Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby's first...


WKF is getting into the election. He attended a debate party on Friday night...check out his outfit. What a patriotic baby...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thirdie Birdie

WKF's all star Grandmother got herself a third place medal in her age group at the marathon today. We are so proud of her!

Note the didn't fall too far....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Birdie!

Conversation with my mother today:

Me: What are you doing this weekend?

My Mom: Not much, no big plans. You?

Me: Bla bla bla ramble talk...bla, bla, bla...

My Mom: Great.

We then start to wrap up the call...
And then...

My Mom: Oh, I am going to run a marathon, TOMORROW.

Run Birdie Run!!! Good luck in your FIFTH MARATHON!!!
If you are in Akron, please go cheer for her!!! We'll be cheering from here!

Below, a photo from her first marathon. She has since shaved about an hour off of her time.

BryGuy, be sure to wear your TShirt!

Best City?

Leaving Boston was hard for many reasons. Leaving behind good friends was the hardest part.

One buddy was such a new friend, I just know she and I would have become very close...but I moved away soon after meeting her. Thanks to the fab world of the web, AG and I have been able to keep the friendship alive from afar.

Today I got a great email from her letting me know about this fun game. Vote for Portland and Boston!

Background and details:
Last week 25 cities vied against each other in a head-to-head battle for America's Favorite City on Just twelve cities advanced to Round Two, and Boston and Portland are among them! Go to and vote for your favorite cities each week. Every Monday, the losers of the competition will be eliminated, while the winners will advance to a new round of voting. Boston is up against Miami this week and Portland, OR faces Honolulu! So vote for Boston and Portland now. And then vote again! Check back each week for that round's winners. On October 15, Travel & Leisure Magazine will announce America's #1 city.

Thanks AG!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo du Jour

The Office

It is FINALLY the day of The Office premier! I cannot wait. This is the best show ever.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funny Confession XIX

I try to read the WSJ (online) each day. However, sometimes (lately kind of often) I just jump right to the cartoon and call it "reading the WSJ".

There is nothing special about today's cartoon - but here it is for your enjoyment...


I love all sorts of ice cream, you know that.

And I like my ice cream natural.

But is PETA serious? PETA is urging Ben and Jerry's to use human breast milk in their ice cream.

They were inspired by the swiss chef that has been in the headlines lately by using breast milk in his recipes.

Hey neighbors...I know you are excited about experimenting with your new ice cream maker, but don't get any ideas....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby's first... in the park. WKF had a great fall date with his gfriend, the lovely and slightly older (sophisticated) SC. They even held hands.

Photo du Jour

Who the hell cares about zippers!

Zippers Don't Lie

So, I am thinking about the upcoming wedding of 2 dear buds. And natch my mind goes to "what will I wear?".

My new job is fab, but it doesn't pay in dollars like my old job did. So I can't just go buy a new dress (ANTHRO!) like the old SKF would have done. So I decided to shop within my closet. How fiscally responsible of me, right?

I started trying some things on, including the bridesmaid dress* pictured here. and I had some "issues" with the zippers. I rallied O to help me, but even my big strong engineer could not resolve the "issues". Bless him for trying, and being so supportive...

Yikes. I am definitely not back to my old physique quite yet. Despite what your friends, family and hubby tell you....zippers are the most honest...they can't lie. And the zipper on this dress would not zip. I don't think it will zip in time for Mimi's fete, but someday I'll wear this dress again....

*I know I blogged previously about uncluttering and getting rid of bridesmaid dresses. This one was the exception. It is a great dress that I intend(ed) to wear again.

Side note, digging up this picture was fun, because I got to look at all the pix from the amazingly fab wedding which I wore it to! Happy belated anniversary to this beautiful couple!

I will never forget what a fun weekend your wedding was!

Peg 'Em

Katie was right. Pegged is in. New JCrew catalog confirmed it.

If you are more hip than I am, click here to buy these jeans.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Eight Years

Z$'s mom and dad have been married EIGHT years. Happy Anniversary!!!


I have spent 90% of this day looking for my missing wallet around the house. Where could it be. I am v. v. annoyed!

Baby's first...

WKF and I kicked off the new season with a morning hike on the trails behind the house. A bit of rain, a bit of sun, a chill in the was lovely.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day Dreaming

Of Cortina, Italy.

Cortina is where some of our best buds just moved.

He is there to play pro hockey. She is running their (vermont based) business from Cortina for the season. She is also a ridiculously good skier, so Cortina works well for her.

I am bugging her to get blogging so I can read about it all....hopefullyshe'll get it going soon.

Now that WKF is a travel pro, perhaps we'll plan a visit...


Do you have one? Does your significant other? Read this. Interesting and maybe disturbing, right?

Photo du Jour

This photo was taken while we were in Tahoe, but I just got it and so I wanted to share it...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guest Blogger

WKF and I have had a visitor this week. She is going to take this post from here...

My first GrandSon. Total personality guy at three months. His conversations seem very lucid although I do not know his "language" specifically as to sounds. His meanings and thoughts are quite clear. His smile could capture the world. Of course all this is said with"no prejudice".


Inspired by these hot mamas...

Park City Sis in Law - Mom of 3 and ripping athlete...

Best neighbor ever and in the shape of her life right after baby...

Hot San Fran Mama (of 2), Triathlete, and Engineer extraordinaire...

I motivated to set up the bike to help drop the final baby lbs...WKF loves to sit next to me and cheer me on...

Go Mama Go...

This habit does not help the cause.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo du Jour


Inspired by my recent visit to Belgium, and this earlier post, I really want to check this place out.

Details: Little Blue Waffle Wagon, SE 33rd Ave & Division St. PDX

Has anyone been?

Funny Confession XVIII

If ice cream were alcohol, I would desperately need rehab.
I eat it nearly every day and I don't have ambitions of changing that pattern.
I think about it in the morning.
I eat it alone.
I make trips to the store just to get ice cream.
I eat it until I am full.
I could eat it instead of a meal (occasionally I do).
Whenever I drive by an ice cream parlor, I want to stop and get a scoop or five (often I do).
Yikes. Yum.

Bachelor Pad

While in Paris we spent lots of time with O's cousin G. G lives in the 6th - which is my most favorite arrondissement. He owns the coolest bachelor pad.

Here are the boys outside the pad (G lives on the 2nd floor). How great are those huge doors?

Here are the dudes hanging out with G.

Here is a shot of the inside of the pad. Isn't it cool?

PS ladies...G is single and speaks great English. Plus, his mom, C, is great. A true catch!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We loved Bruxelles! O had never been, and I hadn't been since elementary school. It was great. We shared some good times with family. Here we are out on the town (Grande Place) with O's cousin and his family.

Below is another photo taken in the Grande Place.

We really enjoyed the local food. Below is a shot of me with the famous local dish, moules and frites.

And of course no trip to Belgium would be complete without a waffle.

We had a wonderful lunch at L's house. It was so fun to see his pad and his life.

Of course we had to visit Manniquin Pis

And finally, here are my tired boys after a long day of sighseeing in Bruxelles.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

O's baby brother, WKF's uncle, turned 3 this week. Happy Birthday to YOU!

We love you SF!

Photo du Jour

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wedding Pix

I noticed pix of this wedding on Kirtsy. How adorable is it?? I wish I knew these 2. They are from Portland, perhaps I'll pop over to their cafe (Little Red Bike Cafe) and introduce myself?! Would that be totally weird?
Mimi, will you come with me?! And Mimi, doesn't this make you SO EXCITED FOR YOUR BIG DAY IN 25 DAYS?!??!?!
P.S. I am in love with the photography. Our Labor of Love took the shots. The bride and groom brought them from Atlanta to Portland...worth it, the pix are amazing!

More Chandeliers...

As you well know, our prince loves chandeliers. Europe was such a treat for him...chandeliers everywhere.

I already blogged about Black and their chandeliers, below.

He also loved the fixture in Brussels at his cousin's house - below. The Brussels visit is a separate posting which is yet to come...what a fab city, we loved it!

And then Paris, every room in C's house had a chandelier. WKF (and I) loved them all. I know I already posted this photo, but here it is again. This chandelier is in the sitting room at C's house. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is not a bad light fixture at night either!

Then there is the fab red one over the dining room table. WKF and I both loved that one! C got it in Venice. This is a horrible photo, but you can see WKF in the bottom left, he is starring at the light as he falls asleep.

And finally the kitchen. WKF took his morning snooze under this light each day - he loved it. His "bed" looks a bit sketchy...don't worry, we kept a close eye on him (e.g., we sat right next to him at all times aside from a quick step away to take these pix) and he has yet to roll over on his own.
In case you can't spot WKF in the above photo - here is a close up:

Baby's first...

International flight.

If you are flying internationally with a babe - get the bulk head seat and request the bassinet. We were on Northwest Airlines, but I believe most carriers offer this (for a fee). WKF slept like a champ both ways. The direct flight from Portland to Amsterdam was amazing too. Almost too easy...WKF and I are ready to go back...

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