Friday, October 14, 2016

Vanmoof wins my heart again

The best last-minute souvenir I grabbed from Amsterdam was my Vanmoof bike. No question. She lives at my office and I ride her almost every day to get lunch. She even got a special place in our Fall Catalog (hello cover girl). 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Big Dreams of a Small Chalet

 More progress in the mountains...

I Coulda Told You This...

It's good to be a girl in Holland. In fact they say it is one of the best places to grow up as a girl. 

Selfie Love

I adore Honestly WTF, esp when they have content as great as this. I only wish I'd seen I'd thought of it myself while I was living in the shadows of the Rijksmuseum.

Time Flies

I cannot believe this day was 5 years ago. By far the best day of my running career. Thank you Facebook, for reminding me. 

Confession #375

Remember when I used to shop local for the finest euro sweet treats? Yea, me too. Oh well. Now I get them at Trader Joes...luckily they taste *almost* as good....and they are cheaper than a plane ticket.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016


This was seriously just a regular saturday, we popped into the neighborhood hair place to get some fresh cuts for the kids. We left feeling as though we had done our part to help keep PDX weird (one kid haircut at a time). So much to love in this crazy city...

Launch Love

Our Schoolhouse Electric Fall Line has launched and it has been very well received. It is so fun to put your work out into the world and hear what the world has to say...

We have had a bunch of fun good press, nationally and internationally...but my most favorite take on the fresh line, came from a local fave, Portland Monthly...

I adore their copy, esp the bit below, which makes my heart smile. Because...don't we wall want something that could fit equally well in our rustic cabin and our spaceship?!

They get it! They get that our line and styling are the opposite of boring and they understand our efforts to avoid taking home decor too seriously. Yeah! It feels good to be understood, so well.

Creepy Crocodile

What good is a mommy blog if you can't post videos of your kids doing TOTALLY AMAZING things...esp when it is you and only you that gets to define "TOTALLY AMAZING".

See the creepy crocodile...

Zodiac Changes

I can't quite wrap my head around this news. All 4 of us have shifted into new signs. Does this change explain anything? Everything?


What is not to love about the month of October? Thanks to a bday party on a farm, we were able to kick off the fall season strong and early. So fun to have some fresh pumpkins!

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