Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Bday Gab

Our oldest niece is one of the raddest girls I know, and she just had a birthday.  Happy bday sweet Gab.

One quick Gab brag, because its so easy to do.  When we were in Vars, Gab jumped in and trained with a French ski team...and wowed them all because she is an amazing skier.  We were so proud of her.  She is smart, sassy, strong and growing up too too fast.

Ok, some more Gab brags...when she is not jumping into interational ski competition and wowing her coaches and peers, she is a ripping lacrosse star.

And another...she is the dream teenager...she is so super cool, but never acts too cool.  She gets along with grown ups and small kids with such ease and confidence...she willingly babysits our kids anytime...and yet we struggle with that because we want her to come out and hang with us.

The older she gets the older we feel.  She was at our college graduation, as a tiny baby...and seeing how grown up she is only serves to remind us of how long ago we graduated college.  Slow down please Gab.

We love you Gabby.  xo

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