Sunday, May 17, 2015

Confession #336 - Prague Confessions

In addition to the beer spa realization, I have some other Prague-inspired confessions:

I realized, in Prague, that I finally understand the huppie trend and I want me some back yard chickens! As soon as I can sort out which breed of chickens produce these eggs I will buy a whole flock...

Even though horseback riding in Corsica did nothing for me, in Prague I realized that I could totally get into horseback riding. Just add pom poms and other flair, and I am all about it! Giddy up yo.

I was so fired up to have some time alone, which is so rare. I don't get lonely, ever really. But somehow, on this trip, I got so so lonely...and so I bought a companion (actually 30 companions). We welcomed our new girls home with so much love, I think she fits in so well!

Speaking of huppies...this necklace made me wish I were a teething hippy baby...

I have a very serious rule for traveling. If there is a funicular, you take it.

I am a sucker for men in stripes. He is trying so hard not to smile, don't you think?

I am also a sucker for men in pom poms. O is lucky I was not able to find a get up like this for know I looked, hard.

I tried on every single ring in this basket and none of them fit. Such a bummer.
Another good rule for travel life, when your pants match the floor, you pause and appreciate it.


Stephanie said...

Well, now it looks like I need a trip to Prague to get a giant nesting doll!! So cool!

Mary said...

Ooh I just love that doll! So cool! I hope you had a great trip! Love the pics.

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