Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hitting a museum may have been an aggressive plan the day after the game...but we went for it and the Matisse exhibit met all of my high expectations. I look forward to returning, solo, to soak it up a bit more. However, going with the kids was also tres special.

I do hope they remember days like today, I certainly will. Days when Matisse exhibits are less than a mile from their bedroom. Days when we skipped school because we were out late at a football game, and then used the day to go to a museum. Days when we rode the bike through the gusty wind, laughing and singing all the way. Days when we should have been home packing, because we are about to go on vacation - again. 

Amsterdam, we adore you. Matisse, we adore you too buddy. Thanks for today.

Note: I used to think it was weird when people snapped photos of art in a museum...but now I am one of those people. With kids in tow, we blow through so fast, I love to come home and soak up the photos...and share them with the kids for discussion that is sometimes hard to have in the moment. They also serve as inspiration for future projects.
No doubt this one is my favorite.  I love it!  
The kids room is pretty fabulous. Below is the entrance.  There is also an interactive tour for kids, but the exhibit was so crowded...and I worried that may be a bit much for us today, so we kept it mellow and moved at our own pace.  

Hup Holland Hup

We were up late cheering for team Oranje as they crushed Spain 2-0. Making Dutch memories with best buds is not getting old. Hup Holland Hup!

P didn't see her bed until midnight. Sometimes you gotta rally on school nights!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Berlin Street Art and Other Goodies

I have always wanted to see the Berlin Wall. I remember so clearly when it came down, just months after we moved away from Europe in 1989.  

This sliver of it was on display just outside of our hotel.  

 CP and I used pedi-cabs as our preferred mode of transportation the day before the race.
 The markets of Berlin were all that.

 I ate more than one German sausage in Berlin...

 The street art scene was pretty rad...

Sloperstein were all over - reminding us of lives lost in the Concentration Camps of  WWII...

 A selfie with the Brandenburg Gate is a Berlin must...obviously
 This guy was our pedi cab driver, he was also an amazing tour guide.  En route to our hotel, he stopped at every single attraction and offered up a history lesson.

 We worked a quick shift at Checkpoint Charlie
Another view of the wall...

 Berlin's pedestrian traffic lights, called Ampelmannchen,  are an attraction in and of themselves...
ASR missed the day of site seeing, but arrived just in time to carbo load the night before the race

A Really Good Time

I just returned from my business trip to Berlin, where the ladies and I had a realllllly good time!

Flanked by her pacers (ASR and I), CP rocked her half marathon, besting her own PR by TWELVE minutes!

Seeing double? Yes, there were 2 F8610s that day...and they both crushed it.  

This was a business trip for ASR as well. She is the strategic brain behind Nike retail success, so natch we had to pose her for a photo op along the course as we passed the store.

#berlinittowinit  #### we were hashtag happy ####

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