Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Photos du Jour and Work Stuff

These sweet shots were captured at a recent(ish) work event

Speaking of work, I'm still loving it!

Feeling proud of some good teammates and team work! So grateful to be a part of it!

See a bit more and learn more about our biz here on Design Milk. Pinch me, I heart Design Milk! Both photos below are from Design Milk. 

Did you get a spring catalog?

Confession #375

My hair takes one decent photo every 10 years, on average. This decade's decent hair moment was sandwiched between these two goofs.

HBD Bobby


We are settling in just fine at our new house! We may not have furniture or anything yet...but the pools is for business!!! Merci Uncle Amen for the amazing video.

WKF is 9

I may not blog much these days...but my baby had a birthday and it needs to be remembered! On the big day, we celebrated before school.

Then, last weekend his PapaJean and Uncle Sylly came to town to join in for his laser tag birthday party with buddies. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Schoolhouse Love

It feels good to do good. The schoolhouse family has a lot figured out - such an honor to play a small part in it all. It's so much bigger than lights. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Once a month seems to be my blogging pace these days.

This is how I spent every weekend of January (and december). On the mountain, in the we like it!

Pro tip: don't try to buy, build and sell a house in the same month. That is our February plan. Feb is not even here yet and it already scares me. 

Our house is pending, and will go to a very sweet deserving family who will love her like we have. Our new house should close 2/22. And the chalet on the hill should be done 2/10. Yikes! That is a lot of moving parts. 

So weird to think of not living here...also so weird to see her in the snow. Did you hear about our snow? It was nuts. My kids missed about 10 days of school for snow, ice, and associated flooding. 

The chalet isn't done yet...but it is close! And it was done enough to have our first party! A twister party for 4!

Luckily...with all this change, some things stay the this guy - my rollerblading amsterdam love...thankfully my early morning running buddies still see him regularly and snap photo evidence. The shot below may be the best full frontal shot of our collection....well done girls, well done! I miss you!!!!!

One final nugget for this random post. If you are wondering how and where I spend my is a backstage tour! I cannot believe I have been in this job over a year - it has flown by and feels like a dream.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Big December for a Lazy Blogger

2017 - how did you sneak up so fast?!

I have been blogging here for nearly 9 years, and never really had a problem keeping fresh content flowing...but something about the past 6ish months has sure slowed me down. I can't decide if I am busier than normal, or lazier than normal. Or perhaps my job has become my creative outlet...which is a beautiful thing.

This lazy blogger had a busy December. And I barely shared it here. 

Here are some snapshots of the highlights!

Pen's sleepover party and birthday

My birthday! Which included a fabulous girls dinner at my place. Which included 6 surprise guests!!!  My parents (2), my sis and 2/3 of her kids (3), and my JenJen (1, but has the personality of 1000). 

Cousin time!

P got an iPod from she can jam while she skis...and here is her music wishlist...

Ski trip to Govy!

House Progress!
See that tiny yellow speck...that is our place! yeah! Should be ready NEXT MONTH!

Roadtrip to Whistler! Our car broke down the night before...but have no fear...we crammed into a rental (sans ski rack) and drove north!

Our anniversary! Lucky 13!

Happy New Year!

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