Monday, July 27, 2015

Confession #347

I hope she always calls them 'warmleggers', like she does now

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photos du Jour

Excellent packaging below and above, spotted at my my neighborhood marqt. Love. 
Spotted this raft/boat situation along the canals. Love it. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Art Campers

These two gals passed up the chance to participate in Ajax Camp, and instead opted to share an art camp experience this week. They may not be issued uniforms like their brothers were, but that doesn't mean they can't dress alike for camp.

Confession #346

One time each year, little WKF wears something other than Nike to play soccer. A compromise that feels very worth while in order to participate in Ajax Camp. This year's camp is off to a great start.

His buddy RS joined him and was assigned to the same group - so fun. W made "the finals" the first day, and ended up winning a 1v1 tournament. He was thrilled. #soproud

Compared to last year, W seems so much bigger and stronger. They do grow up...

Grandpa Love

O's sister SN tracked down the following photo/bio amazingness, from the 1922 Johns Hopkins yearbook. TLC (such good initials) was Annie's father (O's grandfather). 

I absolutely love the witty copy, it feels so sharp and timeless - like something someone would post on facebook today. 

"Combined with the beauty of Adonis, 'Teddy' has an unusual hypnotic charm, of all of which he is entirely unconscious."

"...the girls simply 'go wild' over him"

"He usually arrives at 8:30am, just in time for his 8 o'clock class"

A quick look at his photo and bio, and I am amazed to realize how much of him lives on in his family.  O's bro and his ongoing military career, O's niece and her lacrosse success, O and his Adonis good looks (duh!) and engineering degree.  It excites me so much to know my kids have his genes, because he sure seems like a stud. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Confession #345

If I ever get a pup, she'll be floral, like this sweetie outside the Guggenheim in Bilboa, Spain (a destination not on our itinerary, but where we spent 24 hours after flight drama- home safe now).

Or maybe it would be balloon inspired, a la Jeff Koons, from inside the Guggenheim

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Run With Me, Final Biarritz Run

218 Stairs

Our epic cliff side location is 218 stairs and a winding trail above our surf beach. The hike is a lovely way to start each day.
And at the end of a session it's good to return to this place, which is really feeling like home as we near the end of our 2 week adventure.

Run With Me, Biarritz Encore

Sunrise, to sunset, Biarritz is a beauty.
Field of dreams

Napoleon III's Summer Digs

Now it's a fab hotel. From above it is the shape of the letter "E", for his wife, Empress Eugene. It was her summer villa. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Bastille Day

Today started like all the others on this dream vacation. Family surf camp! 8 days into it and we are all making big progress. It is so much fun! Bummer we have only a few pix so far, but when it's all over I'll piece together what I have and post them. It's hard to motivate to take pix because we just want to surf.

From there we ate a bunch of ice cream and pastries, explored some amazing beaches, ate tapas and seafood, ran, caught some live music, had dinner at Le Surfing, and as I post this my man is in the waves for a sunset surf session. All this and the Bastille Day fireworks are yet to come. What a dayyyyy.

Dare I say this is our best euro vacation yet? Pretty sure it is. Unless I said that in Cortina. But really Biarritz is like the Cortina of summer.

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