Monday, September 15, 2014


The kids have attended some pretty awesome birthday parties over here.  This weekend may have been the best one yet.  P's bestie turned 5, and his pirate themed party included boat rides, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, cupcakes and sunshine.  HB's blog has all of the pix, but here are a few of my faves.

This venue was a kid's dream...complete with mini boats they could drive themselves!  HBD sweet R!  We are so glad to know you!  Thanks for a fab fete.

And *bonus*, both of our kids were invited, which gave O and I the chance to have a day date which included a bike ride and a pancake lunch (very dutch) in de bos.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Running Buddies

I often run by myself, but I'm never lonely

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Funny Confession #301

Some days it's easier to let them be in charge.  Today was frozen pizza and ice cream for breakfast, and cereal in a fort for dinner.  #dontjudge 

Sweet Bikelife

Two photos du jour capturing the deliciousness of life on a bike.

P rested all the way to practice today, so peaceful, as her bro rode on the kid seat behind me chatting about his schoolday. I didn't want the ride to end.

This little guy, a stranger, was looking adorable in his nest.  I had to snap a photo.  I've seen many ways to carry kids on bikes, but I think this was my first time seeing a woven basket rear carrier like this one.

Wee Small Hours Of the Morning

A few snaps from the morning.  Besides Rollerguy, who obviously deserved his own post, I saw lots of other fun eye candy today.

Rijks in the moonlight

This beautifully maintained/restored american station wagon - it is hard to tell but it is a beauty, perfect inside and out.
Ooooh la la, Santa - I'll be so so good...I am a sucker for all things red...
And Santa, while you are on PC Hoofstraat, please keep in mind its cold here in the winter...mama needs something furry and warm on the bike...

De Kas is De Bomb

I have wanted to go to de Kas for over 18 months.  Finally last night we made it happen.  It was so worth the wait.  It was all I wanted it to be and more.  Best date, best food, best service, best atmosphere in Amsterdam - without a doubt.  We loved it and can't wait to return!

We were out on the town celebrating the SALE OF THE COTTAGE!!!!  We were sad to say goodbye to that sweet cottage, but after 8 years on the market...we were READY!  And, to make the goodbye sweeter, we were thrilled to see it go to a very cool family who will certainly fill it with love and radness.


I promise to capture a better photo one day...but you all have to know about this...

Every morning between 6-7 there is a guy who rollerblades through the streets of Amsterdam in a tank top, swim cap, swim goggles and a g-string.  It's too crazy for me to make this up.  

I've barely told anyone about him...because everything about it sounds crazy.  Finally today I captured a (blurry, terrible) photo.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Run With Me Through A Rembrandt Painting

There is something about the sky and light and landscape here in Holland that makes it seem logical so many master painters are Dutch.

It often feels like I am running (and living) in a painting.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Day!

I love this series of "first day" shots, so much.  I couldn't edit it down any further, because I want to remember every little facial expression.  W was full of advice and love for P, for her first day of Grande Section (GS).  GS is the final year of Maternelle (pre-school) in french schools and is equivalent to Kindergarten in the US (based on age that is true, although the curriculum seems a bit different than US kindergarten...the pros and cons of that difference are something we will understand better when we return to the US and face re-entry).   P, and her nijntje backpack, could not have been any more excited or ready for day 1!  

Big bro and his golden backpack are off to Cours Preparatoire (CP) - which would be first grade in the US (although like GS, the curriculum is different than first grade in the US).  CP is a big is on the top floor of the school, it is very serious, each kid needs his own fountain pen, and there is lots of homework.  I am 100% more nervous about all of this than W, which is good (and bad).  

 Papa joined us for drop off, a big deal for everyone!

 O told me that little W's heart was racing as he waited for the bell to ring!

GS trouble, times three!

Make that four....

Allez Rory!

Rory is superhuman.  This race was incredible.  The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is 168km long and 9600m of altitude change.  The winners (like Rory!) can do this in under 24 hours, the majority of the 2000+ runners take well over 24 hours, the course is open for 46 hours. 

Watch this quick promo video by North Face - she is the cutest thing.

The start:

It was cold and rainy and colorful...and so so cool.  

 Look at that sky.  And these people were running right up into that the the run over 100 miles...through the, just wow.

Here is a clip I took at the start...I love that music...they play it again as runners finish.  

After the race started, we got to hang with Rory's sweet, fun, and nervous mom and O's godfather.

 Please have a look at that cheese situation below.  Raclette is so good.

The finish:
A trip to this region of France is always a fab opportunity to see my girl Mills.  So fun to hang and to know a such a cool gal that lives up high in the alps.  We all shared a seat in the sunshine, some lunch and some ice cream while we waited for the runners to return to town.

And when it seemed Rory was getting closer...we scouted out a fab spot near the finish line to serve as the Rory Fan Club HQ.  

We started celebrating the win before it was complete...since she was on track to finish 90 minutes ahead of the 2nd place woman!

And when she arrived, she did it in style (just like last year!).  Looking fab, in a running skirt...did a sweet curtsey (photo by O) and a jumping jack (photo from North Face instagram)...

Can you imagine doing a jumping jack...after a race like that??

Minutes after that gorgeous finish, we got to catch up with her.

This was such an amazing sporting event to witness in person.  Too cool.  So inspiring.  We are so in awe of what she accomplished...two years in a row...
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