Thursday, August 21, 2014

Funny Confession #300

Never before, and probably never again, will I use the hashtag YOLO.  But somehow, it felt oh so right at the end of that last confession.  

Funny Confession #299

My ohhhhhh my do I wish I had read this post BEFORE my first hammam experience...instead of  after.  I have spent the past 1.5 weeks reliving the embarrassment of my first Turkish Bath.

The photo above makes me LOL.  Innocently snapping a selfie in my cute pestemal...eager to dive into a cultural experience...after zero research and no idea what to expect.  I had no idea that what I had on underneath my darling pestemal (nothing) was taboo...

Going in, all I knew was that "bath" was in the title and who wears clothes in the bath?  Pas moi.  

No regrets.  I've never been so clean.  I may change up a few details, but I would absolutely do it again. 


5 Rainy Days

Can you imagine hosting 4 house guests for several days with a forecast like this?  And what if one of those guests lost her suitcase en route to your she was without any of her basic necessities?  And what if a few of you and a few of them were a little sick. Wouldn't you expect all of that to be a recipe for disaster?  

Well...if the guests had been anyone else in the world, it may have really sucked.  But Mwaz, Kwaz, and I spent a fabulous chunk of the past week exploring Amsterdam by bike with 4 young the pouring rain...and it was so much fun.  Team Waz and their kids have such positive dispositions and happily rolled with the (awful) weather and the bike life...and we had a blast.  

We took lots of breaks for ice remind ourselves it is August and we are all on summer vacation...

AWaz introduced my crew to a Dutch tradition - hagelslag for breakfast

 It wasn't merely a was straight up we played football in the park...

 Then rode bikes home...

 We had lots of PJ parties
 And the rain continued...
We ate lots of pizza...

 And huddled around the fire....

 We saw a few blue skies...

And even a bit of teeny bit of sunshine

 But the stormclouds were never far away...

 P fell in love...
 Our kids got high...

 We ducked into a boat for shelter and a tour...

 Ate more ice cream, in rain coats

 We completed the scavenger hunt at the Van Gogh Museum, a high for all of us.  "Raise your hand if you like waterslides".

We managed to score a rain-free and kid-free night on the town! 

While out on the town we went to town on this Blauw rijstaffel situation...

We hit up a brown cafe

We put everyone in rain paints and hit the playground scene, every single day...
 We read books
 And watched movies
I can't wait to see the pix from the Waz camera.  Above are the best ones from my phone.  Still smiling, and laughing...and happily just confirmed their safe landing in Boston.  Thanks for coming dear friends.  See you guys soon - here, or there, or Portland.  xoxo

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eet Smakelijk

If I am being honest...most things sound better in French than they do in Dutch (or English).  But everyone must agree that "eet smakelijk" is more fun to say than bon appetite.  At our house, we certainly think so.

The last few days before our Turkey trip P helped me with a little "eet smakelijk" project I've been meaning to complete

Welcome Waz

We just returned from a week in Turkey.   Sometime soon I'll tell you all about it.  For a preview - check my last few instagram posts (on the right).  But right now we are putting clean sheets on the beds and waiting for Team Waz to roll in!  So excited to share our city with them!  W is waiting outside, P is glued to the window.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

50 Years!!!

Extremely handsome young guys always try to get close to B.E.

 But ever since highschool, she has only had eyes for this stud.

Today B and E celebrate 50 years of marriage.  And we send them our love.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer in the City

So much to love about summer in the city, especially this city.  Lately, we have been enjoying blowing bubbles in the bakfiets as we roll through town, soaking up the summer energy and sunshine.

We keep busy and cool (not that we are ever too hot here) by hitting up the fountain scene (favorites include Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark and Beatrix Park).

We eat lots of ice cream with friends and by myself after the kids go to bed.

We deal with tourists, lots of them.  Sometimes we take their picture - see below, nerd alert.  Usually they take they point at our bike.  We have gotten really good at hamming it up for their cameras.

We are also being tourists ourselves, and loving it!  Some really good friends arrive in a week and we can't wait to host and share this our city with them.

As much as we are loving summer in the city, I do have to say that I enjoyed and agree with the POV of Wim Pijbes, the Director of the Rijksmuseum.  


Before we take that next vacation...I want to get this post posted.  If you (or anyone you know) ever plan a trip to the Algarve region of this first.  If I ever go back, remind me to read this first.

Octopus...Casa do Polvo, Santa Luzia
Amazing food under a fig tree, magical outside space - Casa do Campo
Really cool outside space, good pizza - Casavostra 
Piri Piri Chicken - O Teodosio
Fruit stands...on the side of the peaches and oranges of our lives

Praia do Rocha
Praias dos Tres Castelos
Salema (cool tiny town and beach)
Praia dos Pescadores (here we are there)

Take a break from epic beaching to ride the slides at aqualand.  Sounds cheesy, but it is very sweet and small and clean and simple - fun for all ages.  We went twice, in July, and it wasn't crowded at all.

Pottery!  Town of Porches has great shops.  Buy something.

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