Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

We are about to board a plane to see my dad.

But we enjoyed spending most of the weekend with this dad. Coolest guy we know.

My Baby Boy is 8

I cannot believe that my 6/7/8 baby is EIGHT.

His bday fell on a naturally we all took the day off and hit the mountain for some alpine lake SUP action.

Since we took the day off, we wanted to make the most of we spent the morning up at the mountain, but then we returned to the city for some waterskiing. W declared that since he is now 8 he was ready to move to one ski. And so that is what he did....

The following weekend, we hosted his class for cupcakes and 5cent games at the nickel arcade in town...
And as if all of the above were not enough...WKF and his papa also boarded a train to Seattle to catch Argentina in the Copa America match. They couldn't pass up an opportunity to see Messi in action! Tickets to the game were the ultimate bday gift!
They trained to Seattle and back with some buddies!
Football match by train...we are keeping the euro life alive as much as we can...

Happy 8 to my favorite boy!

Go Cavs

I absolutely cannot believe that the kids and I will be flying to Cleveland during game 7.  We hate to miss the game!!! Win or lose, it will be great to be in Akron to feel it! Go Cavs! Go LBJ!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Check your mirrors

My weekend view is often something like this...

Confession #371

How is it already Monday morning? I'm craving Friday night vibes...cuz our Friday night vibe was so good.

We piled 6 adults into MC's  crazy old  new VW van, blasted some 90's hip hop pandora, and rolled all over town laughing.

So fun to check out the new besaws. You guys, 2 words: Chicken&Waffles. 

Their wallpaper give Imperial's wallpaper a run for its money. Je l'adore. Both places make me wanna pursue wallpaper in some way some day...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

KK's Bro, making her proud

Remember KK? Yeah, me too - like every day.

Well she's not the only stud in her family. Check out her baby bro, featured on the Today Show, nbd. 

Petit Bateau

I spoke too soon. Look here, a photo of Annie. Straight chillin' on the back of the boat while P tubes. 

WKF has started the season strong, and seems to love waterskiing as much as his father...

Keeping things interesting, beyond tubing and skiing, Uncle Amen stepped in and taught him to surf...

turn the music up for this one...

Ding Dong

Hear that? It's one of my favorite sounds. The dinner bell.

Last weekend, I ate beautifully. Taking photos of your food may be uncool (such a funny link)...but sometimes you just have to...

Working lunch at Cheese and Crack. What did I love more, the name of the restaurant, the tray situation, the homemade crackers, cornichons, the colors, or the spoonful of chocolate ganache with sea salt??? I can't even answer that. 
That lunch was a tough act to follow, but an oyster dinner party did the trick. My friend E drove to the coast Friday to pickup freshies. So good. 
Always order pizza by color
Yummy treats from Annie, who was with us for the past week, but somehow didn't get photographed

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Photos du Jour

WKF is a serious dude most of the time. I love when he gets silly.
It's only wednesday, but I can't wait to be wearing my weekend sweatshirt (new momiform) again in a few days. Ideally I wear it on a bike with my people.
I love this shot. My pro dairy sweatshirt and the background jug of regular milk are at odds with the almond milk in my hand.
Mimi, remember that time we took the train to Seattle? Yeah, me too, Beycause it was really fun. We all need more train travel in our lives, for real.
Bey inspired home decor. #iwokeuplikethis
Fresh polish is always a good feeling
My HS reunion is in a few weeks, but this mini version with the always fabulous stephmodo was pretty fun. PS she was voted "most feminine" in high school - so funny (and pretty appropriate). 
Finally - PSA: give yourself a break with skinny jeans and go for boyfriend jeans. It is freeing. Not sure what took me so long to jump onto this wagon but I'm not sure I can go back. Although looking at this photo, maybe I should...

Urban Pooches

Check out this dog park we spotted from our hotel room in Seattle


I'm on a reading tear lately.

I have recently read or am currently reading all of these:

I am only about a third done with Shoe Dog, and I am loving it. If only one nugget from Shoe Dog sticks with me it will be this bit, from page 117. As Phil (Buck) is explaining his reasons for leaving a stable job at the accounting firm to pursue his shoe dreams, he says: "I wanted what everyone wants. To be me, full time." So true.

I also have my eye on this one,

as a lovely balance to how wrapped up I got in this one
And this looks like a good summer read

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