Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coeur de Pirate

Ever since hearing the song in the background of this awesome video on Cup of Jo, I can't get enough of Coeur de Pirate....her music is lovely!

The Old Days

This cartoon reminded me all too much of the old days. In the old days O and I were both traveling full time for work.

We'd hop on (separate) planes each Monday, and we'd be back by Friday(Thursday night (late) if we were lucky). We kept that nonsense up for years (he did it for almost 5 years). He spent months in Peoria, Minneapolis, Poughkeepsie (how do you spell that?!?), somewhere in Iowa, Boise...I spent months and months and months in Memphis.

Even after we moved to PDX I spent the first 6 months traveling back to Boston EACH WEEK for work. I do not miss going directly to work after those Sunday redeyes (not even direct...I had to go through JFK). What on earth was I thinking?! Yuck.

No regrets...but I am sure glad that those are the old days....thinking of that makes the current days even sweeter. La vie est belle!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I Really Wish...

...that these 4 generations could be together this weekend to celebrate my grandmother's birthday!!!

We will all be celebrating, but I sure wish that we could do it together.

I admire so much about this woman. One thing in particular, she has such a fabulous network of dear friends. Below are a few pix of her wonderful crew. This group knows how to party...and I trust that they are celebrating with her this weekend. I really wish I was there!

GG, we love you so much. SO MUCH! Thank you for being so wonderful! Happy Happy Birthday!

LL, no birthday post about our grandmother would be complete without a mention (and a photo) of you and that yellow bikini from the 80th bday cruise. Speaking of "knowing how to party", you sure got that gene! You were on fire that day....xoxo. Don't you love having a sister with a blog.....I can hardly wait for your witty comments on this post....

And to my PDX crew....I look forward to growing older with all of you...and to celebrating bdays for many many years to come!

A Simple Post

I am just really loving these silly red tulips!

I bought them for myself. I love their red color. I love that they are at the "floppy" stage. I love the vase that they are in (merci mimi's mama). I love walking downstairs and seeing them in the morning.

Having fresh flowers is lovely and simple. Having them motivates me keep the kitchen cleaner and the counter clear...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny Confession XXXI

W and I had a lunch time swimming date with O today. My plan was to let the boys splash around in the kiddie pool...while I got a workout by swimming laps in the big pool.

But the kiddie pool was so much warmer and more I hopped in. And then....I craved warmer I ditched the boys and went into the hot tub.... alone...

It was awesome. I did not exactly get a workout....oh well....

That hot tub gets me every time.


There is a buzz in Portland about Coraline.

The Portland Film Fest is next week, and this stop-motion animated feature based on a story by author Neil Gaiman is going to debut as part of the festival. A Portland premier is appropriate since it was created at Portland-based LAIKA studio. Like many things here in Portland, there is a Nike connection to this film. Phil Knight (Nike Founder) has funded the film (and the company LAIKA), and his son Travis is an animator and an executive at LAIKA. More details on all of that here.

I am not a movie buff, I rarely get excited about animated films or fantasy stuff or spooky stuff....but I am excited to check this out. Maybe it's the Portland/Nike connection? Whatever...I am excited to see it!

I must admit, I am slightly more excited to see He's Just Not That Into You. I love me a good chick flick...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bummer about Domino

I hope its not true...but I just read that my favorite magazine is finished.... looks like its true...

And I was working on the checklist to get myself on the cover. Damn.

Another Day, Another Idea

Another one of my ideas is up for grabs. Please take it, do it...

Here it is.

I think that there should be a running race for mamas. It should be on mother's day. There could be all sorts of mom-centric divisions (and associated awards). Examples include: new mom division (anyone that gave birth within the past year), stroller division (anyone running with the babe in the stroller), double stroller division (for real bad ass mamas who can run and push 2), empty nester division, grandmother division (for fit gma's like birdie!)....maybe even a pregnant division for the prego girls that are still moving....

In addition to the token race tshirt (which should be fabulous), there could be t's and onsies for the kiddo's (they'd say something like, "run mama run").

Someone in PDX should make this happen. There are so many running mamas here.

I'd even love to just see someone add a "new mama division" to an existing race.

And hey, while we are at it, maybe the BAA could create a new mama qualifying standard (e.g., add about 5 or 10 minutes to the existing standard) to make qualifying for boston more achievable for a new mama like moi....

Who can make all of this happen for me? Talk to me...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My brilliant (ha) mind is always thinking. Here is another business idea that I am GIVING are welcome.

The idea is titled "explOR" or "exploregon".
We always day dream about owning a little vacation home somewhere in Oregon. All of our friends have a similar dream. We all talk about it often. However, where would you buy it?!? There are too many great places in this state to pick from. (Another minor issue would be affording it....but details like that are less fun to ponder...).

Here is the vision: I want someone to offer a timeshare-ish deal. Instead of investing in a single vacation home, people could buy shares of explOR. Buying into explOR would give you partial ownership of vacation homes all over this awesome state. Hood River, Bend, Government Camp, the Coast, downtown Portland (I think Pearl District)....
The homes are all gorgeous (of course) and in prime prime locations (on the slopes, on the beach, etc.). They are always clean when you arrive and they get cleaned after you while you are there, you just enjoy. You can book online with minimal notice (similar to zip cars) and you can always get the location that you want because the explOR company gets all of the logistics figured out....they line up just the right amount of properties in just the right locations.

The ski house could look something like this inside(minus the dog). Photo from Architectural Digest.

The beach "shack" could be like this...

The view from the bedroom in the Hood River place would be something like this...

You get the idea. So, who wants take it and make it happen?!?!? Once its up and running, be sure to give me a great deal (free?!) on my was my idea after all....

P.S. This idea would be great in Massachusetts (New England) as well....think Cape Cod, Nantucket, the Green Mountains, The White Mountains, Bean Town, Burlington, the NH Lakes Region....

So Proud

This is my dear friend LF. I am so proud of her. We have been friends for many years (14ish), and she is many things. She is a fab friend, one of the hardest working women that I know, smart, hilarious, a heartbreaker, uber stylish....all of those things and more. But, LF has never been a runner. At all. Until now! When she was in PDX she rallied me out of bed to go run 8 miles. EIGHT MILES. She set the pace....and I was worked....

Then, this past weekend, this lady completed her first half marathon! I am so so so proud of her. Go girl go! You certainly are a runner now!!! WKF is proud of you too!!!!

Funny Confession XXX

We have a lot of dinner parties. O almost always does the cooking. But....

...I always wear the apron...

Monday, January 26, 2009


Friday night we slept up at Timberline Lodge. We have done this each year, for the past 3 years. It is always a treat and I highly recommend it! The food is great (I am still dreaming about the steak and crab entree that I had), the rooms are rustic but fabulous, and you are right on the mountain. It is really magical! Historical too...

WKF had a pretty good time. I hope that we keep this tradition alive for many years to come, so that he can really look forward to it and enjoy it like we do.

In a few years I think that the heated pool surrounded by snow and skiers is going to blow his little mind! This photo was taken from the window of our room.

I think it would be equally fun in the summer. The pool would feel more normal....but the summer skiing would blow his little mind.

Trillium Lake

Hey Birthday Girl...we were there....sorry we missed you guys. What a day...what a place...what a hike.

We heart Trillium Lake!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny Confession XXIX

Mimi and Bobby are only moving four point five minutes away.

The Sad News

Its the end of an era on HammyT (our beloved street).

If you didn't hear the news....Mimi and Bobby are moving away. Sigh. Cry.

On the bright side, if they had to pick only 2 years, they sure picked 2 good ones; 1 new dog, 2 new babies, 1 engagement, 1 wedding, heated VKing games, several pints of (premium) ice cream, polenta, fish tacos, genepi, a lot of hi-low, a lot of new shoes (merci), and a jillion laughs....

Below are the WKF welcome signs which greeted us and still hang in his room, made with love by Mimi.

And the signs were not all, the F's were on our doorstep with food and smiles on many nights after WKF arrived...

WKF sure loves them.

Mimi and I shared some tears at the was an honor for O&I to be a part of it...

O and I even organized a crash of the honeymoon suite the morning after the wedding...for which I think they forgave us...right!?!

We also celebrated many holidays...turkey, the4th, new years....below a photo from turkey this year.

Happy trails to the F's. You better not fall in love with your new neighbors, although I guarantee they'll fall in love with you (those lucky south-easterners....)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo du Jour

Up so early, and so busy bouncing...he didn't even notice that sunrise....


I enjoyed and related to this article. Read it.

Fix the top 6 causes of clutter.

Well Done Michelle

I apologize for my previous post. You are lovely. My favorite part of the inaugural fashion were the crewcuts coats on the girls, with the ribbon belts. These girls are adorable.

New Cousin!

Introducing WKF's new cousin. Beautiful, right? We can't wait for June!

Merci Papa

When O was in Vietnam, he returned with this outfit for WKF. It finally fits him, so we had a little dress up and photo shoot today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I'll always remember where we were on Obama's Inauguration Day...WKF was eating his first tofu as we watched our new prez get swarn in...

What a day!

We Heart Long Weekends!

We did a road trip for the long weekend. Up to Mount Hood. What fun. The car was loaded...

Of course we brought some bananas...

Here are the boys chilling in the lodge while I was out snowboarding...

And when we arrived at the condo that we had rented...WKF loved all of the pillows on the bed...

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Would Be a Hit in Portland

This is cool. Bring your bike lane with you...lightlane, smart idea!

I saw this on A Cup of Jo, she saw it on swissmiss


It's already Friday? Yipee! The F family is headed up to the mountain again. Here is a shot of the 3 of us on the hill from last weekend.

I took this picture from the lift. What a view! What a day!

From the lift, the only thing better than the view of the mountains was the view of O and W playing in the snow at the bottom. Do you see them? So cute, right? O and I took turns playing with W and riding. It worked out great. Skibowl is so family friendly....and the warm sunny weather helped too!

Sharing the Sunrise

The past few days have started with amazing sunrises. Here are some pix...enjoy.

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