is the point when you tell me how awesome this is going to turn out. How much you believe in my future. Insert here your wise career advice. Summer reading recommendations are also welcome. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pot Heads

Although it has been a while since my last such post (hello 2009 face plants), I have a sweet spot for pot heads. Check these beauties out. I really need want need all of them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Prague Architecture Love

OK, Prague love fest continues today. We already covered the bit about how rad it is to hike up and look down across the to-die-for views. In this ridiculously charming ville, it is equally important to pause and look up at the buildings, for most of them are truly amazing. 

 Above and below is the famous astronomical clock at the old town hall that chimes on the hour and people gather to watch it do its thing.

 Besides the Prague Castle, I think the building below, the dancing house (aka fred and ginger), is the most famous Prague has to offer. I had always wanted to see this and like Prague itself, it did not disappoint.

A few doors to admire.

While on the topic of architecture, I am going to also gush a bit more about the sidewalks. Are sidewalks architecture? Perhaps not, but I am still going to gush. I already professed my love for the Prague sidewalks near the end of this post...but here are a few more photos to admire. 

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