Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Prague Shopping

There is some really good shopping in Prague. Like, kind of amazing. But after a few days I realized there are only 6 essentials:

1. Painted things (nesting dolls and eggs)
2. Sparkly things (chandeliers, glassware, crystal stuff)
3. Anything from Manufaktura
4. Street food
5. Czech native costume
6. Markets

1. Painted eggs and Matryoshka dolls (which may be from Russia, but they sure are everywhere in Prague) - Natch I had to have a doll. The biggest one I could find, because in this case bigger was definitely better. I am loving my girl(s).  And I bought a dozen eggs too, because, well they are fabulous.

 2. Chandeliers and other fancy glass/crystal stuff. Somehow I left the Czech Republic without a chandelier or anything crystal and sparkly. This was probably a mistake.

 3. Wooden toys and soap at Manufaktura. Someone please tell me how on earth this store has not caught on in Portland, Oregon? Homemade soaps, some made from beer hops, and beautifully crafted wooden toys...all in one shop. Loved.

I struggled trying to decide what to get for the kids, but chose a really cool wooden/cardboard/magnet stage and characters which enables them to put on a little red riding hood show. They have really had fun with it, and it mixes very well with existing favorites like playmobile and kapla. Below is a snap of the "field trip" they set up...

As for moi...I grabbed some yellow Savon de Praque and a sweet purple soap dish...wish you could smell it, its good stuff. 

4. Street food! Praque's answer to Paris's crepes? The Trdelnik. I tried to limit myself to 2 a day, which turned out to be a limit I just couldn't adhere to, they were too amazing. They are cooked over open fire, and taste like a flakey hot donut dipped in sugar...very similar to what a cronut must be like, though I have never had the pleasure. Portland food carts, take note...I am coming home someday and I'd love to see these on the menu...

I am mostly a sweet tooth, but a good savory option was the spiral cut potato on a stick. Because anything tastes good on a stick...this fried, salted potato was no exception.

5. Czech native costume. I am embarrassed to admit how hard I looked to try to find a shop selling any of the clothing pictured below. Admiring these pictures (and outfits) a week+ later I realize I should have tried harder...

At a minimum I should have bought this sweet girl, but I did not. 
6. Markets - I don't know much about the market scene, except that there seemed to be lots of them and they were all great. 

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Heather Bolen said...

Oh my, your Prague posts have made me fall in love all over again! Prague is so special, and so was the timing for you to break away solo for a few days. And i can't think of anything I've coveted more in the recent past than the Matryoshka dolls! I love how big they are!

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