Sunday, May 31, 2009

Funny Confession XL

On Friday O and I played hooky from real life and we went snowboarding...while WKF was at daycare. It was awesome.

I have some great pix, but we are experiencing technical difficulties with our computer/camera you'll have to wait.

You gotta love Portland where it is sunny and 85 in town and yet you can still have a snowboarding date with your honey. Amazing!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brew Buds

Something tells me these two will be studs at their upcoming UVM 10 year reunion. Step aside frat boys, these guys are gonna be the big men on campus.

Way to go dudes. I'm inspired by your story! I love it. Go Cats Go!
I have no idea if these two are single, but if they are I want my single girlfriends to track them down next weekend in Burlington... seriously.

Nice Stache

O has been working really hard all grow a mustache. He entered a mustache-growing contest at work (for charity), and today is the big competition day. He is in the "dirt lip" category.

I think he is looking hot hot could he not win?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Un-Nike Town

I pass this shop every day. It is a crummy, dirty, outdated-looking, running store that has this sign on the door.

It annoys me. This is Portland, the city where Nike's World Headquarters are located. Nike is a great company that does wonders to sustain our local economy. Nike also does a ton for the community. In fact, Nike built the track that is about 100 steps away from this dinky shop. Oh, and by the way, Nike makes great products.

I'm all for competition. I'm all for small, niche, local running stores being successful. There are more than enough runners in this town to support Nike as well as small shops.

I just wish this guy would be pro something instead of anti something, you know?

Photo du Jour

I can't believe he can already drive. They really do grow up so fast.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sisters on the Fly

Not my thing...but how adorable are the Sisters on the Fly? I spotted a blurb about them in Sunset (my fav mag), and I had to go online to learn more.

Their mission: "Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures"

This group of gals travels the country with adorable vintage trailers. They are a group of women who challenge themselves in all that they set their minds to do. They have no age or color. They represent no religion or political group. They welcome all women who want to share the adventures of "sisterhood".

I love it! And I LOVE their trailers. Here is a link to a bunch more trailer photos.

Portland gals...doesn't this inspire you a little...should we all chip in and buy an old trailer and start making some s'mores and having some adventures?! Let's start with the s'mores...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Road Trip

I will be offline a few days. For a family road trip. The only definite plan is to go here, so O can climb this mountain with some Tahoe buddies. WKF and I will be waiting patiently (read: nervously) at the bottom.

Once their 'little hike' is over...the road trip will continue on for the long weekend.

We are thinking of going here, because we have never been and it looks amazing.

I love a road trip that is not over planned. I hope you have a great long weekend as well. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Outside Eating Season

The table is open and ready for hosting! We had our first outdoor dinner party of the season this past Sunday...and we look forward to many more. Come on over...

'Tis The Season

Just like last year, this rhoddy is going off...the little house behind it looks soooo happy at this time of year.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Would Totally Camp Here

Next time I am passing through South Africa, I'll probably just camp out. HERE.

I'm low maintenance like that...just throw me in an old RV and I'll make it work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo du Jour

WKF and I walk the same neighborhood loop every day. Today was the first time I noticed this garden sculpture down the street. I wonder if it was always there, or if it is new. I am thinking it must be new...I am quite sure I would have noticed this sooner. It made me smile, I think I like it.

Missing Fireflies

If you read my blog it is probably very clear to you how much we heart Oregon. However...I get sad when I think about WKF growing up sans fireflies. This topic came up with friends recently...and I can't stop thinking about it. Does anyone know why there are no fireflies in Oregon?

Birdie, we will have to plan a vacation to Ohio to do some firefly chasing....

Monday, May 18, 2009

She Wrote the Book

My friends never stop amazing me. My girl SaraG has been published. This book is a must read for anyone that you know with Lupus. It is also relevant to anyone living with a chronic illness.

I am blessed to not have lupus or any chronic illness, but I plan to read this because any advice on living well that SaraG has to offer, I am going to take. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a friend, and so much more...and she does it all with so much energy and spunk. We can all learn from her...

Way to go SaraG. Portland is proud of you!!! And are those your legs on the cover? It looks like they are...(yes, she also has great legs...).

You can check out the book here. Do it.

PDX in the WSJ

Last week it was the NYT, this week its the WSJ. Everyone is writing about my pretty city.

Bike Roundup

I am loving kid-carrying bikes. When in Amsterdam we saw a bunch of these bakfiets, here in Portland you can get one at Clever Cycles. I think they look so fun. Mama in this picture must have crazy strong legs. Can you imagine turning or going up a hill?!

This bakfiet looks a bit more do-able...I like it.

This one is cute, and it can convert easily to become a stroller. Somehow I don't think it would be great on my hills...

This one is gorgeous. I love it and if WKF gets some siblings some day, I'd love to toss them all in the bucket and zip down to the farmer's market.

For now we are LOVING our rig. And mama is getting some strong thighs. Someday I'll post a shot of WKF and I in the bike...but that is not a photo that is easy for me to take myself.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Goal for the Weekend

Ever since this mag cover caught my eye, I have been craving a juicy burger. This weekend I need to get it done. I am so glad I am not a vegetarian...


The surfrider foundation is as passionate as I am about the butt thing. Their focus is butt free beaches. In face one of their big dogs testified in Salem with me a few weeks back.

They just did a major beach clean up, and ended it by snapping this photo - using their volunteers to spell out "No Butts" on the beach. Of course I love it.


Our Portland family just got 8lbs bigger. What a gorgeous little girl! We are sooooooooooo excited and can't wait to kiss on her! Congrats F&M! xoxo


So funny to think that one year ago today I was doing this! What a geek. I still push that thing nearly every day, but it's much more fun (and more normal) to do it with my WKF along for the ride.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photos du Jour

These pix were taken by WKF's teachers. What a great surprise for O and I to get them sent to us via email. Great to see our little bugger is having a good day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please, no Autographs...

Mom Cake

This cake was one of my many mother's day highs. Made with love for LC and I, by MC.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Frugal Portland

My favorite city got some great press in the NYT this weekend. If you missed the print edition, check it out online here.

Ernie and GG

I love when GG's boyfriend sends me pictures from his iPhone. It is a gentle and lovely reminder that the two of them are hipper than I am...

WKF loved this particular iPhone photo. Ernie and GG, what is not to love...

Funny Confession XXXIX

This should really help to get me over my love for the blue box. But it doesn't.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom Day!

Happy Mom Day to all!

To Sylly's mama...who is Pepe's mama too...

To my mama, who still rips behind a ski boat...

To Z$'s mama...who better get ready for wet shirts again....

To O's mama - THANK YOU for making such a beautiful baby for me!!!

To the mama of the Park City Vixens...who gracefully juggles more than any mama I know...

To Birdie's mama - we love you so!

And also to all my friends who are mamas and all of my friends' mamas. Happy mom day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mommy Weekend

We will be here for the weekend to celebrate my first official mommy day!

I got this pretty photo here.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Over It Honey

WKF and I had a little chuckle when we read this article today.

WKF knows what a bad hair cut is all about...but he isn't going to court over the whole thing...

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