Thursday, April 17, 2014

More Tulips

I am sure you assumed that after this long post I was finished.  Well...I was.  But then I realized that my friend HB had posted these awesome pix to FB, which she took (with a grown up camera that is not part of a phone) when we were out biking through the fields.   I just had to share.

These pix make me want to buy a nice camera and learn to use it have HB document our outings more often.  They are so good.

White Asparagus

The food scene here is a disappointment.  Daily, we miss the pride and quality of the Portland food culture.  From grocery stores, to markets, to restaurants...we continue to be underwhelmed.  However, each spring the dutch get extremely excited about the arrival of white asparagus.  Last year at this time I was too new to realize the big deal.  This year I'm on it...and plan to explore the possibilities that this veggie has to offer.  The season is short, so I need to get on it.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What A Day

Last Friday, just before I left for NJ, I spent a day on bikes with these girls through the colorful dutch countryside and to the beach. The day included a picnic in the dunes, some good laughs, sunshine, chocolate and a workout.  So so good.  This is quite possibly my longest post ever...the day was fab and the photos are too!

In case you didn't notice, I am very proud of my tulip consumption this year.  I have fresh ones in my house, I have seen them all over the city, I went  to Keukenhof, we biked through the fields, and I even saw them by air.  From every angle, this is a special time of year to be in the Netherlands.  

School Art

Neither of my children seem to be as drawn to art as I remember being as a kid.  Maybe it will come in time, or maybe they aren't mini me's.  One thing for sure, it is not for lack of exposure.  I am so impressed by the art curriculum at their school (monet, picasso, cezanne, dubuffet), especially since the school does not have an art teacher or an art room.
This monet was a team effort by P's class.  Its hard to tell how big it is, but it is huge.  I kind of really want it to hang in my house.  P worked mostly on the sky, though she says she also did some pink and purple flowers.

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