Monday, May 4, 2015

Confession #332

I let them go round and round and round tonight...long enough for me to fully enjoy this Nutella crepe goodness


Corsica Snaps

The kids and I still have 3 more days here, but the other 3 grownups have returned to reality. Below a few snaps from the past 8 days that haven't made their way into previous posts, but shouldn't be left out!
P and I collaborated on this, which was loosely based on a youtube tutorial for "how to draw a mermaid"
I love my teal door, esp when it matches my pom pom bikini
Photo bomber

My favorite running buddy! O and I don't run together often, but when we do it is always great (and fast).
We went back for some catch of the day on B&B's last night

P is the official score keeper and it is not a job she takes lightly...

We had a lot of adventure, but also a lot of normal down time. A la board games in our  jammies mid day...
Intense Simon Says playing captured below


On the day of the Kentucky Derby we mounted up at a Corsica ranch and went for an unguided trail ride. They just gave us the reigns and pointed in the general direction of a path...and we were off. 

Guideless, and therefore unclear whether our trail was a loop or not, we turned around and headed back once the ornery pony W was on became more than we were interested in dealing with. Turns out the route was a loop and had we stuck it out a bit further we would have reached the sea. Oh well, it was still a great chance for 3 generations to enjoy Corsica on horse (pony) back. A lovely way to spend Derby Day. Giddy up.

Goodnight Moon

We hit the town tonight! Soaking up our last night with Papa in Corsica. His trip was as short as it was sweet.
P's style never takes a vacation...

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