Monday, July 28, 2014

Funny Confession #295

If there was EVER an acceptable excuse for O's son to wear Adidas football apparel...I suppose Ajax camp would be it.  


Pizza, To Go

Our plans to boat on Saturday with the birthday boy were a bust due to rain, but we were able to get out yesterday.  Nothing wrong with extending the celebration and rocking the crown for another day!

That building in the bridge is a pizza place...with a boat thru window for pickup.  Genius.

This photo (below) was snapped right before the dude informed us they are a cash only operation...and we had no cash.  Oops.  O ran to the ATM and we were back in business.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's On

Training for fall race season officiall starts right now, it's gonna be wet. I'm hungry for a half marathon PR.  I am sitting on front step...tired....really trying to put on my other shoe...and go....but typing is so much easier than running...ok...going...

Just felt first rain drop...going for real now.

Friday, July 25, 2014

38 Special

My main squeeze turned 38 yesterday!  We normally spend his bday on vacation, this year it fell between vacations and it was fun to spend it at home for a change.

P worked hard to make him a special birthday crown

 Which turned out amazing

 He got some graham crackers...his favorite...

And new bike shoes

 And chocolate chip cookies

 At our house, a birthday is not a birthday unless we all play pin the tail on the donkey - I dread the day this tradition becomes "uncool", because currently we all LOVE to play (esp the little people...they get so fired up when we break out the box and get the game going).

 W makes sure nobody cheats and that he wins...every time...

 The fete ended with football in the street...with crown (O), tutu and rain boots (P) on

If the weekend weather cooperates, we will continue the celebration this weekend, on a boat on the canals.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hema Lotion

Hema is like the Target of Holland.  They design and brand all sorts of items (clothes, food, toiletries, bikes, etc).  I'm loving these lotions...

Taste of America

There is a store in the middle of Amsterdam that sells American products.    It is equal parts amazing (to see such familiar items!) and embarrassing (wow we Americans love processed junk food).  The dutch owner has been at it over 30 years, I had a lovely chat with him today, as I paid through the nose for a tiny box of grape nuts (a birthday gift for O, shhhhhh).  The guy told me his inventory has been refined over the years, based 100% on what sells and what Americans ask for.  Ironically, in this country that prides itself on cheese, processed cheese (cheese whiz, etc) is his top selling item.

To give you an idea on pricing...a box of twinkies sells for 17€uros.  That is nearly $23!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

C.S.P. in the Summer

I may have to head back to the cake shop for some C.S.P. this summer because their outdoor seating situation is just too cute.

Funny Confession #294

If monokini means one piece bikini...P and I were kinda on trend rocking just one piece of our bikinis in Portugal.  We were on trend no matter what monokini means.  We went for it.

 PS, above is the only photo o took for 2 weeks...he has to really be wowed to break out his lens...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Funny Confession #293

This book title has little to do with the plot, and all to do with what happens to the girl who starts reading the book on a family vacation...I couldn't put it down.  Excellent beach read.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Piri Piri Chicken - O Teodosio

If this restaurant had a menu, we didn't see it.  Once you are seated, they tell you what you will have.  Adults get Piri Piri chicken, kids get baked chicken.  They open at 6:30, and we were told to get there early...because it gets full fast, even though it is HUGE.

I never knew chicken could amaze me.  Until this place.  We went 3 times last week.  I dream of piri piri.  I would honestly plan a trip to Portugal, just to eat here.

 First in line, this kid makes everything a competition...
 Early birds get the piri piri...i doubted we needed to be there that early...
 Love the "chicken king" plates

By 6:40 it is packed...

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