Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photos du Jour

Well maybe tulip time is not completely behind us...these lovelies are still looking pretty happy
Museumplein is celebrating Nijntje's (Miffy's) birthday in style, this nation loves this bunny
My fave
We were in Corsica on liberation day, but got back to AMS in time to see the flowers still in place around town
CP and I hit it fast and early this morning, our final 400m sprint workout before the big night race! I can't believe Saturday will be my third time doing this event, it is always so fun. (2013, 2014).
Well this always feels good. The next 2 days are rest days. Bring it. 
Speaking of sporty gals...check out LL and I twinning at school drop off. 
Rijks tulips are still on fire too. This whole scene is really perfection. 
W and his buddy had a blast hitting the fountain yesterday, hooray for fountain season at the Rijks!

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