Monday, February 2, 2015


O is still away, but the kids and I wanted a night in a hotel were up for an adventure.  So, we went to Delft for a getaway this weekend.  Only an hour from Amsterdam, its crazy I hadn't been there yet...

The weather was crap, but we loved exploring the town.
Hotel view - i love a good courtyard, esp in the shadow of a church...

Technically, we went to church on sunday...bravo us.  Although, we weren't allowed inside, apparently there was a service...bummer because we wanted to climb the tower...we'll have to do that another time
I loved this Delft blue alley!
Hugo de Groot is from Delft, and here is a sculpture of him.  Famous lawyer guy.  Clearly a big deal. 
Love their bikes parked outside the Prinsenhof Museum.  We went in and learned a lot.  Maybe that will be a fresh post.  

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