Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Prague Architecture Love

OK, Prague love fest continues today. We already covered the bit about how rad it is to hike up and look down across the to-die-for views. In this ridiculously charming ville, it is equally important to pause and look up at the buildings, for most of them are truly amazing. 

 Above and below is the famous astronomical clock at the old town hall that chimes on the hour and people gather to watch it do its thing.

 Besides the Prague Castle, I think the building below, the dancing house (aka fred and ginger), is the most famous Prague has to offer. I had always wanted to see this and like Prague itself, it did not disappoint.

A few doors to admire.

While on the topic of architecture, I am going to also gush a bit more about the sidewalks. Are sidewalks architecture? Perhaps not, but I am still going to gush. I already professed my love for the Prague sidewalks near the end of this post...but here are a few more photos to admire. 

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Mary said...

Loving all these pictures - I have some of the same ones myself! Our visit to Prague was one of my favorites of all time. So happy you had a good time exploring that gorgeous city. :-)

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