Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This might be the coolest VDay news I have ever heard.  I am kind of obsessing over it. I have already posted this news to Instagram and Facebook.  But it has to go here too, because it is this exciting.  Holland is so cool.  This is an excellent use of time and technology.

People in the Netherlands who want to send a Valentine card to a loved one for February 14 can do so free of charge if they use a lipstick kiss instead of a stamp. 

The company has been ‘teaching’ its stamp scanning apparatus to recognise lipstick kisses for the past few days to make sure nothing goes wrong. 

‘We kissed 500 cards with lipstick to run the tests,’ a spokesman said. Some 500,000 Valentine cards are posted in the Netherlands every year. ‘But that is an estimate because they are not all easy to spot,’ the spokesman said.

PostNL has promised that all cards within the Netherlands will be delivered on Valentine’s Day if they have a kiss in the corner of the envelope and are posted before 5pm on February 13. 

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