Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby's first...

...Hiking Boots.

WKF has a good friend with connections, she scores some rad sample shoes like these for WKF and his papa (who conveniently has the sample size foot).

You know who you are, merci. WKF is wondering if this gift means that you have forgiven him, for crashing your 6/7/8 party?!

Baby Shower Cake Ideas. Not.

Some gals and I are planning a baby shower for one of our bff's from RHS. Here are some cakes that we WILL NOT BE ORDERING. This site is hilarious.

This one is creepy...

JG - if only you got prego sooner, Juno style, we'd get you this one.

JG, what do you think of this one? Can you please send me your measurements in case we opt to do this for you??

I dislike carrot cake, now I really dislike it.

And most certainly we will not get this one!!!!!

Weeds in the News

Click here to see the dandelions on the tv news. Today it's local news in Ohio - WSYXColumbus. Soon enough it will be CNN, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, Discovery...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo du Jour

It is a bit cooler WKF had a great chance to wear this great sweater. Knit with love by KH's mama (KH is my good friend from UVM track team) in Vermont - thank you!!!!

Funny Confession XV

I had to google "Roman Numerals" for that last confession. 14 is a hard one.

Funny Confession XIV - another from WKF

I am getting fat. All I want to do is eat. Sometimes I eat so much that I throw up. I barely exercise, I am just so uncoordinated...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Portland Monthly Day

I love when my new Portland Monthly arrives. Today was the day for the August issue. First I flip through the whole thing, then I read it.
In the flip through, I noticed (on page 135) that there is a feature on sand boarding.
Many years ago (6 or 7), O and I vacationed in OR (from MA) and we gave this sport a go. Pictures are was fun to look through the pix from that trip. Who knew we'd end up living in this wonderland!? These pix are beautiful, and life has only gotten more beautiful since they were taken....

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Daddy-O had a great bday.

Early morning water ski, lakeside with his family all day and a lakeside bbq bash with all of his buddies that evening. Perfect!

Here he is with his amazing Park City Nieces who we love so much!

He also got some great Q.T. with WKF

Happy Birthday Love! Thanks for this beautiful life! Someday you'll read the blog and see this note.

Tahoe Wintroductions

In typical Tahoe style, WKF was welcomed with open arms...what a great trip! Thanks Lala for the fab accommodations. Lakefront living was pretty amazing. We miss you all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby's first...

...trip to Tahoe.

We will be offline a few days. Au revoir!

This is a test...

There are only 3 pix of WKF in this mix of pix, the rest are his uncle S...can you tell who is who??

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Available

It's been a while since I have brought this up...but I thought I'd let you know, she is still for sale.

We'll give an extra special deal to anyone that buys the cottage after seeing it here on the blog.

The Horse Project

If you are in PDX, be on the lookout for horses.

These horses are such a Portland thing. It is always fun to spot a horse around town...they are everywhere. Here are some pix I have taken...

Baby's first... shades.

According to mama Boo, baby C is really into accessories these days.

Baby C, this photo is for you from WKF...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

If you know a guy...

...who is turning 62 today, be sure to wish him a happy happy birthday!!!

I wish we were all together to celebrate. Our hearts are in Decatur today...we can practically smell the soybeans...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny Confession XIII

I am SO ENVIOUS (jealous?!) of my friend M, she got to play rockband...with Lebron James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M is the adorable (and only) girl in this picture...rocking out on the guitar. She is so bad ass.

According to my doctor...

I am cleared for running. Finally. High five to that!

Note, the above photo was taken before I discovered running skirts...

Baby's first...

Pair of camo cargo pants...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Am I the only one that hadn't heard of wishpot before my uber cool friend MP used it for her wedding registry?! How cool is it?? You can register for anything that is available online.

If it wasn't weird, I'd post MPs wedding registry here on this posting so you could get a feel for how cool she is and how cool wishpot is.

She is not limited to picking between pottery barn and crate and barrel (yawn and yawn)...she can pick and choose from the entire ginormous endless world wide web....

As I have previously gushed, I'd marry O all over again any day. And I'd keep most things exactly the same. I may switch up the registry if we did it again...I'd go wishpot for sure.

Operation Nice

I love this blog, don't you?! The concept is right on, "we all need a little NICE". I wish I would have thought of it. Its so much more than a blog, it's a movement...


Let's all join operation's easy, just be nice. As noted on the site, here are some tips (from wikipedia) for how to be nice:

  • Smile

  • Say hello

  • Ask people how they are doing

  • Be a good listener

  • Be courteous

  • Be positive

  • Be humble

  • Offer to help

  • Be sincere
That list seems obvious and easy enough. We could probably all commit to give it a try.

Portlanders are very nice, that is one big reason we love it.

When we lived in Boston I had a vision of starting something similar to this operation. I wanted to start a movement on the esplanade to get runners/walkers / etc. to smile at each other...and maybe even say hello. I always thought it was so weird to go for a run, pass so many people (so closely) and not even manage to get eye contact - let alone a smile or a hello. I bounced the idea off of a few people (locals) and I got such funny (negative) reactions. I was not encouraged...however I still wish I would have pursued it. I think that if we had stayed much longer I would have had was going to drive me nuts. I figured if we started on the esplanade it may spread into the rest of the city, state, region....

Please don't get me wrong, I do LOVE Boston...I just think the city could use a little more nice-ness. If you are living in Boston...I encourage you to give this idea a go...the need is certainly there. Hey, give it a try no matter where you live...regardless of where we live, even Portland, I bet we could all be a little nicer...

***I took this picture from the Operation Nice is by Anthony Burrill

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fete Nationale

Today is Bastille Day.

Like the good French family that we are, we celebrated with the other local frenchies at the Portland party on Saturday in the Pearl (BryGuy took some pix, which I will share when he sends them along).

All of the French-ness reminded me of the time I spent in France last summer for work. I was in such a beautiful location (Albi). Too bad it was all work all the time. However, I did get some good pix, see below.

The town of Albi...

My hotel...

And bien sur a biz trip to France would not be complete without a weekend a Paris...

Oh la has changed so much from last summer (4 business trips to France and Finland) to this year (Baby F, Baby F, Baby F, Baby F). Love love love-ing it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


WKF loves to get up early...he and I have shared many sunrises together over the past 5 weeks. I am happy to be awake and sharing this time of day (and this view) with him. If the sunrise is really spectacular, which it has been the past few days, we wake up O to enjoy it with us.

Loving Summer

There is so much to love about summer. One thing we really love is eating outside. We have had so many good meals around this harvest table that O built (out of salvaged materials, how green of him).

Sometimes it's a table for 2 (now 3). Sometimes it's a table for 20.

Most recently - it has been a table for 5...we have really enjoyed many meals with (and prepared by) Birdie and BG over the past few weeks. The 3F's are going to be so sad to see them go in the morning. We can't wait for October...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Funny Confession XII

I have been sleeping with another man...and O caught me (on camera)...

Go Lux!

Remember my old post about Lux, my old turf? Well Lux must be celebrating these days...

Kim Kirchen is from Lux, and he is leading the Tour de France. Go Lux!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sleeping Babies

WKF and his Grandpa shared a nap this morning.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Little Dude

Which way is the beach?


As mentioned a few times before (here and here), the grandparents are here.

WKF is loving it. I think they are having an OK time too...

I think WKF is good for RARELY see this woman lying on a is great to see her chill with WKF on the couch for long stretches of time.

Rest assured she is busy busy in between sessions with her laundry is always going, my fridge is cleaned out, it is clean under my fridge, my cabinets are being organized one by one....oh it is GREAT having them here!!!!

Plus, each day I get to go out and have a bit of me time...mani, pedi, haircut, chai latte, etc. etc. - while they watch nice! I am getting spoiled, what will I do when they return to the midwest?!

Littlest Patriot

WKF was practicing the Pledge of Allegiance before the party.

Tower of Cupcakes

Birdie made 96 ice-cream cone cupcakes for the party on the 4th. Go Birdie.

We ate them all. Well, we had some help from the guests...

I bought this 3 tiered tower thing years ago... I was thrilled to finally use it. Cute, right?

Funny Confession XI

I seek out opportunities to wear tiaras. I was thrilled when my mom found a patriotic tiara for the 4th of July party last year. So thrilled that I stored her in a special place until this year, and wore her again for the party.

I actually thought about bringing a tiara to the hospital for WKFs entrance into the world (for me, not him)...but the water broke so early I hardly had time to remember my nightie collection.
What does this say about me?!?! Who cares...I love tiaras, lets leave it at that....

Run Like a Girl!

I just got the latest Runner's World mag (these days I read about running more than I run). There is a very interesting feature about running skirts. For years I have been sporting one with pride, and I was surprised to hear that they are so polarizing among women runners. People love them or hate them. Funny. I love them.
I love them so much that sometimes I even run in tennis skirts (because there are more options and they tend to be even more girly - they often have pleats, etc. - see above).
I have been hoping for years that a certain large athletic company whose HQ is here in PDX rolls out a more extensive line of girly running gear - including some super fun skirts. Hey RG, can you work on this for me!?! I know they already make skirts...but I want more and I want them better.
If you are on the other side of the running skirt issue (if you dislike them) - I encourage you to at least try them. Enter a race, girl up your outfit...and see if your time is any better. I think it will be. Honestly, I run faster and happier in skirts.
I will be back to my running self in 2 more weeks (docs say I must take 6 full weeks to recover from c-section - ugh). for me in my skirt on terwilliger....I'll be there. Maybe I'll see you in yours?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Funny Confession X

I love the 4th. I hate fireworks.

Well, I hate the kind that are not far away in the sky (e.g., the kind you light yourself in the backyard).

So, if you are checking my blog before you head over for our (fabulous) party, keep your pyrotechnics away from me and tell everyone else to do the same. And more importantly, keep them away from WKF. Merci.

Mimi - the sparklers are approved and appreciated.

80 minutes until party time! Yeah.

Speaking of 4th of July Parties....WKF's prego aunt JG (and her baby, crickett) won the pie eating contest at her inlaw's annual 4th party. Go girl.

Happy 4th to all.


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