Monday, June 30, 2014

Dick Bruna School Art

As I have mentioned, for a school with no art room and no dedicated art teacher, lycee vangogh still lives up to its namesake pretty well.

I'm loving this recent project, inspired by the work of world famous Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna (the Nijntje - aka Miffy - guy).

Funny Confession #289

I have been itching to get back into painting, but struggling to make the I am counting my 2 hour shift as face painter at the school carnival as a start...

And BTW, W was my first customer.  I got even better, lucky for les autres enfants.

See You In Portugal

According to my sources (the www) it seems that the most handsome man in football (after OCF) has just returned to Portugal.  Sorry that little football tournament didn't go your way.  I will be in Portugal next week me...

or just look for the monokini...

Rory Bosio Fan Club

If the Rory Bosio fan club does not yet exist, I'd like to start it.  Contact me if you want to join.  Rory Bosio is absolutely incredible.  I've mentioned her accomplishments and my complete admiration a few times before...and this weekend she was victorious AGAIN.  This time in the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail Race.  Rory ran a tough race and set a new course record of 14h29min.  FOURTEEN AND A HALF HOURS.  The race started at 11pm and went up and over the Dolomites.

Photo from here.  

I hope that the next time I post a photo of her at a finish line (in a gorgeous European mountain town) it is me who gets photo credit.  As the founder of her fan club, I should probably be there...

RB, you are the bomb.  So so so amazing.

Friday, June 27, 2014


I'm about to sit down for a quick lunch, on a swing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Precious Cargo

Funny Confession #288

Recent running posts (like thisthis, this or this), probably have you worried that I am getting cocky and big for my britches.  Please don't worry, i am not a total egomaniac runner, and we can thank the gal who got first place in the midzomernacht race for helping to keep me in check.  That girl, who was way too cool to even show up for the awards ceremony, beat me by FIVE MINUTES.   You may not all be runners, so let me tell you the obvious...FIVE MINUTES separating first and second place in a short-ish race like a 10k is a very big deal.  She absolutely crushed me.  By the time I stumbled to the podium for the award ceremony, she was probably home, showered and in bed, which would explain why she didn't show up to take her hardware or her moment of glory.

Proof of the crushing is below.  FIVE MINUTES.  Wow.  Respect.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Oranje Wins Again!

Amsterdam is losing its mind right now.  With tonight's victory over Chile (sorry Jojo) Holland is 3 for 3 in World Cup victories, and with each win, the city celebrates...big time.  Living here for the World Cup is impossible to describe, it is just so cool and so much fun and if I had a better vocabulary I am sure I could do a better job letting you know just how cool and just how fun...

Luckily pictures are worth 1000 words, so no more words, just some pix from tonight.  Tonight we saw only one game, but we hit up four parties.  The first was a sweet bday party for a school bestie, kids were all eager to watch the game:

Around halftime, we left the bday, hopped on the bike and rolled through Vondelpark on the way home.  This was the scene.  

Then we rolled through Museumplein, where I didn't take any pix, but I found this one online to give you an idea of the scene.  Craziness.  Huge crowds, huge screens...we were here when they scored the first goal.  Imagine the mayhem.  

After museumplein, we rolled home just in time for the tail end of our street's block party.  The frat on the corner (I'm serious, there is a frat on the corner) hosted the fete and they went all out (frat style) by mounting couches on top of kegs, so the kids could see the game.  They brought out 2 big flat screens, a large framed picture of the king, and they had the bbq going.  So much fun!  We were here for goal number two.  After that we zipped home and the kids were asleep within minutes.  Oh what a night!  Hup Holland Hup!!!!

Rolling With My Homies

O snapped this series of photos the other night.  Rolling through town with these girls, which I do pretty much every single day, is absolutely one of the best things about our Amsterdam experience.  LOVE.  

Rolling with my Homie

How we roll...what a fun day and night.
Photo credit, Doug E. Fresh, or is it douggiefresh?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fast Girls Have Good Times

The weekend just started but it is going by so fast!  My fastest 10k ever, was good enough for 2nd place in the midzomernacht race!  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Morning run love.  It was short, wet, slow and cold...but I loved it.  Hello Wednesday.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Simple Wheel

We all have friends that inspire us.  Meet one of mine, Kristi Langdon.     

KL, her big idea, and her hard work recently got some good press.  This gal loves to make a difference, and she is doing just that.  

Going Dutch

Dutch culture is really influencing my kids.  I love it.  As you saw, W is mastering his diving headers, inspired by Robin van Persie.  

P, has also been dabbling with diving headers.  However, she is more into becoming a BAMB.  She recently upgraded to a bigger bike (which is W's old bike with a pink baby seat and basket added), and she claims she can fit up to 5 babies on her bike just like her mama does.  LOVE.

World Cup Fever

USA plays tonight, and we hope they have the same results as our other 2 favorite teams - France and Netherlands, had in their first matches.

Holland was so fired up for the game Friday, and we are still celebrating the big victory (they crushed spain 5 to 1).  We (and the rest of the world) are all specifically excited about this big diving header goal by Robin van Persie.

Ever since, the kids have been practicing their diving headers over and over and over...

Our block, and most others in the city, are still decorated from the game, which makes us ready for the next game!

It is so much fun to be living here right now!!  Hup Holland Hup!

Happy Father's Day

Vintage shots of my 3 favorite dads.  Father's Day love!

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