Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nike Women's Race Series - Amsterdam

AGHHH! Getting older is easy as long as I keep getting faster! New 10k PR last night! Felt soooo good! While I did train hard, much of the credit for the fast performance goes to my crazy supportive hubby who took control of my hydration, nutrition, rest and everything else all day long to ensure I was race ready by 9pm. His job was not easy because I when I arrived home from Prague (which was omg so amazing, posts coming soon) mid morning I was not even close to race ready (tired, sore, hungry, thirsty). Credit also goes to the Nike pacer guy that stuck with me for most of the race, he was more determined than I was to come in under 42.
I do believe that part of the success was due to the fact that my nails and sportsbra matched, details matter people. 

But ok, enough about me! This race, more than all others, is all about girlfriends - and it was so fun to share the night with them. Everyone in the photo below ran a PR. Turns out our morning runs pay off!
These gals also had a good race, it was N's birthday yesterday and I like to think I ran the 41 just for her!
HB cranked out a super fast 10k as well, I believe it was a PR and it was so fun to see her experience her first Nike Women's Night event in Amsterdam
Finish line, sweet finish line
Nike knows how to make a girl feel like a rockstar
Speaking of rockstar...I was at a bar, past midnight, with arm bands on...

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