Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free Tuna Samples

Soggy crackers soaked by stinky warm canned tuna...and people were coming back for seconds.

Ready for Swim Lessons

Rolling Out

Nixon was on the cruiser, O drove me in the bakfiets and we hit the town for drinks on the canal followed by a delicious (and quite fancy) dinner last night.

Me eww

I found a cat in my room, which caught me by surprise because we don't have (or want) a cat. City living in the summer means random cats make themselves at home if you leave your garden doors open. Not cool kitty, not cool.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I love these doors, remember this one spotted our last bikeventure?  We spied a few cow doors today, lots of cows too.  Moooo.  

Bike Mission

We logged a lot of gorgeous miles today, my buddies and me I me (whatever - all 3 of us yo).  It was less about the destination, than it was about the journey...but we did an awesome loop from home (smack in the middle of the city) to a town called Broek in Waterland and back.  The ferry was probably the highlight for the kids, which is funny because it was about a 2 minute ride...I loved seeing the country side and admiring the perfectly maintained homes, gardens and buildings in Broek.  If we had more time, or if we could pedal faster and stop less, it would be so fun to do a bigger loop - it was about 10 more kilometers to Marken or Volendam.  Maybe we'll save that adventure for when Papa can join extra set of adult arms and legs would probably be helpful for something that ambitious.   

Bike Ferry

Today was another bikeventure day. Bike life takes some effort but it is so good.

Today we all piled onto and into my bike (3 people and 3 bikes - all in one) was nutty but so much fun.

Beaching It

I loved this beach as much as I knew I would.  Sorry for a zillion pix here, but I love them all.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who Needs a Boat When You Have a Papa?


Run With Me

While at the beach, I made time for some really great running.  One particular morning run was really fabulous.  I found a trail along the ridge of the dunes.  It felt amazing to run hills again...they are hard to find in this country!  If I looked to the left, it was gorgeous dutch country side for miles, to the right, it was beach.   And of course there was a windmill.

Voetbal Experience

We just returned from a really fun long weekend, which included lots of time on the (cold, windy, wet) beach and a trip to the National Voetbalmuseum de Voetbal Experience.  I have never seen O and W love a museum like they loved this one.  

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