Monday, May 4, 2015

Corsica Snaps

The kids and I still have 3 more days here, but the other 3 grownups have returned to reality. Below a few snaps from the past 8 days that haven't made their way into previous posts, but shouldn't be left out!
P and I collaborated on this, which was loosely based on a youtube tutorial for "how to draw a mermaid"
I love my teal door, esp when it matches my pom pom bikini
Photo bomber

My favorite running buddy! O and I don't run together often, but when we do it is always great (and fast).
We went back for some catch of the day on B&B's last night

P is the official score keeper and it is not a job she takes lightly...

We had a lot of adventure, but also a lot of normal down time. A la board games in our  jammies mid day...
Intense Simon Says playing captured below

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