Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 The day before we took off on our Holiday vacation, we had these lovely faces pop by for a visit!  It is always fab to see American friends as they pass through Amsterdam!  Thanks for tracking us down AE!

Photos du Jour

The best days look something like this:
 Can't wait for a grown up game night.  Have you played?
 I may never love cooking...but I do put my heart into it...
 Still loving the polka dot situation in my room...
 Play dough cookies
 Another year, another calendar.  If I don't write down O's travel schedule then it doesn't exist, right?
 Joke is always on me...and it never gets old (if you are 5 or 6)
I've been spending lots of time working the past few weeks.  This vase has sparked some serious joy for me as I plug away.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wereld Kerstcircus

The fact I am so behind on blog posts is making me crazy.  Not because I feel any pressure to post, but because I really enjoy making time to pause and remember the goodies that find their way to my little corner of the www.  I don't love when I feel too busy to make the time.  Lucky for me, I am busy doing fun things, but still...here we are in mid January and I am throwing down another December post.  

The Wereld Kerstcircus.  Just after school ended in December, and just before we took off for 2 weeks in Vars, we were lucky enough to score tickets with some besties to the opening night of the Wereld Kerstcircus (World Christmas Circus) at the Carre Theatre.  What a show.  What a theatre.  What a night.    

Before the show, we caught dinner at Moeder's, a Dutch institution that we knew we had to try...

The menu was as Dutch as could be, the atmosphere was as gezellig as could be, and a good time was had by all...

After dinner, we hopped on our bikes in the rain and rode to the show

The Amsterdam memories these 4 sweethearts are making together will last their lifetime.  Now that is gezellig.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Diner de Noel

My brain is full of blog posts that need to come out.  Travel back in time with me, to December.  Just like last year, the kids had a diner de noel at school.  The teachers and parents transform the classroom into a "fancy" dinner party, once night falls the kids roll over to school (bikes decorated with xmas lights) for the magical fete.  Candles, music, table linens, fancy clothes, dancing...

Below are some snaps from the night of le diner.

P and her bestie, arrive in style and pose for a shot in front of the school xmas tree...

WKF's classroom...dinner by the fire...

W's friends and teacher, getting ready to go in and see the magic transformation of their classroom

P's class...
 Her teacher, in the red tube top below, is so much fun I want to be a student in her class..

Funny Confession

Hema, I love you.  Everything about you. But you and your Dutch designed household cleaning products are not smarter than me.  I know that those fab looking products won't make house work any more fun. Or would they?

Heart shape sponges and polka dot rags, oh my. You know your customers well.  Bravo.

In the end I fell hard for this hamper and brought her home with me.  Let's hope this makes laundry a more joyous occasion for me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 minute, 1 Euro bedroom makeover

Who doesn't have 5 minutes and 1 Euro?  Time and money well spent.  My favorite color is polka dots.  

Monday, January 12, 2015


Go Buckeyes! I can't wait to wake up and read about the game!! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Run Colorfully

These new tights practically run themselves

Friday, January 9, 2015

Funny Confession #313

If I wasn't me, I'd be jelly of me, because I just scored tickets to this amazingness.  If you are jelly, shake it off.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

UnComfort Food

I'm all for trying new things and adapting to local cultures.  But there are some things at my neighborhood Albert Heijn that I just need to document and share.  Most of these things I will never try.

Note the artistic mayonnaise presentation on the next few 
Filet Americain is raw beef with some spices, to spread onto bread for a lunch sandwich.  Kind of like a raw sloppy joe.  
Hot dog aisle always gets me, so many dogs in cans, how does one decide?
Jarred dogs (in water?) are an interesting alternative to canned dogs
"Luncheon" seems like a fancy word to associate with a meat product packaged like this.  "Basic" feels accurate though.
I had heard it was tricky to make corned beef.  Not anymore.
An aisle of sprinkles (hagelslag), for toast, a common everyday breakfast in holland
If sprinkles seem messy, there's an aisle of spreadable chocolate options too, for your daily breakfast needs.  Finally something I can support...
Licorice aisle 
Vla, lots and lots of vla.  I haven't tried vla, but assume it's like pudding
Holy mackeral

Please take a moment to enjoy this video, it really captures the albert Heijn experience beautifully.  Kids and I cannot go into AH without singing this song and feeling all of the associated emotions.  

AH is bad, luckily there are some better options around town.  But even the nicer stores have their issues.  

Down the road, at the fancier grocery store, they open at 9.  What that seems to mean is that staff shows up around 9 to start to set up products for sale.  These photos were snapped around 10...the seafood aisle had just been filled with ice.  The store has been open almost a full hour and yet there is still nothing available to buy in the the seafood dept.   I think if I head back around noon I could actually get some fish.   

Same story in the bread section.  Maybe if I return for fish midday, I could also grab some bread.  The 9 am opening time must be when they start baking the bread cuz shelves are empty and its 10am.

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