Friday, May 28, 2010

Travel Time

Today we are off. We are going to go to two of our favorite places (Akron, OH and Burlington, VT) to visit with some of our most favorite people (way too many to name). I am not as pulled together as I was for Maui, so I don't have a bunch of random posts queued up for you while I am away. I may find my way to a computer from time to time as we go, but if not, I'll be back in a 10ish days...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photos du Jour

His first tea party. Her first overalls. What a day.

I know "This Old House"

What a fun surprise to check out AT today and see this post!

At first I thought, that old home on the left sure looks familiar....
Then I looked at the full shot...
And I said, I know that house! Remember this post from a while ago (and the pix below)?

Today's AT post was not really about their house, AT just used the photos from a recent article at "This Old House", all about their awesome garden.

The timing on AT's post is great...we will be having breakfast with these fab friends next Saturday in VT! Yeah, can't wait! The web (and the world) is so big and yet so small...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Buds

I have such a cyber crush on this woman. She is so sweet and witty and fun. Mother of FOUR. Minivan mentor. And...her post today was so flattering. Without knowing me, she really knows me.
Ms. Mayhem - I have some strong Iowa roots and one day I may just show up in your keep the red plates ready! And, when you are ready for an adventure - pack up the fam and head west - we'd love it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best Brownies Ever

Mwaz is right on with this post, these are the best brownies EVER.
The good news - you get them at costco, in a huge box that makes SIX batches.
The bad news - you can only make SIX batches and you'll want more....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Tripped

You knew we had to road trip this weekend. The mini was begging to take us somewhere. to Tacoma we went. We wanted to visit with O's big bro, who just moved there. It is AMAZING to have family only 2 hours away. Never in my whole life have I had any family within a 2 hour drive (wow, that is kind of sad, huh?). And Tacoma is gorgeous! How cute is their house?!?
Here is P making herself at home on his gorgeous rug. Big Bro travels to Afghanistan for work all the time, buying rugs is a perk of the job.

Here is W driving while I change P's diapers.
Here is big bro and his gorgeous lady (make that ladies).

Everyone caught naps on the way home.

I promise this will be the last boring minivan post for a while. Before I finish yapping about the van I have a few thoughts. It is awesome, they seem to have thought of everything to help make travel easy (easier) for families.
But it could be are some suggested features they actually didn't think of:
  • How about a minivan that can change diapers?
  • How about a minivan that can clean itself when food crumbles fall (are thrown) or milk is spilled (spit out)?
  • How about a minivan that breastfeeds? But instead of milk it is sleep-through-the-night juice?

Big Girl

With the help of her bumbo seat, she can sit! What a big girl!

Since bumbo is so good at helping babies sit, they should really make a bumbo bed - to help babies sleep...

Friday, May 21, 2010

SweetP Has a Bestie in NYC!

My GodGirl is a big sister! Here is her brand new baby sister. Baby LL is gorgeous like my GodGirl! Both are gorgeous like their mama!

Photos du Jour

VKing Season

Thank you Men's Journal, for the reminder that it is VKing season! Have you bought your set yet? You need to. And, come over to play with ours anytime...

VKing makes a great gift for spring/summer weddings, birthdays, fathers day, etc. It is such a fun and social yard game - fun for all ages and lots of people can play at one time. I think they are still running a special (autographed set)- if you tell them PortlandSunshine sent you.


PSU is just a mile from our house. Everything I see and hear about the university is impressive. We are there every week for church, and it is always fun to be on campus.

I love everything about my own alma mater - but it has always bugged me that there is so much fuss about binge drinking, the party school image, etc. etc.

I like that PSU realizes college kids may have a few beers and they are even comfortable lending their name to a local brew. Not just any brew, they have partnered with Rogue Ale. The university agreed to let Rogue Ale brew the Portland State brand to honor the university's commitment to sustainable practices that are part of his company's culture - hence the bike logo. So Portland.

I don't know of many cities or universities that could pull something like this off without controversy. I like that Portland can.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ooh La La

Growing up in Lux, I have been to the Grand Place in Brussels many times. We were also there with WKF, soon after he was born. But I have never been for the annual carpet of flowers...and after seeing MWaz's post this morning, I think I need to go. Too bad the new minivan can't drive to Belgium.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Road Trip?

First was our trip to Maui...which gave me the itch.

Then there was this video, which spoke to me.

Then my mom posts this to my wall on Facebook: "Suck it up and get a minivan instead of always wishing you had one when it would have been perfect for your family!"

Then we did it. We bought one. Our life has changed. We own a minivan. Road trip anyone?

A Project!

When I have a few free minutes, I may attempt this neighborhood globe project. I think it could be so cute, esp if you tag key locations (friends' houses, playgounds, favorite restaurants, etc.). Looks easy enough. According to this post I just have to learn Photoshop (software) and Russian (language) real quick, then I'm on it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SB Turned ONE!

First birthday parties are just so great. Sweet SB made one look fun! Her party was perfect. Bubbles, cupcakes, kiddie pool, sunshine, great friends, balloons kind of perfect!

Look at this sweet girl and her cupcake.
Her proud parents - I love this photo.
This is the view from the highchair...everyone looking at her and singing...

My handsome boys.
Bubbles make a party a party.
The F ladies!

I'm still dreaming about how good the cupcakes were. They were homemade perfection.

The Wheels on the Bus

Like most other 2ish year olds, WKF LOVES the bus! Every time we pass a bus on the road, WKF tugs on his seatbelt and begs to get on the bus. Today we bought a pass and went for some bus rides around town. P was a good girl, and WKF had a blast. He switched seats a few times...and waved at several fellow commuters.
Here he is waiting at the bus stop, this wasn't his favorite part - but he was good.
Still waiting...come on bus...
This outing was really fun. Until...we got on the wrong bus "home" and had to walk up a big hill in a downpour of rain. I didn't have a stroller. I did have 2 babies. It was naptime.
We'll bus again...but I may plan it out a bit more.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Photos du Jour

Another great weekend! Look at these 3 gorgeous peeps!
SweetP fell in love with AT. He is a natural with babies, it always amazes me. P and W are lucky to have him as a local "uncle"!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Yummy Zoku

Want or need? Want or need? This thing can make pops from juice in 7 minutes. Imagine the possibilities

And I may be right about pops being the new cupcake. At least for summer...

Young Feet

My feet feel about 7 years old when I rock these salt water sandals.
It's the freakin' weekend 'bout to have me some fun. Enjoy le weekend! Loving the PDX forecast!

Curl-y Girl-y

This is me, explaining to P where she may have gotten that pesky curl in the middle of her forehead from...
She was really paying attention.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Need Some Swagger

Thanks Mayhem, I DOOOOO love this. I mean totally love it. Makes me want one even more...

This video speaks to me. The mommy bloggers are talking about it. Toyota, you nailed it. Well done.

Photos du Jour

Baby girls are just so fun.

Our Trip

As promised, here come the boring family vacation photos. This blog has become a place to document our little life, so bear with me... (is it "bear with me" or "bare with me"?).

Cape, check! His own backpack, check! Bag of cheerios, check! WKF is ready to go!
Yes, we let him just play in the aisles with his new friends...he was pumped...

Maui! On our way to get a rental car. I had no idea I was about to fall in love.

Lots of playing in the sand. Construction is in their blood, they made some good castles.

SweetP met the ocean for the first time.

Our humble abode. Isn't she cute?

Cows, in an ocean front field on the road to Hana.

Random hitchhiker along the road to Hana. O totally pulled over and picked her up.
Looking down over a bridge. A bridge that O jumped off of (10 years ago when he lived in Maui).

I told you he picked her up...
My favorite beach house. I picked it out early in the trip. Later in the trip I realized it was the home of the bride's sister...go figure. Such a rad house.

Both kiddos were wiped on the flight home. Flying with babies is so easy....(when they sleep and when they get their own seats, and its a direct flight).

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