Monday, June 30, 2008


Coolest dad ever. Love him!

Cool and handsome. Love love love him!!!

Thanks for the photos RF. You are good. Click here to see his pix from this weekend, click here to see his previously posted, RF is the real deal with a camera.

I Heart Cowboys

I just love cowboys and rodeos and country music...and oregon is a great place to live for anyone that loves this stuff.

Last year at this time we went to this rodeo, in St. Paul. If you live here in PDX, I highly recommend checking it out this week. It is so much fun, and its so close to the city. Maybe we'll take WKF to his first rodeo. Last year we went on a weeknight, after work - a very do-able evening activity. So much fun!

Two years ago, we went to the Pendleton Round Up. which is every year in September. That is something that everyone in Oregon should do some was awesome. If you go, stay the night and make sure to hit the cowboy breakfast and ride the mechanical bull (see GS on the bull below - go girl!). Oh, and gear up in a cowboy outfit...that is the best part!!! Below are some of our pix from that trip. Plan ahead, its hard to get rooms in town. I suppose you could camp if you are into that...

Dandy Tires

Last week I mentioned the big day for the rubber guys. Click here for an article with more details.

Get ready for weed tires - they are coming!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

21st Birthday!

21 days old yesteray. Lots of friends dropped by for hotlips pizza and 21+ beverages.

Doesn't this picture look so right...?!?!

Funny Confession IX - This One is From WKF

My best friend is a sock monkey. Thanks Birdie.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rub a Dub WKF Luvs the Tub

Say Cheese

My neighbor "Uncle Bobby" is a world famous photog.

He gave me this cool camera to document all of my firsts. I wear it around my neck all of the time so that I never miss a photo opportunity.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rubber Talk

Today was a big day for the team trying to make tires from weeds. Way to go guys!!! I hope you are celebrating tonight in the rubber city! We are toasting to you in PDX.

This Baby is Super!

Yes, that is a cape...

My uncle BD came to visit last night.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

We heart RG

Our 3 hearts are in Connecticut with RG this week. RG, we heart you and we are thinking about you!!! We can't wait to get you home, PDX is just not the same without you.

Great Weekend

WKF had a busy weekend. Lots of firsts....

WKF loves the farmer's market.

At the market we all discovered and fell for the Water Tower String Band! How cute are they? They were so fun. Also noteworthy from our trip to the market...O and I had SOL pops again...this week's feature flavor...sugar snap pea and orange. We also had our first experience with pinestate biscuits - wow. Biscuits will definitely be part of our weekly routine going forward!

WKF loves when friends pop is Mimi bringing dinner!

WKF loves dinner parties. He was a great host, he stayed with the adults at the table all night. He is so tiny you can barely find him in this photo...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Non-Baby Post

I got an email in my inbox, reminding me about the Stan Hywet farmer's market. The market starts June 26! Since I live in Portland, a farmer's market in Akron, Ohio doesn't really apply to me. It's far away and in Portland there are a jillion farmer's markets every day of the week. However, for those of you in Northeast Ohio- you should check it out!

I hear great things about the Stan Hywet Market. Anything that EE is involved with has to be good, right?

Fingers and Toes

WKF's tiny foot is the same size as his mom's thumb! Much like his mama, he loves a good foot massage.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Days

Days 11 and 12 of WKFs little life were action packed. His grandpere came to visit.

We hung out.

We took naps.

We went out for sushi (notice his chopsticks)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The final belly shot...

It is crazy how this stuff works...

A shout out from WKF to his GG

Dear GG,

I think it is so cool that you are online reading my mom's blog and sending us emails. I cannot wait to meet you. I cannot wait for you to hold me tight. I love you so much, my mom and dad keep telling me how fun you are. I cannot believe the stories from your 80th bday party....and I heard your 85th was pretty fun too.

My mom showed me lots of pictures of you - these are two of my favorites. You look beautiful all dressed up...and of course I love love love the photo of you in your winter sweater. I hope you have a chance to wear that soon, after all, this is the summer of winter, right?

It was great to hear your voice on the phone the other day! I am sorry that I had the hiccups when we talked. I get them alot.

your great grandson - WKF

Funny Confession VIII

I started this blog before baby. I promised myself that the blog would be about me and not about baby when baby arrived. I am not a fan of those blogs/websites that are all about baby. I am not a fan of those parents that can only talk about their baby. I think its so important to have your own identity and life...

So here is the confession - I have racked my brain and I cannot think of a single blog-worthy topic that is un-baby.

So, please stick with me while I am walking in my winter wonderland...soon enough I will rejoin the real world and I will have my balance back. But for now - it is all WKF all the time and I don't want it any other way.

Thanks Z$

I loved my gift. An entire case of Winterfresh gum. Perfect!

Walking in a Winter wonderland....

Photo du Jour


Monday, June 16, 2008

Le Petit Prince

They say it is important to read to your children. I am not sure when that kicks in, but we figured it is never too early to start. O and WKF are already on chapter 10 of Le Petit Prince. WKF is loving it. O is too. I love it too! I love love love mes deux petits princes.

Love Letter

Read this.

Thanks Mimi.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happiest Father's Day Ever

Happy Father's Day to all!!!

Daddy-O loving on WKF

WKF has 2 grandperes - both love him very much. One will teach him French and skiing, the other will teach him hunting and football.

Z$ has a rad dad.

My dad is the best, we can't wait for him to arrive in a few weeks!!!

Papa F and the F boys (this is pre WKF...we must get a new photo soon with ALL the F boys!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clean House?

I like our house tidy. I love our house and I take pride in maintaining it.

That said, I think we could all learn something from this quick read. My favorite part of the article is this line - "Real life is messy, cluttered, often in need of a good mopping - but a lot more vibrant, too."

O is doing an amazing amazing job of keeping Baby and I healthy. He has also taken on ALL house duties (laundry, food, dishes, cleaning, recycling, watering, decluttering, etc. etc.). He is doing a great job - much better than I do. He is taking it very seriously, because when he steps up to do a job, he always gives it 100%.

He doesn't care as much about a clean house...but he knows what it means to me, and he knows I'm much more likely to relax and let myself recover if the house is in order.

Now that we are 3, I think I will have to ease off a bit on my desire to always have the house look "just so". I think I will need to remind myself that "Real life is messy, cluttered, often in need of a good mopping - but a lot more vibrant, too.".

Vibrant indeed!!!!!!!!!! Here is some vibrant for you...

Of course there is a part of me that remains confident one can be vibrant and tidy...right?!?

Something to Blog About - by WKF

I have a great buddy on the East coast. He is a bit older, but super cool guy. His mom blogs and my mom loves to read it. Today his mom blogged about little me...check it out!

Napping Boys

Do you see what I am talking about - its all sleep around here. Let's play more. Mama wants to play!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Our little Jicama weighed in at 6lbs8oz of perfection when he was born on 6/7/8. By 6/9/8 the little guy had dropped more weight than the docs expected, he was well under 6lbs...and so he was put on a strict regimen of eating as much as possible as many times as order to gain gain gain. Its normal for babies to drop, but not so much so fast (more than 10% in only 1.5 days).

Tonight we had to take him back to hospital for a big weigh in, to ensure he was packing on the ounces. And....he has been! Docs were really impressed by his progress. We were proud proud parents! (Did I call us PARENTS?!?!?!?).

And...good news...he is back up in the 6's...that was the goal.

Go WKF, you stud.


One thing I love love love about O: he laughs in his sleep. Belly laughs. It is so cute.

Check out this picture of O's son, which I captured with my phone early this morning. The kid was having a little laugh of his own while he slept.

I love my happy boys!

WKF on the Brain

O and I sure made a beautiful baby!!!! We are so in love with him.

I think he sleeps too much, I want him to play with me more. I will talk to the doctor about this today when we go in for a check up.

I wake up in the middle of the night and i just wait for him to wake up.

Sleep deprived? Whatever...I seriously want to sleep less and play with him more. I love that he feeds every 2 hours around the ensures that he and I get lots of quality time.

Experienced moms tell me that I will get tired, but as of today (Day 6) I am still on a WKF high, cannot get enough of him! I don't want to be the mom that cries about lack of sleep...I find that to be annoying. Remind me of this if I start crying about lack of sleep, ok?

A few random thoughts from WKF...

When will I meet Mimi in person? They tell me that she was fighting off a cold, so its nice of her to keep her distance. But I must say, the anticipation is just killing me. I live so close to her...and yet we have not yet met. Her fab fiance (Uncle Bobby) came to see me in the hospital...but no Mimi. Mimi made all of my welcome home signs...but where has she been?! Last night she and I had a dad brought me out to the front porch around 11:30pm, we turned on the spotlight so Mimi could see me...and she and I said good night from afar....

Here is a picture of me leaving the hospital (finally...4 days was a bit much...don't you think?!) How cute do I look in my car seat?? My dad did a great job of getting me home safely.

After 14 hours of labor, they rushed us in for an emergency C-section...they told my mom some nonsense about my heart "crashing"...whatever, I just wanted to get out of there, I was ready to enter the world!!!! My ticker is fine everyone! My mom is so funny...through all the drama, she managed to avoid the dreaded hospital gown. She wore a super cute night gown, even for the emergency surgery. Countless nurses and docs (with good intention) tried to encourage her to sport a gown, but she politely declined all offers...she had a pile of cute gowns of her own and she was determined to wear them. She wanted the docs to focus on being docs, and she could focus on the one thing she could control, her outfit. Dad and I think she's a bit ridiculous, but she is the princess of this family...we are just the dudes, so we let her be.

I am the talk of the blogosphere...check me out here at MissBoQuiss's blog. And Portland Sunshine got well over 100 hits yesterday when mom finally started posting about me. For such a small guy, I'm a pretty big deal. Look out world...
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