Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Words

You know how Merriam Webster adds new words to the dictionary each year? Below are some of my favorites from the 2008 list:
#1 airquotes (because it is funny)
#7 infinity pool (because I want one)
#9 kiteboarding (for you o)
#11 mental health day (because I need one)
#25 wingnut (because I hadn't heard it before but now that I know it's definition I like it and I plan to use it)

I have no clue how the process works, but I'd like to suggest two new words to be included in the 2009 list. Ms. Webster (can I call you Merriam?), please take note.

Suggestion #1: Bux

Definition: verb - To show up late for a meeting or a date, with a Starbucks cup in hand.

Used in a sentence: I was super annoyed when Jane buxed the meeting today, I was there on time and I had to wait at least 10 minutes. She should have at least brought me a tall nonfat no water chai latte, don't you think?

Why I like it: How annoying is it when people do that?!?! If you have to stop at Starbucks, you need to factor in enough time to get it done and still be on time. If you are going to bux something, you should send a text and ask the other people if they would like for you to bring them something. When you do bux something, you should apologize right away and point out how obnoxious you are for being late and having a Starbucks cup in your hand. (If you don't offer to bring chais to the others, you should really emphasize just how obnoxious you are.)

Have I ever buxed something? Yes, haven't you??

Suggestion #2: Websess*

Definition: verb - To obsess over social networking sites/blogs/shopping online

Used in a sentence: Those two are soooo websessed they both bring their laptops to the dinner table...and they sleep with their blackberries....and they update facebook 20 times a day.

Why I like it: I don't, I am afraid of it. We all know the type...that quirky kid from highschool that you don't ever remember talking to, but now (thanks to his facebook websession) you know what he has for breakfast every morning. Or that hot, young, new mom who updates her blog every day. So annoying...

*This word must already exist...does it?

Do you have some ideas for Merriam? Do tell...

Hide & Seek

Where is my Z$ niece? I can't find her???!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Closer Tulip Fest

Who knew there is a tulip festival so close to PDX?

This would be a super easy day trip (it is only 30ish miles from the city). According to their site the fields are still green, they expect the colors to explode just after Easter.

I am still interested in checking out this one, but having one so close by is a much easier option...

A Hooker I Love

Today's AT Post about LLBean hooked rugs got me thinking a few things.

First off, these LLBean hooked rugs are sweet (yes Mimi, LLBean, i know...i know...).

Much more importantly, the post got me thinking about one of my most favorite people. Patty Yoder.

This woman liked to call herself a "hooker", for hooking rugs was her life's passion. Each of her rugs is an amazing work of art (a completely different league than LLBean rugs....it feels weird to even have all of this in one post).
I feel so lucky to have had Patty in my life. Her own life was cut way too short, but she certainly lives on in her rugs and in my heart.

On our last visit with Patty, O and I were very interested in the hooking process. Patty sat down and gave us a lesson. Here is O working with Patty on one of her rugs.

O and I each got to work on this piece, titled "Emma", a little bit that day. Emma turned out beautifully, didn't she?

Aside from a few of you, most of my Sunshine friends didn't get to know Patty. However, that doesn't mean you can't get to know her work. According to the Shelburne Museum website, Patty's work will be on display May 17 - October 25. If you are anywhere near Vermont, you should definitely make time to check this out, it will not disappoint. And maybe you'll see Emma...if so, be sure to tell her hello from us.

The exhibit is called Patty Yoder: Rugs of the Black House Farm.

Ah, the Black House Farm. O and I have spent several nights at the Black House Farm, where Patty lived. Here is a picture that Patty took of us in front of the house, SW - we were on our way to your wedding.

And here are a few shots of the property. It is such a special place!

Patty also has a book...I have a copy and the next time you are at my place you should check it out.

Patty, are there blogs up there in heaven? I bet there are, so please reply to this post with a comment. Thanks! xoxo

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monkey in a Bag

When WKF was about 2-3 months old he was having some trouble being alone in his crib. We had to rock him into a deep sleep, skillfully put him into the crib, tiptoe out of the room, and then (the hardest part) avoid any and all creaky spots in the 116 year old house as we creeped away from his room and down the stairs. This was a tough task and as you can imagine we didn't always get it right.

My dear bud TT (actually she is TB now but will always be TT to me) gave me the best advice during that time. She encouraged me to pay attention to which items in his room/crib he was attracted to, and then encourage him to bond with one such item. It didn't take long to select his buddy...it was a little stuffed monkey.

Soon after, the monkey became a key part of his life. WKF was more than fine to be left in his crib, so long as monkey was there. Ever since, he has been snuggling that monkey as he fades into lala land.

Although the monkey rarely leaves the crib, we are so dependant on this little monkey. He has definitely become part of our family. When we travel the monkey is the first thing on our packing list.

When B&B were in town they ordered up a backup monkey. Just in case. Well, it has arrived and I will keep it in a safe place. I hope we never need him. But it is good to know we have a backup. How does he breath in that bag?!?!

TT, thanks for the advice! B&B, thanks for the backup plan!

Yeah Cats!!!

Who stays in on a Saturday night and listens to college hockey on the radio?!?! Don't worry about answering that.

I just want to let you all know that the Cats won tonight...in double overtime....and they are bound for the frozen four...for the first time since 1996 (my freshman year), and only the 2nd time in school history. And what a game?!?! It was awesome, even over the radio.

Go Cats Go!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photos du Jour

These Photos du Jour were all taken with my phone camera, sorry they are poor quality photography. Beautiful subject though. I'll take a beautiful subject and bad camera over a bad subject and beatiful camera any day...

WKF's hair is getting pretty long...we are always pushing it to the side to keep it out of his eyes. I think we need to trim it soon...

And his new trick is to squint for the camera...so it is getting harder to capture those pretty big eyes...

Often he won't even give me any eyes...because he is so busy these days....

What a good boy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Craftsbury Kids

I think I love everything for sale in this online shop. Their slogan "A breath of fresh air in a gadget-filled world." What is not to love about that?

Gnome Dolls. I want one, for me.

Silhouette necklace - you send a profile photo of your loved one (dog, hubby, baby, whatever) and they send you the necklace...love it.

Lamb hat. Every babe needs one of these!

Beautiful wooden toy. Love this.

If these came in my size, I'd order up. These make you want a girl baby, don't they?

Thank you Cookie for your great post today which pointed me to this neat shop.

Rice (Crispy) and (Swedish) Fish Sushi

I love rice crispy treats. I love sushi. I like candy. I love this idea. Too cute. It looks like it would be fun with kids. Or without. Yum.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A few years ago, O was traveling a bunch through South America for work. Upon his return from a trip to Brazil, he was amped up about Caipirinhas (the national cocktail of Brazil).
Last week, one of his colleagues from Brazil was here in Portland and gifted O with a big bottle of Cacha├ža (the key ingredient).
Well then today on Bloomacious (a great blog), there was a post about this beverage, along with pretty pictures and a recipe.
I don't think we have any choice but to make up a batch of Caipirinhas. Soon. Come on over.
RG, if you come then you can have a Caipirinha to wash down your kringle which is still in the freezer waiting for you.
PapaJeanO, maybe we can do this while you are here...NEXT WEEK!

I found this fun photo here, read the post if you are interested in vintage kitchenware collecting.

You know how I feel about my yellow casserole dish!

Call Me Baxter

I'm all for being collaborative and bla bla bla, but I also love my privacy at work. Give me an office (corner with windows please), or at least a high walled cubicle any day...

Goggles Needed

My high school friend (who happens to be a ridiculously fit pro-triathlete) is on a mission. Click here to learn more and to help her help these adorable kids.

This Ain't Your Father's Field Trip

My middle-school aged cousin just returned to Vienna (where he lives) after a 2 week exchange program in Paris. He stayed with a family a bit outside the city. Sounds fab. His father (my uncle) just sent a picture of the house (CASTLE) where he was living for 2 weeks. Wow.

Do you think the family would want another exchange student? Maybe an older one. From Portland?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

J'adore The New Color of Fiesta!

I have a great Fiesta collection. But it is not complete...not now that I know about this new color....LOVE it. It is called Lemongrass. How Michele Obama.

One Step Closer To A Dream Coming True...

Hey Starbucks,

This is great news. You guys are going to make ice cream. Awesome.

I'm all about super-premium ice cream, just check out my new years resolution list.

Your flavors (macchiato, mocha frappuccino, java chip frappuccino and coffee) look like they'll be decent.

However, what I really need is Tazo Chai Latte ice cream. I need it bad. I dream about it. Can you get on that...and post a comment here when its ready...


Tulip Festival!

I want to check this tulip festival out. Looks amazing. Love the Northwest!

Funny Confession XXXVII

Speaking of books....stephmodo gave me a lovely shout out on her sweet blog today.

And...I panicked a little...because her link would send all of her refined readers to my blog and the first post was this one. How embarrassing!

So....I quickly wrote the BookCrossing post to fill up the space.

But then I felt the need to confess...so here we are.

I need to think of something else to post so that the top spot is held by something lovely...


An interesting thing happened to B&B today. After a hike (here), they noticed a copy of Gone With the Wind sitting on a bench. Inside the book was a note explaining that it was part of BookCrossing. Have you heard of this? Basically you (read then) register a book, then leave it somewhere public with a note...and someone can find it, read it, and pass it along. Each person to find it should log it online so that you can all follow the book where ever it may go. Fun. Fun for kids too.

Here is a blurb about it from NPR.

Have you read Gone With the Wind?

Monday, March 23, 2009


I "spotted" this at Zupans of all places. Yuck.

Apparently it's a British thing. Dinah, are you out there? Please comment and explain this to me.

I would think that in order for this product to be a success in the US they would do a name change...for in America I don't know of anyone that would want to eat something with this label on it...

Has anyone else ever noticed this? Has anyone tried it?

MF - do you think this is gluten free?

Update: as I wait for Dinah to chime in...MF has provided me with this informational link. How can one not giggle at the nicknames?? Merci Mimi.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome Spring-- guest blog alert!

Hello Portland Sunshine fans, it's me-- RG! I'm a loyal "Sunshine" follower, Portland bud, and one of WKF's many admirers.

I was thrilled when S asked me to contribute to the blog this weekend in honor of the first Portland Farmer's Market (PFM)of the '09 season. This was an earlier opening than year's past, which was great because the PFM crew planned the big day to coincide with the spring equinox- YAY SPRING, YAY PFM! I wasn't sure how many vendors would show, or how much those that did would have to offer, plus, there was an excellent chance of mud and rain and general nastiness on the weather front. All that in consideration, we rallied to celebrate-- the market, the changing seasons, and the bounty of love, family and friendship.

Ok, so I love love love the market. I started visiting 6 seasons ago when I first moved to Portland and it's been on my Saturday summer circuit ever since. I bring out-of-towners there, I have coffee meetings there, I buy my fruits/veggies/fish/cheese/flowers/meat there, I people watch there, I have impromptu chats (or deep and meaningful discussions) with friends there, I eat biscuits and wheatberry salad there, and sometimes, I even have dates there- oooh la la!

I love to see the market grow each year, and the community become stronger for it. It's a foodie's paradise, but more than that, its a cultural transcript of our adored city. People from all quadrants of the Rose City, and many walks of life find pleasure in the simple concept of bringing farm to table. Kids gain exposure to the origins of their food, parents find ways to make veggies fun, and people everywhere are happy eating really yummy food in a lovely park setting with a live bluegrass soundtrack on a Saturday morning.

Let's give you some visuals..
This was our meeting place. The staffers ring a bell promptly at 830 each week to signal the opening of the market. This is typically met with applause and cheer, but being the first market of the season, it was especially rowdy and I LOVED it.

A sampling of what was offered on opening day. Can you believe those flowers already? S-- the color explosion made me think of you!

Happy girls and their bounty. There was lots of discussion about recipes and ingredients and new ways to enjoy this or that. I'm not one to follow a recipe, but I love all the ideas and hot tips my friends have to offer.

Our Sunshine family! Another bonus about the market is that you get to run into FAB friends while doing laps in the park!

So, that's all folks.. Thanks for reading my guest blog. The PFM is open every Saturday through December from 830-2 and there are smaller markets throughout the city during the summer months. To learn more, visit portlandfarmersmarket.org.

I hope to see you at the market! rg
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